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  • Name: Nikas Safronov ( Nikolay Safronov )
  • Date of birth: 8 April 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Ulyanovsk
  • Activity: artist
  • Marital status: not married

    Nikas Safronov: biography

    Nikas Safronov S. (real name Nicholas) was born April 8, 1956 in Ulyanovsk. Brought up in a large poor family — from the artist’s four older brothers and a younger sister. Father Stepan G. Safronov was in the military, retired by the time of the birth of Nikolai. Rod Safronovich consists of hereditary priests, whose genealogy can be traced back to 1668. The Nicholas family mother Anna Fedorovna Safronova originally from the Lithuanian town of panevėžys and is a Finnish-Lithuanian roots. Hence, the Lithuanian origin of the nickname chosen by the artist.

    For the first time Nikas Safronov began to draw more during school. The young man was copying illustrations from textbooks and attempted to develop his own style, where in a manner similar to romanticism, embodied his own dreams of adventure and travel. While Nikas has not yet linked their future with fine art.

    Having completed 8 classes of secondary school, a boy sent from his native Ulyanovsk to Odessa and entered the naval College. After the first year of study Safronov leaves seamanship and moved to Rostov-on-don, where he submits documents to the art school named after Grekov. At the same time tries himself as the artist-property man of the Rostov Theatre for young spectators and some time working as a janitor, porter and watchman. In 1975, Nikas Safronov, joined the army, and not having finished school.

    After the army, Nikas moved to panevėžys, the hometown of his mother, where he continued his career as a theatre artist-designer. In 1978 Safronov moved to Vilnius, where he enrolled in the art Academy at the faculty of design. After five years, an ambitious designer went to conquer the capital and entered the Moscow state academic art Institute named after Surikov. In addition, a collection of diplomas Safronov joined the Moscow state University of technologies and management, which he studied at the faculty of psychology.

    To exhibit their own work Nikas Safronov began with 1972, He gains some fame as a painter after the exhibition in 1978, But the first serious exhibition of his work was held in 1980 in Vilnius. Later, he moved to Moscow, Safronov working as an art Director of the magazine of luxury properties «Penthouse», combining this activity with the work of the designer in the magazine «Aura-Z», «Diplomat» and «World stars».

    Nikas Safronov: paintings

    Despite the fact that Nikas Safronov was already quite well known in a narrow circle of artists, the real fame came to him in the early 90-ies of the last century. At that time Safronov began working on a series of portraits of prominent public figures and politicians. His clients include the presidents and senior officials from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Turkmenistan; celebrities, including Nikita Mikhalkov, Iosif Kobzon, Madonna, Philip, Nicole Kidman and many others. A number of these portraits is part of a series of works entitled «River of time«, the hallmark of which is a paraphrase of the great paintings of the past and just styling in the style of the Flemish school of the Renaissance, where the famous people of our time presented by heroes of old paintings.

    Exhibition of Nikas Safronov, was held in all the major cities of the CIS. In 2007 his exhibition of paintings was in the territory of the Kremlin in the building of administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

    The artist himself defines his style as «Dream Vision». This time the master puts the generalizations of his artistic method, where classic painting is combined with the active use of imagination and intuition. The artist travels constantly, working to improve technique, studying painting and is willing to share the secrets of his skill. Among the great painters of the past Nikas Safronov highlights Leonardo da Vinci and Salvador Dali. Also in the memoirs of the artist belonging to the prominent Italian film Director Federico Fellini.

    Annually Safronov gives a part of his income to charity. In particular, it means built several Orthodox churches, including the Church of St. Anne, erected in Ulyanovsk and named in honor of his mother.

    Nikas Safronov: scandals

    Life style and creative manner of the artist doing his very controversial figure in the contemporary art world. Despite the large number of state awards and a huge number of solo exhibitions, Safronov is subject to serious criticism both from colleagues and from professional critics. The first scandal with his participation occurred in 2002, when it became clear that his portraits is a slightly edited print on canvas. It was later revealed that many of the paintings of Nikas Safronov have duplicates made this way and sold into private collections. Commenting on the situation, the artist blames the production of these paintings of his producer Alexander Gaisin, who allegedly illegally produced and sold fakes. Gysin himself denies his guilt, claiming that he printed the picture on the order Safronov.

    In 2004 excerpts from the book memoirs Safronov was read in the program of Viktor Shenderovich’s «Processed cheese«, where he was named chief of aesthetic shock.

    In 2008, the program «Gordon Quixote» Nikas Safronov has also been subjected to serious criticism. In particular, we checked the information that the artist’s works acquired for the collection of the Hermitage, what Nikas Safronov said in an interview earlier. Hermitage representatives have officially denied the statement of the painter.

    Nikas Safronov: personal life

    The first marriage of Nikas Safronov lasted 20 days. His wife was Dragan, student of philological faculty of the Sorbonne. Second wife Francesca was a native of Italy. The couple lived together for 13 years. In this marriage of Nikas Safronov was born the son of Stefano, who lives with her mother in the UK.

    The artist has illegitimate sons Luke, landin and Dmitry. Now Nikas Safronov lives in a civil marriage with a girl named Maria.

    Nikas Safronov: photo

    Nikas Safronov

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