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  • Name: Nelli Ermolaeva ( Nelli Ermolaeva )
  • Date of birth: 13 may 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Novokuybyshevsk, Samara oblast
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: model, designer, singer, participant of show «the House 2»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Nelly Ermolaeva: biography

    Nelly Ermolaeva – Russian TV presenter, fashion designer, singer. But the public is much more known as a former member of the TV project «House 2», which is still on the perimeter married another guest of the show Nikita Kuznetsov.

    Nellie was born in the city of Novokuybyshevsk of the Samara region, in a wealthy family. She grew up a very ambitious child and in the childhood dreamt to conquer the summit of glory. After school, the girl arrived in Samara state Academy of culture and arts, where he studied at the faculty of tourism and excursion activities. Thanks to his education Ermolaeva can arrange performances and tours of stars of show business.

    Along with learning Nellie worked in the modeling business, and I must say that it went well. At least in Samara she was on very good standing among the local models. After high school the girl took the post of administrator in the restaurant and was the head of this institution for several years, until she got the idea to go to the capital to audition for the highest rated and most scandalous TV show «Dom 2».

    TV show

    On the project «House 2» Nelly Yermolayeva appeared in the summer of 2009 and decided to attract the attention of a local resident — Rustam Solntsev. Since it failed, she went to communicate with the Lion by Anchovy, and later with Vlad Kadoni. This young man, who calls himself a psychic, she’d even stay in the VIP house, but because of the endless scandals, the couple broke up.

    Following a fan Ermolaeva has become a well-known womanizer of the project Nikita Kuznetsov. The boys lived on a volcano – the scandals intersect with passionate romantic dates. Several times they broke up, while in 2010 and Nikita in the midst of the contest «man of the year» Nellie did offer to marry him. After the wedding the couple went to the TV show «House 2».

    After the project

    The perimeter of the popular TV show Nelly Ermolaeva miss did not. She tried to work simultaneously in several directions. For example, as the singer performed in a maiden’s group «Istra witches», where, besides her, was another participant of «House 2» Natalia Varvina.

    Nellie also knew the laws of their own business. She opened a nail salon next door, has grown to a full beauty salon as well as entertaining karaoke club. Now she is a presenter on the music channel «Ru-TV», which, starting in 2013, the year, paired with Chuikov leads the morning show «Two and a greetings», as well as a day program in which people with the help of SMS-messages using the presenter can admit to each other their feelings.

    In addition, Nelly Ermolaeva made as a designer clothing line, which has been repeatedly demonstrated and as a fashion model. Her brand is called «Perfume By Nelly Ermolaeva».

    Personal life

    14 Feb 2011 Nelly Ermolaeva married Nikita Kuznetsov. The wedding was held in the Italian city of Verona, home of Romeo and Juliet. The ceremony was broadcast in the framework of the project «House 2», because the young at that time were participants of the show. After the wedding the couple decided to continue the joint life outside of the transmission, because I wanted to build a relationship without cameras. But, unfortunately, quickly enough domestic difficulties brought all the feelings, and Nelly and Nikita split up. Kuznetsov returned to the «House 2», and Ermolaeva started to implement its ideas and plans in real life.

    After the divorce, new lover girl became the owner of the Moscow network of restaurants Kirill Andreev. Met the young people on one of the secular parties. Fast enough between the guys broke out the spark and now they have been together for over five years. In 2014 Cyril did his beloved the offer, but, apparently, before the official conclusion of the relationship while the case never came. Ermolaeva and Andreev live in a civil marriage, that does not prevent them to enjoy the company of each other.

    They travel a lot and post pictures with a joint making the rounds in social networks. There you can find many romantic surprises that they suit each other.


    Nelly Ermolaeva

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