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  • Name: Nicholas Holt ( Nicholas Hoult Caradoc )
  • Date of birth: 7 December 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Wokingham, Berkshire, England
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Nicholas hoult biography

    Nicholas hoult was born in the small town of Wokingham, located in the English County of Berkshire. His mother Glen brown worked as a music teacher and taught children to play the piano. Father Roger Holt was a professional pilot and operated an aircraft of the airline «British Airways». In addition to Nicholas family has three children – senior Clarissa and James, as well as the younger Ann. Nicholas was famous relative. His great-aunt Florence Marjorie Robertson, better known under the pseudonym Lady Anna Neagle, a famous English actress and singer.

    Together with the sisters, the boy trained in classical dance in the ballet Studio and even took part in performances of «Swan lake» and «Nutcracker».

    Nicholas attended one of England’s oldest schools «Ranelli», but studied there only until 12 years, after which he left education for went to the mountain of his career.


    For the first time on the big screen Nicholas hoult debuted at the age of 7 years in the tragicomedy «Intimate relationship». Then he for a long time focused on the filming of television films and television series. In the period from 1996 to 2002, the young actor starred in small roles in the Comedy «Mr. white goes to Westminster», the medical series «Catastrophe» and the «Doctor» series of detective films «Silent witness», «Judge John Bits», «Ruth Rendell Mysteries» and «Purely English murder», a Thriller «waking the dead», drama series «Holby city», the Comedy sitcom «World of pub», crime series «Murder in mind» and the historical television series «the Magic grandfather».

    Fame came to the young Nicholas in 2002, when he was in the duet with Hugh Grant played a major role in the melodrama «My boy». For this picture he received the award film critics society Phoenix, and was nominated for the award «Young actor» and «critic’s Choice».

    This success was followed by supporting roles in the drama «wah-Wah», the melodrama «the weather man», a teen drama «Kids,» the family show «Mystery hunters», the tragicomedy «keen Eddie», the crime Thriller «Wallander» and others. At the same time, he played in the drama «Down the mountain» where he passed the image of a teenager forced to live with his brother who was born with down syndrome, and also in the teenage drama series «Skins».

    In adulthood, Nicholas hoult took part in a parody of the TV series «robot Chicken» and also starred in fantasy action film «clash of the titans» in a role Eusebia. For the drama «a single man» he was nominated for the British Academy of film and television arts. For the role of Hank McCoy (aka «Beast») in the superhero action movie «X-Men: First class» and its sequel «X-Men: Days of future past» actor was nominated for the prestigious award Teen Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards. The main role of the zombie R in a fantasy Comedy romance «Warm bodies» Nicholas hoult was awarded » Teen Choice Awards in the category «Breakthrough», and was nominated as best Comedy actor and best actor in a melodrama. In addition, the actor starred in the fantasy film «Jack the giant Slayer», a post-apocalyptic action movie «Mad Max: fury Road», a fantastic film «the Youth», the Thriller «Kill your friends» action movie «Autobahn» and the fantastic drama «Equal».

    The latest film starring Nicolas Holt at the moment has become a detective story «Dark secrets».

    Now the actor is working on a military drama «Sand castle» and the sequel to the sci-Fi Thriller «X-Men: Apocalypse». Both pictures should come out in 2016.

    Personal life

    In 2009, Nicholas hoult dated American actress and singer Victoria justice. Next year on the set of the blockbuster «X-Men: First class», he met Jennifer Lawrence and met with her for about three years. When they parted, Nicholas made a short-term affair with a partner in the film «Warm bodies» Teresa Palmer. At the Christmas party in late 2013 Holt reunited with Jennifer Lawrence. The couple even announced their engagement but in August 2014 the young people ceased their relationship.

    Then the actor had a brief affair with the star vampire Saga «Twilight» Kristen Stewart. In the spring of 2015 hoult began Dating American actress Dianna Agron, who over his 3 years.

    In his childhood Nicholas hoult was playing basketball for the Junior team «Reading Rockets». After he became a famous actor, the «Missiles» made him an honorary member of this basketball club.

    In 2013 Nicholas Holt was invited to participate in the commercial automobile company Jaguar Cars. Promotional video was shot by Director Tom Hooper in the traditional style of the «British Villains» and was first shown during the live broadcast of the Super Cup of England on football.


    • 1996 — Intimate relations
    • 2002 — My boy
    • 2007 — Suckers
    • 2007 — Down the mountain
    • 2009 — a single man
    • 2011 — X-Men: First class
    • 2013 — Warm bodies
    • 2013 — Jack the giant Slayer
    • 2015 — Mad Max: fury Road
    • 2015 — Kill your friends


    Nicholas Hoult

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