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  • Name: Nina Doroshina ( Nina Doroshina )
  • Date of birth: 3 December 1934.
  • Age: 82 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress, theater teacher, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Nina Doroshina: biography

    Nina Doroshina – people’s artist of the Russian Federation, a star of the Soviet Comedy «Love and pigeons». She also starred in such films as «family circumstances», «the Pokrovskie gate» and «the First trolley». The future actress was born in the suburban town of Losinoostrovsk, which is now renamed to the city of Babushkin. The whole family lived in one room in a communal apartment.

    Nina’s father was an appraiser on Rostokinskiy fur factory and in the spring of 1941. he was sent for a few months on a business trip to Iran. Husband took along the whole family and this saved his wife and daughter from the horrors of war. To 12 years Doroshina held in the middle East, where freely mastered the Persian language and was deeply in love with Arab culture.

    After returning to the Soviet Union, Nina began to study in a girls ‘ school and it was there that he fell in love with the stage. She joined the drama club where she always had male role – because the school had boys. In high school she found a more professional Studio at the railway Club, which was led by the actress of the Chamber theatre Maria Lviv. This woman finally convinced Nina Doroshina that she should «go to artist».

    After school talented girl easily goes to the Theatre school named after Boris Shchukin, where she studied Alexander Shirvindt and Lev Borisov. After high school Doroshina debuted in the theater «Contemporary» in the play «finding joy», in which she replaced the ailing actress and made a very good impression. And indeed, Nina is the whole and soul imbued with the atmosphere of the theater and still, almost 60 years, remains true to the «Contemporary». Heroine actress always passionate, fatal women, from ancient Russian easy girls to Shakespeare’s Queens.

    In 1981, Nina Doroshina returned to his Alma mater and taught there for the acting course.


    The first of the films with the participation of Nina Doroshina appeared on the screen in 1955, when she was still in high school. And if in the melodrama «the Son», where the actress played the saleswoman in the store, her name is not even stated in the credits, the film «the First echelon» her the role of Nelly Panina quite noticeable.

    Over the next 15 years Doroshina shoot a lot and have appeared in various paintings, but in an unchanged role as energetic, talkative and bright woman. From this period stand out films «the End of the old Berezovka», «Artist of Kochanovce» and «They met on the way.» But since the early ‘ 70s, the artist decided to focus on theatre activities. Her subsequent roles, you can note the lonely Opera singer from the Comedy «On family circumstances» and to hear the lectures of Orlovica in the lyrical film «the Pokrovskie gate».

    But in 1984 came the film Vladimir Menshov «Love and pigeons», which returned Doroshina popularity among the audience. Moreover, the role of the expressive way Kusakina became her calling card. Interestingly, his appearance this picture owes Nina Mikhailovna: she played the eponymous play on the stage of the Sovremennik, where Menchov saw and was amazed by its performance. Sitting in the audience, the Director fired up to make the play a full movie and not lost — «Love and pigeons», in fact, became a classic of Soviet cinema. And played amazingly all the actors and Alexander Mihajlov, Natalia Tenyakova, Sergei Yursky, Lyudmila Gurchenko. And, of course, the Nina Doroshina.

    But oddly, after the great success of the actress only once appears on the set tragicomedy «You know, our government does not like?» and again returned to the theater. Only in 2008, fans got to see her back on screen in a psychological drama «whirlwind», and two years later in one episode of the Comedy series «Garages».

    Personal life

    First husband of Nina Doroshina was the famous actor Oleg Dahl, whom she met on the set of the melodrama «the First trolley». Despite the fact that Oleg was 7 years younger than Nina, they fell in passionate love affair soon ended in a noisy wedding, where I walked the entire troupe of the theater «Contemporary». But family life has shown that Doroshina and Dal too different people, so the young couple quickly divorced.

    The more that Nina Mikhailovna has developed a rather painful affair with Oleg Efremov. These relationships are never consummated, but in a later interview with the actress repeatedly hinted that Yefremov was the only man she really loved.

    She later in the theatre he met Vladimir Tishkov that there were illuminator. Together with her second husband, who, like her first husband was younger than her, Nina lived until his death in 2004. This marriage became for her a haven in which she found warmth and understanding. However, children from Dorosini and was not, so now she lives in a Moscow apartment, in company with his beloved cat.


    • 1955 — First tier
    • 1957 — They met in the way
    • 1960 — the End of the old Berezovka
    • 1961 — Actor of Kochanovce
    • 1966 — Aleshkina hunt
    • 1977 — For family reasons
    • 1982 — Pokrovskie Vorota
    • 1984 Love and pigeons
    • 1988 — You think our government does not like?!
    • 2008 — whirlwind


    Nina Doroshina

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