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  • Name: Niko Neman ( Arsen Nemsitsveridze )
  • Date of birth: 5 June 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Sochi
  • Activity: singer, athlete, participant of the show «the Voice»
  • Marital status: married

    Niko Neman biography

    Arsen Nemsitsveridze, much better known under the pseudonym Nico Niemen – is a Russian singer and self-taught, who has already managed to record a Studio album, give a series of concerts and becoming a member of the popular vocal talent show «the Voice.»

    Arsen Nemsitsveridze was born 5 June 1983 in the southern city of Sochi. From an early age was fond of sports, namely wrestling and other martial arts. In this field, Arsene has achieved good results, and in 17 years have managed to pass all the necessary standards and become a master of sports in judo. After six years in the future, Niko Neman to add to his achievements the title of master of sport in Sambo.

    Niko Neman
    Niko Neman | Official website

    When a new sport is called grappling, combining techniques of all wrestling disciplines with the minimum restrictions in sparring, the athlete became interested in them in 2013 even became the champion of Russia. He and I went to the European championship, but there was not entirely successful.

    Niko Neman
    Niko Neman | Official website

    As for the education of a young man, he never studied singing and musical notation. After finishing school the young man entered the Sochi University of tourism and resort business, the faculty of tourism business, from which he graduated in 2005. But behind this direction the Minister Nemsitsveridze did not want to work, as it is inexorably attracted to his scene. And he begins to pass the audition and take part in different castings production centers.


    After another listen Arsen, Nemsitsveridze lucky on his singing talent drew the attention of the representatives of the newly opened Production center Grigory Leps, the singer became the first wards famous singer. It was here that he got his new name – nickname Niko Neman.

    A true sporting dedication and hard work the artist has shown while working in a recording Studio. He countless times sung the same song, achieving the maximum result, trying to get closer to the ideal performance.

    The first song Niko Neman was the smash hit «Fly away», which for him was written by the author and producer Alex Potapenko, which most fans of the domestic pop music known under the name Potapov. Then followed such hits as «Stolen happiness», «Other», «You are free» and many others.

    In the fall of 2015, the world saw the debut album of Niko Neman, called «Odd or even». With the title song, the singer introduced the audience during the International festival of young singers «New wave». Moreover, if in the original version Nico Niemen takes this hit alone, on stage, he sang in a trio with his producer Grigory Leps and the Chechen singer Sharip by Umkhanova, also known under the stage name Sharif.

    It is worth noting the very unusual joint project of Niko Neman and Gosha, Mataradze «#RAPPER», which combines rap skills, Mataradze and operatic vocals a lot. And all the songs of this Duo, of which the most popular are «Love God» and «Never forget», the artists posted in free access on the Internet.

    TV show

    By the fall of 2016 Niko Neman decided that it is time to become a member of some reality TV show. The choice of the singer fell on one of the highest rated talent show «the Voice», the jury of which, coincidentally, was his producer Grigory Leps. Nico in the blind auditions sang «the Aria of Calaf from the Opera Giacomo Puccini «Turandot» and was very surprised by the strong performance of the whole refereeing team.

    The fact that this complex work of Niko Neman has not actually done any serious vocal errors. Returned to him not only Grigory Leps, but Polina Gagarin and Leonid Agutin. Do not push the button only Dima Bilan, who admitted that he really liked the performance of the vocalist, but he prefers not to take in your group of holders of academic voices. In any case, Niko Neman did not change his producer and went to the team of Leps, which expects to reach the final of the show.

    Personal life

    About a romantic relationship, the old Nemsitsveridze know very little. As he said himself, he has a beautiful wife who bore him a son. But no other details about his family, the singer said.

    Niko Neman and his wife
    Niko Neman and his wife | Instagram

    Interestingly, a few years ago, Arsene, like many wrestlers who had a huge body mass. When he decided to become an artist and hit producer center Grigory Leps, where he set a condition: to get at least two tens of kilograms. And Nemsizveridze showed his fighting spirit in this issue: slightly more than six months, he got rid of excess weight, dropping the required number of kilograms.


    • 2015 — Odd or even
    • 2016 — #REPAIR (together with Gosha, Mataradze)


    Niko Neman

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