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  • Name: Nicole Kidman ( Nicole Kidman )
  • Date of birth: 20 June 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  • Activities: Actress, singer, producer
  • Marital status: married to Keith urban

    Nicole Kidman: the biography

    Nicole Kidman, a distinguished actress, was born in Honolulu, capital of Hawaii on 20 June 1967. Parents Nicole Scotch-Irish descent, spent his whole life in Australia. Father

  • Anthony David Kidman, a distinguished biochemist, who was engaged in the problem of studying cancer cells at that time worked in numerous research projects throughout the United States. Mother Janelle Ann MacNeil all the time given to edit books of her husband and participation in the Australian movement for women’s equal rights. When Nicole was four years old, her parents moved back to Australia where the father of the actress obtained a position at the technical University of Sydney. Australia was born a younger sister Antonia Kidman, who is known as a journalist.

    Remembering high school years, the actress admits that she was extremely shy as a child. She even had a slight stutter, which eventually passed. When she was three, her parents brought her to the ballet school. Dance and theatre were the first major hobby of the young Nicole. Throughout the school period the girl was involved in the productions, on stage, revealing your natural talent. After school, Kidman continues his studies in the College of arts «Victorian College of the Arts» at the University of Melbourne and Theatre Phillip Street, linking all their fate with the art. Studying acting, plastic arts and history of the theatre, future Nicole Kidman finds in the game on the scene a refuge from the crises of adolescence.

    In 1984, his mother Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer that forced the 17-year-old girl to suspend his studies and take a job as a masseuse, to be able to financially support the family while Janelle Ann was undergoing treatment and rehabilitation.

    Nicole Kidman: movies

    The debut of Nicole Kidman on the screen was the participation in the filming of the clip of Australian singer, Patricia Wilson «Bop Girl». The following works Nicole be shooting the movie «Bandits on bikes» and the romantic Comedy «Riding the wind». In 1988, Kidman got nominated for «best female role of the second plan» by the Australian film Institute for his part in the film adaptation of the play by David Williamson’s «emerald City».

    Nicole Kidman starred in the cult series «

  • Bangkok-Hilton», where its participation has been noted by public and critics. 1989 saw the actress for a part in the Thriller «Dead calm,» which brought Nicole Kidman first success at world level. First job on set in the United States became Nicole’s part in the movie «Days of Thunder» where she is paired with Tom cruise, which subsequently became her husband. In 1990, Kidman was nominated for the award «Golden globe» for the female role of the second plan in the movie «Billy Bathgate». About the success of the young actress writes a prestigious newspaper like the «new York times», noting the charm and sense of humor, Nicole. Next, Nicole Kidman plays the role of Dr. chase Meridan in the film «Batman forever» as well as the black Comedy «something worth dying For». The success of the great actress, her gorgeous transformation from role to role could not be overlooked, Nicole Kidman received a Golden globe.

    A turning point in the creative biography Nicole Kidman was the role of the courtesan Satine in the musical film

  • «Moulin Rouge». All songs Kidman and her partner on stage Ewan McGregor performed independently. Criticism enthusiastically greeted the film and the participation of Nicole Kidman received the coveted»
  • The Oscar».

    Participation in the mystical Thriller

  • «The others» Director Alejandro Amenabar was the next step in creating masterpieces of cinema. The film features a gloomy atmosphere, an intriguing plot with unexpected ending and, of course, great acting. The film directed by Stephen daldry
  • «Hours» with Kidman in the title role in 2002 brought the most prestigious awards, the second «Oscar» and BAFTA. In 2003, Nicole Kidman starred in the film
  • «Dogville» by Lars von Trier. After the premiere of the opinions of the audience was divided — in Europe the picture is recognized as the highest achievement in the world of cinema, but in America the critics was the opposite. While Kidman makes a decision not to participate more in the films of von Trier. The reason for that could be as a failure of the film in America and the complex relationship between actors and Director. Among recent works actress to be in the biographical film «
  • The Princess of Monaco» about the life of grace Kelly.

    Nicole Kidman: personal life

    With her first husband, actor

  • Tom cruise, Nicole lived for more than ten years. The couple adopted two children — Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony. Around the crisis of their relationship have been a lot of unconfirmed rumors, in particular, mentioned religious differences, unsuccessful pregnancy and the conditions of the marriage contract. The actress speaks about ex-husband very warmly, gratefully remembering their life together. Since 2006, Nicole Kidman is married to Australian singer
  • Keith Urban. Their wedding took place in Sydney. In 2008, the family welcomed daughter Sunday rose Kidman-urban. Two years later radiatively girl faith Margaret, which carried by a surrogate mother.

    Nicole Kidman: filmography

    • The haunted world
    • Dead calm
    • Days of thunder
    • Eyes wide shut
    • Moulin Rouge
    • Other
    • Watch
    • Dogville
    • Blemished
    • Cold mountain
    • Meh. An imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus
    • Pretend to be my wife
    • Princess Of Monaco

    Nicole Kidman: photo

    Nicole Kidman

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