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  • Name: Nina Dobrev ( Nikolina Dobreva )
  • Date of birth: 9 January 1989.
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress, singer, model and gymnast
  • Marital status: not married

    Nina Dobrev: biography

    Talented young actress, the darling of the teenagers Nina Dobrev is best known for the role of enchanting beauty Elena Gilbert and heartless vampire Katherine pierce in the TV series «the Vampire Diaries». Fans of the actress actively interested in her biography, work and personal life.

    Nina was born 9 January 1988 in the heart of Bulgaria — Sofia. Her mother is a representative of creative profession, engaged in the fine arts, the head of the family is a programmer. The actress claims that her mother inherited a love of art, and from his father – practicality and purposefulness. Nina is not the only child in the family. She was raised along with his elder brother Alexander, by education he is an engineer.

    Nina Dobrev in childhood
    Baby photo

    In 1990 Nina moved with his parents to Canada. The family settled in Toronto, Ontari. Most of the life she spent in this country, so perfectly captured not only in Bulgarian, but also English and French.

    As a child, Nina Dobrev was in school J. B. Tyrrell. In school she showed interest in the work, a lot of time dancing, ballet, music, drawing, but most of all, she was attracted to acting and gymnastics.

    Parents saw the girls attraction to creativity, she was moved to the school of the arts Wexford Arts School. During her studies Nina gets the opportunity to try their hand in different directions, but eventually realizes that her acting career attracts the most.

    Nina Dobrev in childhood
    In childhood |

    Later Dobrev goes to acting school Dean Armstrong. The training does not go for it completely – the Agency could not pay attention to the unusual appearance, magnificent view in profile and full face, charisma and good physique girls.

    After training at acting school, Nina decides to get more serious profession,» and enrolled in the University at Ryerson University sociologist, but for a long time to study it did not happen in 2008, she drops out of school because of the tight shooting schedule.


    From a young age, Nina Dobrev is actively involved in the auditions. Interesting Oriental appearance, beautiful figure, photogenic not remain without attention of producers and Directors. She is also often invited to shooting commercials.

    In 2006 at the age of 18 years old Nina gets her first serious job. It adopted the role of 14-year-old single mother MIA Jones in the popular TV series «Degrassi», which is broadcast on television in Canada and America since 1979. Series for actress becomes a launching pad into the world of show business. This project continued until 2009. Nina starred in 53 episodes of this series.

    Nina Dobrev in the film
    In the movie «Chloe» | Film Steers

    After the airing of the TV series «Degrassi» Dobrev gained popularity in Canada and the United States. Her were willing to invite in various television projects. In 2006 the actress signed a contract for the role of Monica in the drama film «away from her». Despite the fact that she played only a few episodes, the work came to international competitions, which were highly acclaimed.

    For Nina Dobrev, 2007 was «fruitful» in a cameo role. She starred in films:

    • «How it moves»;
    • «Love on the front line»;
    • «Too young to be married»;
    • «Fragments»;
    • «Two-faced murderer.»

    In 2008, the actress was selected for the role in the musical «American alley», then she has participated in projects Mookies Law and «werewolf Hunt». In 2009 Dobrev was involved in the films «Chloe», «Christmas Madagascar».

    Nina Dobrev in the film
    In the movie «the vampire Diaries» |

    In early 2009, the actress received his first major role – she was invited to star in the TV series «the vampire Diaries», which later brought her worldwide fame. She played two main roles – pretty girl Elena Gilbert and featuring a beautiful vampire Katherine pierce.

    For the role of Elena Nina Dobrev has received 6 awards Teen Choice Awards in the category «Best actress of the fantasy series» (2010-2016) and one award in the nomination «Breakthrough of the year» (2011). In 2015 it together with Ian Somerhalder was awarded the prize «Best on-screen couple».

    Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder
    With Ian Somerhalder | Woman

    Nina Dobrev also won two awards People’s Choice Awards as best actress fantasy series. In 2011, the ceremony «people’s Choice», the actress received the award for «Favorite dramatic actress» in 2013 along with Ian Somerhalder she was awarded the «Favorite on-screen couple».

    In addition to working in «the vampire Diaries», in breaks between shootings from 2011 to 2015 Nina Dobrev plays small roles in the movies:

    • «The roommate» (2011);
    • «Arena» (2011);
    • «It’s good to be a wallflower» (2012);
    • «Let’s be cops» (2014).
    Nina Dobrev
    Photos of actress |

    In March 2015 Nina Dobrev left the show «the vampire Diaries». Reasons for leaving Actresses associated with the relationship of Nina with a partner on the film Ian Somerhalder, but the girl claims that the reason lies in the desire to work in more ambitious and serious projects.

    After leaving «the vampire Diaries» actress has received only one offer – in 2015, she starred in the film «the Last girls».

    Nina Dobrev
    Talented actress

    In 2016 she got a role in the projects Crash Pad, «Nochlezhka» and «Flatliners». In the same year Nina was involved in the filming of the action movie «xxx. World domination» with the participation of popular actor VIN Diesel. The film premiered January 19, 2017

    Personal life

    In 2007 on the set of «Degrassi» Nina met actor Daniel Clark, who later became her lover. The young people met for two years, and in 2009 announced the breakup. The reasons why the couple broke up, unknown, but, judging by an interview with Clark, the initiator of the break was Nina.

    Perhaps the couple broke up because of the new Hobbies Dobrev – partner on the set, Ian Somerhalder, who for several months had her attentions. Young people long to advertise their relationship, and only in 2011 the couple publicly announced their feelings.

    Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder
    With actor Ian Somerhalder | popkornnews

    Around the star Union has been a lot of rumors. Periodically the news that Nina is pregnant, but this information was never confirmed. The pictures with the child holding a Nina, also became the reason for spreading many rumors.

    Ian has many times proposed marriage to the actress, but every time she refuses – the girl was trying to build a career in the world of show business and didn’t want to burden themselves with marriage and children. Nina wanted to send all the power to her own career.

    Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough
    Derek Hough |

    In may 2013, the pair finally broke up because Dobrev’s unwillingness to start a family. After the breakup, the actress quickly became an affair with her best friend’s brother – Derek Hough, but their relationship did not last long.

    Hero of the vampire Saga was sad with ex-lover one year, and in 2014 began to meet the other cinematic vampire, Nikki reed. In early 2015, the actor has proposed to her. It should be noted that Nikki reed for some time was a friend of Nina’s.

    Nina Dobrev and Nikki reed
    Nikki Reed | Starnote

    Nina Dobrev was so upset by the marriage of her ex-boyfriend (and also partner on the series) that could no longer work in the same project, so was forced to leave the show and go «nowhere». So claimed the tabloids.

    At the point of care, the actress was not interesting proposals and projects. Moreover, to return to the series that brought her international fame, Nina refuses flatly, and all offers to participate in at least one episode of rejects.

    After leaving the series, Nina is trying to escape from the sad thoughts. She can frequently be seen in the company of friends at various parties. One of them (held in Atlanta) in may 2015 best friend, actress Selena Gomez introduced her to a famous actor Austin Stowell, who starred in the drama «Young hearts» and the films «Dolphin tale». Subsequently, the young people began an affair.

    Nina Dobrev and Austin Stowell
    With Austin Stowell | ELLE

    Long time couple hid their feelings, but in October 2015 Nina and Austin officially announced their relationship. In the beginning of 2016 Nina’s relationship with the boy gave a crack and the couple broke up. The causes are unknown. In may 2016, the actress was again seen in the company of Derek Hough, but their romance lasted only a month.

    Many fans interested in Dating the actress at the moment and who is her lover. Today the heart of the beauty freely. She spends a lot of time with friends and enjoying life.

    Interesting facts

    • Nina Dobrev is actively page in social networks instagram, Twitter, etc, where generously shares his thoughts, personal and social life.
    • Friends of the actress and those who knew her personally say that Nina is a lady-holiday. She loves to hang out, party and actively involved in various entertainment shows and events.
    • The girl is serious about your career, but lightly to the relationship. Given the windy nature of girls and the desire to realize themselves in the profession, fans can be sure that with the official husband of the actress will be released soon.
    Nina Dobrev
    Photos of actress |
    • Nina tries to lead a healthy lifestyle, but she has a bad habit – she smokes, but tries hard to get rid of the fatal passion.
    • In 2014, due to stress, a busy shooting schedule, the actress made a remarkable recovery, but soon came into shape through diets, exercises Bikram yoga, swimming and volleyball. The before and after photos you can clearly see the results of this work.
    Nina Dobrev before and after weight loss
    Actress before and after weight loss
    • The actress took part in photo shoots in lingerie along with Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. Also in the portfolio of the actress occasional professional photo in a bathing suit.
    • The actress admits that as a child didn’t watch the appearance, but as a teenager began to give due attention.
    • The weight of the actress in the range of 50-55 kg, height – 169 cm..
    • In the biography of the actress, there is one offence with a friend on the series the candice Accola she got a fine for violation of public order.
    • Nina Dobrev is very similar to actress Victoria justice. Some photos to distinguish the girls from each other is almost impossible.
    Nina Dobrev and Victoria justice
    Victoria Justice | Spletnik
    • The actress loves experimenting with looks. One time she appeared in public with a Bang, but soon decided to restore the former hairstyle. At the premiere of «xxx: World domination» Nina surprised fans a daring but feminine haircut with short hair, which blends well with her style.


    • Family games
    • Far from it
    • Fragments
    • At the last moment
    • Two-faced killer
    • Degrassi
    • Chloe
    • The vampire diaries
    • Arena
    • Original


    Nina Dobrev

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