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  • Name: Nina Dvorzhetskaya ( Nina Dvorzhetskaya )
  • Date of birth: 1 January 1961
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actress, theatre teacher
  • Marital status: married

    Nina Dvorzhetskaya: biography

    Nina Dvorzhetskaya, whose maiden name Gorelik, Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, honored artist of the Russian Federation. She was born in the family electronics engineer Igor Gorelik and interpreter of Intourist Idyll Starcevo. The grandfather of the future actress, Vladimir Sutyrin, wrote novels and screenplays. The head of the family was grandma Berta, who worked as a doctor-oncologist.

    When Nina was about six years old, her parents divorced. My father has a new family, mom was constantly on business trips, so the girl was sent to a boarding school under the Ministry of foreign Affairs. But Nina was unhappy there, and after some time the father took the daughter in his house where his new wife are very good to stepdaughter. But the mother appeared in life Dworzecki only occasionally.

    At school Nina showed a talent for painting and drawing, and in high school began to prepare to enter the Institute of architecture. However, this College girl to join not destined for the Jewish nationality – the notorious «fifth column» in the Soviet Union was given a lot of unnecessary attention. But today Nina Igorevna still have a passion for design: she loves to draw and even sew dolls.

    Nina Dvorzhetskaya
    Nina Dvorzhetskaya | Portal «7 days»

    In the same year Nina Dvorzhetskaya tries to enroll in the school-Studio of MKHAT, but not to pass the competition. Did not succumb to her College theater and in the second year. Only on the third attempt the girl becomes a student of the Higher theatrical school of a name of Boris Schukin at the end of which it is one season played at the Theater of satire, and then moved into the troupe of the Russian academic youth theater and is at it still.

    In addition, Nina Dvorzhetskaya is associate Professor of acting at GITIS and leads lectures and workshops at his Alma mater – Shuchinsko school. In addition to theatrical and cinematographic activities, the actress has appeared on TV programs Igor ugolnikova «wow» and «Doctor’s Corner» and on the Moscow radio stations participated in radio productions of «the Teenager» and «the Three Musketeers».


    In the film Nina Dvorzhetskaya involved is somewhat less than in the theater, where she is already a star, which especially comes to the viewer. In the first half of the film career, the actress was filmed mostly in the episodes, although she had a more substantial role, for example, in the social drama «Russian ragtime» and the melodrama «I don’t trust anyone anymore».

    Nina Dvorzhetskaya in the series
    Nina Dvorzhetskaya in the TV series «the Thaw» | Movie-theater

    In the twenty-first century Nina Dvorzhetskaya received some very interesting proposals. She starred in the adventurous crime stories «Lola and the Marquis. Virtuosos of easy money», detective, «the Photographer,» the comic almanac «Christmas Tree 1914». And in the TV series «the Thaw» the majority of the audience which highlights her character, the second Director Regina Markovna.

    Last picture of the actress today is tragicomedy «for Rent house with all inconveniences» in which except it there are such national stars as Irina Pegova and Svetlana Khodchenkova.

    Personal life

    When applying to drama school Nina Gorelik met another applicant, Yevgeny Dvorzhetsky, future star of such films as «Prisoner of Zenda» and «Tender age». Then they parted ways, because Nina did not pass the competition, but after a year the young people met again and they began a romantic relationship. March 24, 1981 was played student wedding. Interestingly, instead of rings, the couple were… handcuffs, Eugene took of the props of the graduation performance «Sensation».

    Anna, Eugene, Nina and Michael Dworzecka
    Anna, Eugene, Nina and Michael Dworzecka | Women’s magazine WomanHit

    To this marriage was born the daughter of Anna Dvorzhetskaya, with 13 years in films, and son Michael, who also wants to become an actor. But in 1999, tragedy struck – the husband of Nina Dvorzhetsky died in a car accident and she was left alone with the children.

    Four years later the actress got married again. Her new lover was a colleague in the House of actors, Aleksey Kolgan, known to viewers of a detective «. Central district». Second husband of Nina under the age of 10 years, but this does not prevent the spouses find mutual understanding and live in harmony.


    • 1987 — the Forgotten tune for the flute
    • 1993 — Russian ragtime
    • 1998 — the judge in the trap
    • 2000 — I don’t trust anyone anymore
    • 2005 — Lola and the Marquis. Virtuosos of easy money
    • 2008 — On the roof of the world
    • 2008 — Photographer
    • 2013 — the Thaw
    • 2014 — Christmas Tree 1914
    • 2016 — Rent a house with all inconveniences


    Nina Dvorzhetskaya

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