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  • Name: Nina Ruslanova ( Nina Ruslanova )
  • Date of birth: 5 December 1945.
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Bogodukhov
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Rakata by Gabitova

    Nina Ruslanova’s biography

    Popularly favorite actress Nina Ruslanova chose the date of his birth, as we only know the year she was born. In the late winter of 1946, in the town of Bohodukhiv in Kharkiv region was found abandoned baby. Two months the girl was identified in one of the houses of the child. Presumably, Nina Ivanovna (as it was called educators) was born in December of 1945. But the name «Ruslanova» little Nina gave a female clerk, inspect childcare facilities. Apparently, the woman, like many at the time, was a fan of the legendary singer Lydia Ruslanova. Seeing children at the scene voiced talented girl, she decided to reward well-known name. As for the birthday, with the presentation of a passport Nina chose 5 Dec, has dropped in 1945 on Wednesday. As you know, the environment at that time was a day.

    Nina Ruslanova was replaced by five children’s homes until he grew up and didn’t finish high school. Like many graduates of the orphanage, the girl went to study at a vocational school. But the more she worked, the better I understand that it’s not the activity that she would like to do all my life. And in 1960, when Ruslanova graduated from College, she immediately went to the theatre Institute of Kharkov. Probably, the name of the famous singer left an imprint on the fate of the girls: Nina wanted to plaster walls and to be on stage. Artistic girl, had only experience in children Amateur performances, easily entered a prestigious University. But studied there only two years. Her Manila Moscow. So Nina Ruslanova decided to continue to follow the dream.

    Nina Ruslanova: theatre

    «Take» Metropolitan University Ruslanova managed is as simple as and Kharkiv. Nina became a student of the Shchukin school. She quickly learned Russian and got rid of the Ukrainian dialect. It is well studied, and the teachers always noted her outstanding acting ability. And the competition was serious, because she went to school with such future stars of Soviet cinema, as Leonid Filatov, Konstantin Raikin, Anastasia Vertinskaya, Boris Galkin.

    After graduating from the Shchukin to Nina Ruslanova opened the door immediately several well-known Moscow theaters – Vakhtangov, «Contemporary», «Taganka». Ruslanova made a choice in favor of Vakhtangov. Fifteen long years she was true only of the theater. On the stage she has played many roles in the performances that will be remembered for the Metropolitan theater. Sometimes Ruslanova acted as a guest artist at theaters Mayakovsky and Simon. And everywhere her performance was accompanied by thunderous applause.

    But the national love and recognition to Nina Ivanovna Ruslanova brought theatre, and movie.

    Nina Ruslanova movies

    His debut role Nina Ruslanova played as a student. In 1967 in the movie «the Return» actress appeared as the unnamed bride in love with her red army. It was noticed by Directors. Since Nina was filmed without a break, a lot and regularly.

    A cinematic biography of Nina Ruslanova rich filmography of the actress includes more than 150 roles, diverse and multi-genre. «Afonya», «Tomorrow was the war», «Shadows disappear at noon», «brief encounters» or «do Not shoot in white swans» – all of these tapes are included in the «gold reserves» of Russian cinema.

    It is noteworthy that Ruslanova easily able to transform into different images. In order to verify this, it is enough to view the film «brief encounters» and the film «heart of a Dog» by comparing the games played by Nina Ivanovna Ruslanova characters. Each of Soviet citizens who loved the movie, was «my own» favorite Ruslanova.

    Perhaps that is the talent transformation helped the artist to avoid the crisis of the ‘ 90s, which complained about many of her colleagues. Ruslanova was in demand at all times. She is a beautiful «Valentine and Valentine» and «Winter cherry» and TV series «Plot». Everywhere clear and so close, as if it is associated with family ties.

    The Soviet period left Nina Ruslanova numerous awards, including four «Nicknames», the state prize of the Belarusian and Ukrainian SSR. Ruslanova – the winner of the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR and people’s artist of Russia.

    Among the most recent works of Nina Ivanovna film «Chinese grandmother», «House of the Sun» and «what men talk About». In 2014, the audience saw on the screens of Russian horror film «Viy». And let a role in the film Ruslanova minor, but it is still colorful and adjusted to the millimeter.

    Nina Ruslanova: personal life

    Personal life of Nina Ruslanova full of happiness and sadness. Her first husband and the father of the daughter Olesya was a lawyer and entrepreneur

  • Gennady Rudakov. The girl was born the couple in 1976. But in the early ‘ 90s Ruslanova and Rudakov broke up. Says Nina, it happened because of its sharp character and integrity. It is not prone to diplomacy, thinks, and speaks. Not every man will like it. The second husband, with whom Nina Ruslanova has lived for more than thirty years in a civil marriage, becomes operator
  • Ravkat Gabitov. In 2009, the year Nina Ruslanova became a grandmother, a daughter Olesya gave birth to her grandson Peter.

    Nina Ruslanova: filmography

    • Do not shoot at white swans
    • Shadows disappear at noon
    • Athos
    • Be my husband
    • Tomorrow was the war
    • Heart of a dog
    • Valentin and Valentina
    • Afghan breakdown
    • Winter cherry
    • Promised heaven
    • The Frenchman
    • Plot
    • Mom
    • Eyelashes

    Nina Ruslanova: photo

    Nina Ruslanova

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