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  • Name: Nicolas Cage ( Nicolas Kim Coppola )
  • Date of birth: 7 November 1964.
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: long beach, USA
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor, film Director, producer
  • Marital status: married Ellis Kim

    Nicolas cage: biography

    Nicolas cage appeared in the family of dancers joy Coppola and literature Professor August Coppola January 7, 1964. The hometown of a future movie star was in long beach, located in the state of California. The actor’s real name is Nicholas Kim Coppola.

    It so happened that the closest relatives of Nicholas were in some way associated with show business: one of the elder brothers, mark, became an actor, the second brother Christopher chose to become a filmmaker, uncle, the world – famous Francis Ford Coppola filmed the Godfather, and grandfather Carmine Coppola was a noted composer.

    Nicolas cage was a student at Beverly hills. Teachers of drama class said the boy’s talent. But, despite the fact that during his studies, he constantly took part in various theatrical productions, and holidays spent at the theatre courses in San Francisco, to connect his life with this art and never wanted. Since childhood, Nick dreamed of becoming a movie star. In 17 years, the young man decided to quit his studies, passed his final exams early, and then went to conquer Hollywood.

    Nicholas didn’t want to join the glory of his famous uncle, therefore he changed his real name, taking the alias «cage». The name was chosen to honor the comic book character Luke cage, with whom the young actor had associated themselves. According to another version, a pseudonym chosen in honor of the composer John cage.


    The debut of the actor in the film came in 1981. Then he appeared in the series «Best of times». Then there were several movies that did not bring the cage special glory. Relative success was the role in the movie «valley Girl» in 1983. At the same time, Nicholas takes the stage name.

    No matter how hard the actor move away from their family ties in the film industry, it was uncle Francis Coppola helped his career, suggesting roles in the films «Rumble fish» (1983), «the cotton Club» (1984), «Peggy sue got married» (1986).

    In 80-e years, Nicolas cage has starred in such films as «moonstruck» (1987), «Raising Arizona» (1987), vampire’s Kiss (1988) and others.

    World fame came to the cage in 1990, after starring in the film «Wild at heart» by David Lynch. The actor continued to appear, but another high-profile success came to him only five years old when he played the lead role in the movie «Leaving Las Vegas» — this work brought him his first Oscar.

    Fees Nicolas cage has grown a great deal, additionally, there are new opportunities. Then followed roles in the blockbusters «the Rock» (1996), con Air, face / off (1997), in the romantic drama «City of angels» (1998). In 1999, cage starred in the films «8mm» and «Resurrecting the dead».

    The popularity of the actor has increased so much that the next film «Gone in 60 seconds», which was released in 2000, brought him a twenty-million-dollar fee. In the same year filmography Nicolas cage was enriched for roles in the film «Family man» and «captain Corelli».

    Since the early 2000s, Nicolas cage starred in three dozen films, the most successful of them became «national Treasure» (2004), «Lord of war», «the weather man» (2005), «the Wicker man» (2006), «Ghost rider» (2007), «the Omen» (2009), «the sorcerer’s Apprentice,» «season of the witch» (2010).

    Personal life

    Familiarity with first wife took place in 1987. Having met Patricia Arquette in a cafe, in an hour he proposed to her. She decided to support the joke and gave the young man three, as it seemed, impossible conditions: before the wedding, the cage was supposed to present the bride the black Dahlia, the signature of the writer J. D. Salinger’s and women’s wedding outfit Asian tribe called «the Fox.» The trick was that such orchids do not exist, and referred the writer in life nothing wrote by hand.

    Nicolas cage did not hesitate and soon gave Patricia flower, pre-painted with paint from the spray, and a note of Salinger purchased from one of the collectors for a tidy sum. Surprised Arquette has canceled the third condition and decided to walk down the aisle. The circumstances were such that the couple could not buy tickets to Cuba, where he planned a wedding. At the airport, the actor began to make trouble with the staff and the bride to take a moment ran away.

    After some time, the cage began a relationship with colleague Christina Fulton, who in 1990 gave birth to a boy Weston.

    In 1995, fate has brought Nicholas with Patricia in April of the same year they were married. Spouses were largely similar, and even starred together, but the marriage lasted only six years.

    The second wife of the actor officially became Lisa Marie Presley. In the introduction to the successor of the king of rock-n-roll cage wearing a suit of Elvis, pissed off a girl, which was famous for a bad temper. Despite this, in 2002, he married Presley, but the marriage lasted only 109 days.

    Third wife of Nicolas cage became Ellis Kim, Korean by nationality. The meeting was held in 2004 on Valentine’s day – the actor went into one of the sushi bars in Los Angeles, they had a table cute dark-haired waitress. It’s the married cage soon after meeting. In 2005, Ellis gave him a son. The actor proposed to call the boy Kal-El (in honor of one of superhero comics).

    In 2014, Nicolas cage became a grandfather – his son Weston’s son was born.


    • «Kiss of the vampire»
    • «Time to kill»
    • «City of angels»
    • «Matchstick men»
    • «The twin towers»
    • «The prophet»
    • «Joe»
    • «Anger»
    • «In exile»
    • «Snowden»


    Nicolas Cage

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