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  • Name: Nina Loshchinin ( Nina Filimoshkina )
  • Date of birth: 15 November 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Kraskovo, Moscow oblast
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Nina Loshchinin: biography

    Nina Loshchinin (Filimoshkina) – Russian actress, who became famous as a teenager thanks to the youth series «Simple truth». Also she attracted attention in such films as «Doomed to war» «Mama daraga!» and «the wedding begins.».

    Nina was born and raised in Moscow region. None of her family to the stage had nothing, and the girl herself was long regarded acting solely as a hobby. At school she studied at a theatre Studio «Obraz» and participated in Amateur theatricals. But after the first trial of filming the TV series «Simple truth» Nina felt that this profession fits his needs. It is the part in this picture, according to the actress, encouraged her to enroll in drama school.

    After school Nina Filimoshkina changing the name to Loshchinin, and entered the famous Institute GITIS. Change of name is not associated neither with marriage, nor with any personal life situation. It was the inner spiritual impulse, and the girl did not resist.

    GITIS Loshchinin, attended a workshop of Oleg Kudryashov, and she still had very warm memories of this artistic Director. After high school aspiring actress briefly collaborated with the Moscow theatre of Nations, and then the Stockholm Institute of theatre. But later, she is completely focused on the actress’s career.


    At the age of 15, Nina Loshchinin, then still under the name Filimoshkina, debuted in the youth television series «Simple truth». The serial film was released in over 4 years, and though the actress had played in all the episodes of the series with her participation attracted the attention of the audience. Nina got the role of difficult teenager Xenia Lisitsyna — the most controversial, dramatic and ambiguous way throughout the project.

    Then the career girls was a 5-year break, associated with higher education. After graduation Loshchinin has appeared in several television films, but the real success came to her in 2008, simultaneously with the release of the military melodrama «Doomed to war.» For Nina this work was unforgettable.

    She plunged into the professional environment, faced with various difficulties, for example, studied a specific dialect of Belarusian villages. Most importantly, Loshchinin was able to work with real movie stars Andrei Panin, Fyodor Dobronravov, Yuri Kolokolnikov and others. For the role of FOIA in this picture Nina Loshchinin, was awarded numerous first prizes at various international film festivals.

    Later, the actress appeared in such popular films and television series as «Churchill», «Junior», «the Party to champion», «Mama daraga!», and many others. The latest work of Nina Losinno became Comedy series «the wedding begins.», where she played best friend of the main character and were able to embellish the picture with his talent and an unusual Outlook on it is a trivial situation.

    Personal life

    Nina Loshchinin, never married and about his personal life says very little. All her thoughts focused on professional activities. Even when describing his imaginary perfect day it is most of the time is devoted to filming. Also in her opinion a good day should include a few breaks for cups of coffee.

    The actress loves long trips, when you can have a good tune in some idea and work out the details to chance. If you have free time, Nina is involved in horse riding.


    • 1999-2003 — the Simple truth
    • 2008 — Take me with you
    • 2008 — Doomed to war
    • 2011 Target
    • 2011 — Mologa. Russian Atlantis
    • 2013 — Dumplings
    • 2013 — Party for the champion
    • 2014 Mama daraga!
    • 2015 — Junior
    • 2016 — The Wedding Begins.


    Nina Loshchinin

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