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  • Name: Nina Gogaev ( Nina Gogaeva )
  • Date of birth: 9 January 1977
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: page Bakchar, Tomsk region
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Nina Gagaeva: biography

    Nina Gogaev was born 9 January 1977 in the village of Bakchar in the North of Tomsk region. «Taiga» — can be heard from the actress, but she is proud that grew up in Siberia. Maybe in her childhood she had not had the opportunity to visit the theatre, concert halls and museums, but was a favorite choir in which she performed folk songs, and when the school went to the theatre. In school initiative Nina Gogaev was always the first, she often got leading roles. In childhood I had a dream of becoming an actress.

    For the fulfilment of a dream girl from the provinces coming to the capital. After graduation, she passed exams to the Shchukin school and arrives safely back on course Alexander grave. During her studies Nina not a performer, really mastering acting skills in school. She gets a diploma with honors in 2000. Audition the Moscow art theatre.Gorky reads an extract from the thesis of the play, and she joined the troupe.

    First NIN Gorevoy trust only a small role, but considering her talent, adding to the repertoire of the actress in «Humiliated and insulted», «Lady of darkness» and «Control shot», which is set by the administration.

    In the year of graduation Gogaev takes part in the St. Petersburg competition of readers and gets high in third place.


    In the movie, the actress debuted in 2002. She plays the role of a Secretary in an episode of the famous series «Brigada». But the role is so small that the name of Gorevoi not even mentioned in the credits. She’s not upset, because the main priority considers his theatrical career.

    The first notable work in film can be called the role of Fatima in the project «Rural» in 2003. Then there was the «Web» and «the Bay of missing divers», where the actress plays one of the main characters. In «the Bay» she had to play in extreme conditions under water. After the first significant successes of the Nina Gogaev understands that employment in the film does not allow her to work in the theatre. Then she decides to leave the theatre and devote all his time shooting.

    A huge success has brought her series «Sword», filmed in 2009. She plays a police captain Tatiana Demina. The power of the spirit and beauty of the heroine to attract the audience. Anyway, it was a very popular series. Nina Gogaev nominated for the award «Golden Rhino» for best actress.

    In 2011, the actress again plays a police captain. Apparently, the Directors believe that Gorevoy is form. Often the image of a cold-blooded, self-confident Margarita Vlasova associated with the Nina Gorevoy. But the actress says that the role has a lot of fiction. In 2012, tired from work in the TV series «Sled», she said about leaving the TV show.

    Gamers can be very well-known voice Garaevoy, because she often voiced Russian version of the game. For example, «Fallout 3» «The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion».

    Currently to watch a great actress in the television series «the Sniffer». She participates in international projects. It is known that Gogaev starred in a pair with Malcolm McDowell in the American film «Soul spy».

    Personal life

    Married Nina Gogaev came out in the second year. Her husband was a man, not related to the acting profession. She sees the main reason for the gap, because they were looking in different directions. The actress has no regrets, although the divorce was hard for her test. The disintegration of the family, she has long felt guilty in front of the child.

    Now Nina’s heart Gorevoy freely. She gives herself entirely to the acting profession, is engaged in the education of his son Power. My ex-husband has good relations. Son goes to it every summer.


    • «SEL»
    • «The Bay of missing divers»
    • «Chas Volkova»
    • «Trace»
    • The «SWORD» and «SWORD 2»
    • «Mine»
    • «The sniffer» and «Sniffer-2»
    • «Under the gun»


    Nina Gogaev

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