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  • Name: Neil Kreopalov ( Nil Kropalov )
  • Date of birth: 5 March 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 192
  • Activities: actor, composer
  • Marital status: not married

    Neil Kreopalov: biography

    Neil Kropanov – a young Russian actor, star of the TV series «Ranetki» and «Stairway to heaven». He was born in an artistic family actress Oksana of Kaliberda and composer Nicholas Krepelova. By the way, «Nile» is not a pseudonym, and real name of the actor. Apparently, parents like unusual names, as the younger son, they also called outside the box style! Incidentally, Koropalov Jr. also shows creative flair and 12 years has acted as a Director of your own Amateur series «Otorgante» which shoots with friends.

    With 4 years Neil began attending music school and a ballet Studio on the Arbat. Later further vocal training and was even a soloist of the choir of the Russian Academy of music named Gnesin sisters. When Krepelova turned 11, the family moved to the less intelligent. There, Neal began to experience difficulty with peers, which looked askance at the boy with a music folder in his hands.

    Regular clashes and street conflicts have led to the fact that Nicholas Kropanov recorded son in the Boxing, where it is practical for one summer managed to make a real fighter. Later in life Neil appeared in kick-Boxing, which he could well be realized through a ballet stretch. But the piano lessons the future actor was not cast. He graduated from music school with honors, and in addition to keyboards and mastered the saxophone.

    Besides music, sports clubs and dance clubs, Neil Kropanov from the age of 12 began studying at the Studio theatre in Director Igor Yatsko. In a short time he tried himself in different genres and got the opportunity to play in the «adult» performances «Zoyka’s apartment» and «City of Millionaires». In a recent statement, the Director of which was mark Zakharov, Neil on the same stage playing together with such stars as Nikolay Karachentsov, Inna Churikova.

    After school Neil Kropanov enrolled in the Theatre Institute of the Boris Schepkin. By the way, there he came at quite the star status as many do in the popular TV series «Ranetki» was famous the country actor. After graduation main job Krepelova becomes the Mossovet Theatre, where he played in productions of «Jesus Christ superstar», «Errors of one night» and «Dangerous liaisons.» Also, sometimes the actor has partnered with the Lenkom theatre and the Central house of actors named after A. Yablochkina.


    First job in the movie Neil Kropanov received 14 years, starring in multiserial film «road to happiness». In the film he played the role of son of the protagonist, which takes Zhanna Epple and on-screen grandmother of the actor was Svetlana Nemolyaeva. In school years, Neal managed to star in many pictures melodrama «Random companion», the Comedy «Marriage contract», a documentary-film producer’s «to Understand. To forgive».

    In multiserial film «Stepmother» he got the role of heartthrob Kirill Poplavsky. But the most famous project of that period with the participation of Nile Kopalova is a youth series «Ranetki», where he played a little mysterious high school student Matthew. After the release of the movie on the screen of the Nile came under a flow of attention from fans. It was very difficult to cope with this infinite glory, which can turn the head and more of an adult. Very much in the moment helped the young man’s parents, and colleagues who have supported and helped to set priorities in life.

    Released in 2010, a detective story «Glow» showed that the young actor can play almost any complexity role. For this picture, Neil was awarded the top prize of the Yalta international film festival. In the romantic Comedy «the Fire, water and diamonds», which was produced by his mother, Koropalov not only played the main character, but also acted as a composer, writing the soundtrack for this picture. Neil also wrote the music for the film «Roof», which also starred.

    In 2016, the screens came just two films young, but already an experienced actor. In the history of love «Stairway to heaven», which is a kind of mixture of «Cinderella» and «Romeo and Juliet», Neil played a dramatic role of a young guy sacrifices himself for a loved one. And in the military drama «In the distant the forty-fifth… of the Meeting on the Elbe» recreated the image of a Soviet captain Petrenko in love with an American soldier. This film, which starred an international cast, won a Silver boat at the film festival «Window to Europe» in Vyborg and «Golden bear» at the Berlin film festival.

    Personal life

    About the private life of the Nile Krepelova we only know that he is not married. But does he have a lady love, o love, which he gives all his tenderness, the public actor says.

    Kropanov addition to all his acting, songwriting, vocal, dance and sports talents, also very good draws. His artwork in museums yet, but the actor himself, rather, portrays him a dummy, was presented at the Museum of contemporary history of Russia. It happened at the initiative of the Moscow Government in the framework of the exhibition «We – the future of Russia».


    • 2006 — Rails happiness
    • 2007 — Stepmother
    • 2008 — Adult games
    • 2008 — Lace
    • 2008-2010 — Ranetki
    • 2010 — the boomerang from the past
    • 2011 — Time for two
    • 2012 — Fire, water and diamonds
    • 2016 — Stairway to heaven
    • 2016 — In the distant the forty-fifth… of the Meeting on the Elbe


    Neil Kropanov

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