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  • Name: Nina Grebeshkova ( Nina Grebeshkova )
  • Date of birth: 29 November 1930
  • Age: 86 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 155
  • Activities: actress, honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Widow of Leonid Gaidai

    Nina Grebeshkova: biography

    Nina Pavlovna Grebeshkova was born 29 November 1930 in an ordinary Moscow family. Her father worked as a house painter, her mother a dressmaker. When the war began, Nina was in the third grade. Dad left to fight, and a mother with three children (Nina Pectinate has two brothers) left in the evacuation in the village of sur’mino (Penza oblast).

    The girl was lucky with teachers – it teachers taught the Frunze Academy. The school Nina went with pleasure, dreamed of becoming a teacher. She liked to communicate with children. At the time of VGIK, the future actress did not even know.

    Fate stepped in. In tenth grade she came to a birthday party for her friend and talked with her father, the poet Vladimir Lugovsky. He told Nina Pectinate on the profession of the actress, invited her to try yourself in the role.

    After school the girl in company with Mary Lugovskoy filed documents at the theatrical Institute and joined the first time on the course Gerasimov. Your course VGIK Nina Pavlovna called motley because in one class were Mature, serious people (Vasily Orda and Yakov Segel) and frivolous youth, who laughed and enjoyed life.


    To be in the movie, Nina Grebeshkova beginning already in the first year. Her debut episode in the film «Brave people», where she played a girl with a doll. After the screening, all Gagarinsky pereulok, where she lived, Nina Grebeshkova, it was considered a movie star.

    In the third year, the actress was invited to film in Leningrad. She played a Gal Bogaczewo in the film «Honor a friend». And then spun-spun.

    50 years of Nina Grebeshkova has become a favorite of millions of Soviet viewers. At first she played Schoolgirls, then appeared on the screen in the images of mothers and teachers. She was lucky to star in master of Soviet cinema Ivan pyreva in the movie «the Test of loyalty.» Then there were a lot of roles – Nina Grebeshkova played in more than seventy films, but I remember it from striking episodes in comedies by Leonid Gaidai.

    It all started with «the Caucasian captive». Gaidai invited Nina to appear in a Comedy – she did not hesitate to go with him to the Caucasus. This Comb had to give up other tempting offers. In the «Caucasian captive» Nina Pavlovna played a nurse in a mental hospital. After that, she appeared almost all paintings by Leonid Gaidai and George Danelia.

    Danelia gave Comb the script and said, «you can have any role». She appeared on screen in various forms, but is remembered for his comedies. A picture with the actress gone, unable to withstand the test of time, and «the diamond arm» and «can’t be!» in which Nina Grebeshkova played a Central role, the audience happy to watch today.

    Actress and now sometimes appears in the episodes says that it does not get used. According to Nina Pavlovna, a small role to play much harder than it seems, because in one or two sentences to reveal the character, show his identity.

    Personal life

    Nina Grebeshkova has lived in marriage with Leonid Gaidai more than 40 years. They met at VGIK. He immediately noticed a little flirtatious, but never thought that she would be his Muse for life. Gaidai was older Comb for 8 years, went through the war, was wounded in the leg. His passion was the movies, but the actress he was captivated by her sincerity and simplicity, eternal optimism.

    One day she made a comment to Leonid Gaidai about his dirty shirt. People, touched by such care, tell her you love her. She jokingly said: «Big difference in height, will look bad together.» But soon the couple got married.

    The wedding was celebrated modestly. The couple lived in a small room at my parents Nina Pectinate. The actress from the first day I realized that living with a genius and took it. First and foremost, she was a caring wife of the Director, and then an actress. After a few years the couple moved to a private 3-room apartment. Life dealt Grebeshkova: she admits that to hammer in nails and to change the bulbs she had.

    Nina Pectinate and Leonid Gaidai different characters. He preferred to be alone, and she – a society, moreover, the Director did not want children. When Nina Pavlovna became pregnant, her husband was overjoyed. Their only daughter Oksana, he doted, but my wife said that the more children they will have. Nina Pavlovna dreamed of having 3-4 children, but accepted the decision of the spouse. Hayday all my life it remained a big kid.

    In 70 years, the Director was ill, the doctors diagnosed him with pulmonary edema. Nina Grebeshkova constantly on duty in the house of her husband. At one point he stopped breathing. Leonid Gaidai died at the hands of his beloved wife. The actress says that her hayday was still alive, just came out.


    • «Test of loyalty»
    • «Mumu»
    • «Harmony»
    • «The diamond arm»
    • «Prisoner of the Caucasus»
    • «Nina»
    • «Winner»
    • «It was last summer»
    • «Lyuba»
    • «Heads and tails»


    Nina Grebeshkova in the film

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