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  • Name: Nelli Uvarova ( Nelli Uvarova )
  • Date of birth: 14 March 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: mažeikiai, Lithuania
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: Married Alexander Grishin

    Nelli Uvarova: biography

    Nellie Vladimirovna Uvarova was born in the small town of Mazeikiai in Lithuania, 14 March 1980. Her family is of Russian-Armenian roots. The girl’s father was an engineer-technologist at the factory, her mother taught gymnastics. Except Nelly Uvarov in the family grew up the eldest daughter, Elena, who later became a successful clothing designer in Moscow.

    80 years were difficult for Lithuania, where political and social situation escalated more and more. Uvarovy decided to move to the Russian capital. By the time Elena Uvarova already worked in Moscow and helped the families to move to a new place of residence.

    Financial situation Uvarov made the youngest daughter to earn some money while studying at school. Girl, hangin ‘ fliers delivered Newspapers. And dreamed of soon to be artist. Talent in Nelly Uvarova manifested at an early age. After moving to Moscow, the girl decided to develop them. She went to school in the famous Theatre Studio on Shabolovka. The family approved and encouraged fascination with Nelly. Mother even wrote the scripts of some school productions, and helped my daughter to learn and grow into the role.

    After high school, Nelly Uvarova filed documents once in five theatre schools. But the girl is so strongly excited in the process of admission that it broke the voice. Despite this, the entrant is able noticed well-known teacher and people’s artist of Russia Georgy Taratorkin. He not only took Nelly to his Studio, but also helped to find a doctor who subsequently resumed future voice actress.

    But for one solved problem followed by a second insoluble. Disrupted voices Uvarova got a paid training course. A money is the family was not. Student expelled from University, but because of her abilities and zeal had been allowed to volnoslushatelnitsey. Obstacles on the way to the cherished goal broke the fragile Uvarov, and tempered. After a few months, Nelly has managed to get a grant to study the Nikita Mikhalkov. Followed by another grant from the Foundation of a novel. and the prize of Rolan Bykov.


    At the end of VGIK aspiring actress managed to prove itself well, received many proposals from various Metropolitan theatres. But his choice has stopped at the Russian Academy Youth theatre. Creative biography Nelly Uvarova is associated to this day.

    Since 2001 she is the leading actress of Ramtha. On the stage Nelli Vladimirovna has played many roles, most notably in performances of «the Wizard of oz» and «the Coast of utopia». But the actress says that her most successful work was the play «the Rules of conduct in modern society». This role brought first awards – nominated for Golden mask prize and the prestigious international festival «rainbow».

    Amongst the best theatrical works Uvarova «Little Lord Fauntleroy» and «Chekhov-gala».


    A cinematic biography of Nelli Uvarova began in 1999-m to year. The debut was the film «Fly!» Anna Melikyan. This picture brought Nelly success in the form of the main prize of the international festival of VGIK. This award was soon followed by another, from the Milanese film forum.

    Since 2002, every year regularly on the screens comes a new film with the participation of Uvarova. But Nelly remained little-known among viewers of the country. Everything changed after the release of the series for a long time riveted the attention of many countrymen to TV, called «

  • Not born beautiful». It was a real breakthrough to fame and glory of the young actress. The image of Katya Pushkareva in the flow Uvarova Nelly brought the national love. The fate of the characters Nelly Uvarova and Gregory Antipenko was watched by all country. This screening, according to many critics, was the only talented Colombian adaptation of the sitcom «Ugly Betty» in Russia. Since then, as Uvarov became pushkarevoy, the actress finally noticed by famous film Directors and TV presenters. She became a frequent guest of television broadcasts and shows. And Uvarov appeared in the new popular serial melodramas, including «the first circle», «Atlantis» and «Heavy sand». But not only the TV series and «soap Opera» welcomed actress. Nelly played in the film «I remain», «M+W» and «Ex-wife», being able to demonstrate that he can play in different roles.

    In parallel with the shooting on the grounds of kinopavilonah and theatrical game Nelly Uvarova many have worked on the promotion of the online store which was engaged in the sale of copyright products created by the hands of seriously ill children. For this charity project, the artist was awarded the grant of one of the Russian funds.

    Personal life

    Personal life Nelly Uvarova not just a happily ever after. First husband of the actress were directed

  • Sergei Pickalov. The couple lived together for only three years. As it became known, the cause of the breakup has become banal envy men to the popularity and demand of his wife, who fell on Nelly after «Not born beautiful». Pikalov went to the dresser and Uvarova for a long time kept to himself, and plunged into work. After this personal life Nelly Uvarova has long been classified as «secret». The actress did not comment on this topic. So the message of the imminent motherhood of the actress was Nelly for fans unexpected surprise. Daughter Nelly Uvarova Iya was born in 2011-m to year. It soon became known that the girl’s father was actor Alexander Grishin. The lovers immediately after the birth of his daughter got married.


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    • Atlantis
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    Nelly Uvarova

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