(biography, photo, video) Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

photo Neymar

  • Name: Neymar ( Neymar da Silva Santos Junior )
  • Date of birth: 5 February 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: soccer
  • Marital status: not married

    Neymar: the biography

    Neymar was born in the small Brazilian town of Mogi das Cruzes. His father Neymar Santos was a former football player, and at the time of his son’s birth was engaged in the sale of jewelry. Mother Nadine Santos was a homemaker. The Neymar has a younger sister Rafaella.

    Soon after his birth the family moved to San Vicente. When Neymar Jr. grew up and began to show interest in a favorite sport of his father, he became its first football coach, and he taught the boy the basics of handling the ball. In 2003, Neymar take to the children’s Academy of football club «Santos», and the family once again relocating. They move to the big city of Santos, a consonant and a team name and their own name.

    The boy’s success on the football field was so prominent that the 14-year-old Neymar invites a youth sports Academy of the Spanish Grand real Madrid. But Santos has made the effort and managed to keep the rising star of football. Since even a minor player was earning pretty decent money, which enabled his family to purchase your own home.

    Club career

    At the age of 17, Neymar signed his first professional contract with his native club Santos. In the second match for the main team, a young player scored his first goal in professional football.

    In spring 2010, Santos won the top trophy and becomes the champion of the state of são Paulo, and Neymar voted best player of the championship. After this, the team won the Cup of Brazil and Neymar with 11 goals, became the top scorer of the tournament. Summer Santos wins the main event of South America – Copa Libertadores, which is attended by the Champions and Vice-Champions of all countries of the continent. The victory of the Brazilian team was largely due to the magnificent play of their young striker, which experts recognized as the best player of the international tournament.

    In 2011, Neymar was awarded the FIFA Ferenc Puskas, which is awarded to the player who scored the most beautiful goal in the current year. This prize went to the incredible striker for the ball in Flamengo. Before the last kick Neymar almetal alone almost the whole opponent’s defense.

    In the same year, 19-year-old was voted best player of Brazil, the best player in South America and first became a nominee for «Golden ball», which is awarded annually to the best player in the world.

    The 2012 season was awarded to Neymar large number of hat-tricks he scored in the gate rivals. At the end of the year the player was handed a rare award For «outstanding game», which to him was only a legend of Brazilian and world football, Pele.

    The incredible success of the young football player logically contributed to a strong interest in his person the various clubs of world football. With the astronomical proposals for the transfer of Neymar at Santos addressed including such grandees, as Madrid «real», «Chelsea», «Milan», «Manchester United», Turin «Juventus». Tried to buy a player of London «West ham», Makhachkala «Anji» and Moscow «CSKA». But to win in the race for the right to have the most promising player in the world have been Barcelona, which paid 50 million euros for the transfer of Neymar. Interestingly, according to the terms of the contract most of the money got into the «Santos», and the Bank account the player’s father, who was at the time his agent and Manager.

    The first goal in the Blaugrana shirt Neymar scored in the game for the Supercup of Spain at the gates of Madrid «Atletico». The player took only 6 minutes after coming on as a substitute, so that the ball was in the net of the opponent. Also in the first season Neymar broke the record of Lionel Messi, making the fastest hat-trick in the club’s history. To score 3 goals against Scottish champion Celtic, it took him only 13 minutes.

    The following season was a triumph for Barcelona. The team won the Spanish League, the Spanish Cup and the Champions League. Itself Neymar was the top scorer of the Cup, shared the title of top scorer of the Champions League Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and also broke several club and personal records in various competitions.

    Just today 23-year-old Neymar has spent more than 320 matches in professional leagues in which he scored approximately 200 goals.


    In the main team of the country Neymar made his debut in August 2010 in a game against team USA, though the fans demanded his inclusion in the squad that two months earlier, participated in the World Cup in South Africa. Fans even gathered 14 thousand signatures in his support. In addition, personally for Neymar campaigned the legendary Pele, but coach Dunga considered him too young for such an important competition.

    In 2013 at the confederations Cup, involving the Champions of the continents, the team Brazil in the final match lost to the Spaniards. But Neymar was named the best player of the tournament.

    At home the world championship in 2014, player a few times was named the best player of the match, scoring some important goals. But in the quarterfinal match against Colombia defender rivals Juan Zuniga struck Neymar a difficult injury, he had broken the third vertebra to which the player is not able to continue in the tournament, as Brazil’s national team in the next game, ignominiously lost to the Germans with the score 1:7 and was eliminated from the participants.

    Neither the fans nor the players nor the coach was no doubt in the importance of Neymar for the national team, so after the world Cup, he was unanimously appointed captain of the «Yellow-green».

    Personal life

    The Neymar had a lot of fleeting star novels. His passions were model Karol Abranches, actress Daniela Carvalho, presenter Nicole Balls, model Barbara Evans and singer Rihanna. Now Neymar is Dating actress and host of the TV show Brunei Marchesini.

    In 2011, 19-year-old player became a father. One of his girlfriends, Brazilian girl, Christina, bore him a son Davi Lucca. But the birth of a baby are unable to continue the relationship pair, and they broke up. However, Neymar maintains contact with the son involved in his upbringing.

    Many global brands have signed a contract with the famous footballer to advertise their products. Among the most famous are companies such as Nike, Sony, Volkswagen, Red Bull and Unilever.

    Affairs Neymar has been legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldo.

    One of the most favorite Hobbies of Neymar have music. Moreover, he not only listens and dances in discos, but he takes pretty good songs. Is recording his vocals in a duet with Brazilian singers Gustavo Lima and Michel’s Body, which made back in the days when a player played for Santos.



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