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  • Name: Nina Urgant ( Nina Urgant )
  • Date of birth: 4 September 1929
  • Age: 87 years
  • Place of birth: Luga, Russia
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Nina Urgant : biography

    Her performance of the song by Bulat Okudzhava «We need one victory» sounds like the tears in my eyes of all the spectators. Role in «the Belarus station» made the actress to stardom, where she remained for a very long time.

    Nina Urgant was born in September 1929 in the town of Luga in Leningrad region. This settlement was near the Estonian border, which causes a large number of the Estonian population. Dad future actress Nicholas Urgant also had Estonian origins, which confirms the name Urgant. Father was in the military, so the family moved from place to place very often.

    The great Patriotic war began, when we lived Urganta in the Latvian Daugavpils. They managed to survive thanks to the working mom: she worked in a bakery. Nina at the time was only 11 years old. Enough to well remember the war for life.

    After declaring Victory Urganta moved to Leningrad. In this town, where every house breathes history, where many museums and theatres, Nina Urgant became seriously interested in the stage. With her she decided to link their future life.

    After school, Nina had applied to the Academy of theatre arts (then the theatrical Institute named after Nikolai Ostrovsky). Girl not really counted on your hand, so just in case I applied to several universities. But fate would have it, Nina Urgant came on the scene. Nina came and started to learn acting from the best teachers of the country.


    Biography of Nina Urgant began in 1953. Aspiring artist on distribution have sent to Yaroslavl. There she first came on the scene academic theater named after Fyodor Volkov. Her talent was noticed immediately. Nina Nikolaevna did not have long to languish on the sidelines – after the first performances, she was entrusted to the main.

    But the actress wanted to return to the city on the Neva. It happened very quickly: within a year, the Nina Urgant has already appeared on stage «Lenkoma». Proof that the game is a young actress was very talented, can serve as the assignment Nina Nikolaevna the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR. It happened in the early 1960s.

    In 1962, the actress went on the scene academic drama theater (Alexandrinsky now), where it has long been invited. Here Nina Urgant was involved in the main role of the play «Before sunset». The success of the performances was such that she walked on stage drama 10 years without a break. In addition to this performance, Nina has been involved in many others. Soon she became not just the lead actress of the Alexandrinsky, and became his legend.


    A cinematic biography of Nina Urgant was launched in the same 1954, when she returned from Yaroslavl to Leningrad. She was offered a prominent role in the film «tiger tamer». The actress has played brilliantly. But the character, played by Nina Nikolaevna, was negative. Therefore, the «negative image» for a long time stuck to the artist. The result was a 7-year break in his film career. At this time, the stars appeared only on stage.

    But in the 1970s, Nina Urgant compensated forced «simple». She appeared in many paintings, most of them immediately moved into the category of favorite movies. «Belarusian station», «War under the roofs», «Magic power», «Sons go into battle», «Prize» and many other wonderful pictures released of the vast country. Behind the tape with the prophetic title «the Prize» Nina Urgant really got the award of the State prize of the USSR.

    In 1974 she was awarded the title of people’s artist of the Soviet Union. Nina Urgant appeared on screen with such famous colleagues as Anatoly Papanov, Lyubov Sokolova, Evgeny Leonov, Margarita Terekhova, and many others.

    In the 1980s, the actress acted in films very rarely. She was offered a minor role in paintings that Nina Nikolaevna did not like. The exception she made for a movie – «tale of the amorous painter». It was released in 1987.

    The last time Nina Urgant appeared on the set in 2008 she played Ascencio in the picture «Asian».


    In 2011, Nina felt deterioration of health. Fatigue, memory impairment and noise in the head forced her to go to the doctors. They put the actress disappointing diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Treatment hardly helped. Nina, formerly a habit of driving in St. Petersburg on the car, could not do it. Learning a new role was more difficult. Family surrounded her with care.

    Son Andrey Urgant and his grandson Ivan Urgant pay for the treatment Nina Nikolaevna in Israel. In the clinic, the woman felt some improvement in health. She now struggles to hold on, to not become a burden for the family.

    Personal life

    The beautiful Nina Urgant was always surrounded by talented and influential men who sought her favour. The three of them, the actress reciprocated.

    For the first time the actress married fellow actor Leo Milinder. This early marriage – the couple married at the 2nd year at the theatre of the University did not last long. After the appearance of son Andrew’s relationship started to crumble. Milinder turned out to be a cheating husband. When Nina Urgant found out about his infidelity, he immediately took her small son and her things and moved out of the luxurious apartments of her husband.

    Later Leo Milinder and Nina Urgant had established friendly relations for the sake of the son, but to make peace and failed.

    Personal life of Nina Urgant changed when she met Gennady Voropayev. He was also an actor. In the film Stanislav Govorukhin «Vertical» Voropaev starred together with Vladimir Vysotsky. As admitted in one of his interviews Nina, Gennady was the biggest love of her life. But the craving for alcohol crossed out and the marriage. The actress just tired to be patient and hope for the best.

    Third husband of Nina Urgant – known choreographer Cyril Lascaris, the brother of Andrei Mironov. He was a younger actress for 7 years. It is noteworthy that together, the couple also lived for 7 years. At first, life was going great. Kirill felt a great sense of humor. In their hospitable house frequented by guests. But the love is gone, and the couple quietly broke up, deciding that to continue to live under the same roof is no longer worth it.


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    Nina Urgant

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