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  • Name: Nazanin Abdulvasieva ( Nozanin Abdulvasieva )
  • Date of birth: 17 July 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: TV presenter, actress, Director
  • Marital status: married Alexander Gordon

    Nazanin Abdulvasieva: biography

    The fourth wife of the famous Russian actor, Director and presenter Alexander Gordon Nozanin (abbreviated Noza) Abdulvasieva ethnic Tajik. But I was born But not in Tajikistan and in Moscow in July 1994. The girl grew up in an artistic family where everyone was able to realize themselves and achieve considerable success.

    Time Abdulvasieva
    Nazanin Abdulvasieva | VK

    Great-grandfather Nazanin Abdullayeva first – Mirsaid Mirshakar national poet of the Tajik SSR and public figure. Grandpa: Valery Akhadov – Director, Honored artist of Russia and Tajikistan, member of the Board of the Guild of filmmakers of the Russian Federation and academician of the Russian Academy of cinema arts «Nika».

    Closely connected with the world of cinema and Nosy parents: her mother, Tahmina Abdulvasieva – actress, father Abdul Abdulvaliev producer, known for his work on the film «Stone» and the TV series «nezlob».

    Your parents decided to go and Nazanin: she chose the cinema. She joined the legendary cinematography, choosing for himself the Department of documentary directing.


    Nazanin Abdullayeva first from her ancestors got the same proactive attitude, leadership and desire to improve. The girl pleased parents of successful study at school, continuing this «tradition» at the University.

    Noza Abdulvasieva
    Noza Abdulvasieva | VK

    Biography Nazanin Abdullayeva first began when the girl was barely 17 years old. She tried his hand in the military melodrama «the Atonement» by Alexander Proshkin. The main roles in this film went to Victoria Romanenko, Rinal Mukhametov, Andrei Panin and Tatyana Yakovenko. Young Noza played the episode that it appeared in the image of the Gypsy girl Zara.

    Again Abdulvasieva appeared on the screen as an actress in 2016, playing the character of Mary in the series Lesogorov Sergei and Gennady Baysak «All the law». Her partners on the set were such famous artists as Igor Stam, Evgeniya Loza, Sergey Stepanchenko, Alexander Nosik, Olga machine interface.

    Time Abdulvasieva
    Nazanin Abdulvasieva |

    Not so long ago, in 2015 he made his directorial debut Nazanin Abdullayeva first. She presented a 15-minute short film «Carbonini». As stated in the description of the film, it is about happy people who know how to enjoy life and find in it the light side, no matter what. Heroes documentary short film – real characters, a young family Moscow Ksenia and Alex. They live in an apartment with Alexei’s mother and 6 children. Each member of the family is not more than 3 square meters. But soon, the happy parents will have a seventh child. And happiness will be more.

    Personal life

    About Nazanin Abdullayeva first started talking after 20-year-old student of VGIK saw with 50-Lenin Alexander Gordon. As you know, on account of the popular TV presenter has three marriage. His first wife was Maria Berdnikova, gave birth to a daughter Alexandra. For several years the family lived in America. But the relationship soured and the marriage has exhausted itself.

    In a civil marriage with actress Nana Kiknadze actor and broadcaster lived for several years. But before the official status and birth of children a couple has not held.

    The second was Kim’s marriage with Catherine Gordon suffered the same fate. Relationship with third wife, 18-year-old student Nina Trigorin, Alexander Garrievich deteriorated after the controversial news about the birth of illegitimate daughter, the mother of which was a Krasnodar journalist Elena Pashkov.

    Oleksandr Gordon I beautiful Abdulvasieva
    Nazanin Abdulvasieva and Alexander Gordon |

    For some time Gordon led a bachelor lifestyle. But the meeting with the Eastern beauty Nazanin Abdullayeva first turned his life. The pair met on the set of the film «Nerd,» in which Alexander got the main role. NASA came to the Studio, to make a report about the artist.

    The 30-year age difference did not become an obstacle to the happiness of this couple. Family of Alexander and Nazanin do not see the reasons on which the lovers could not be together. The famous grandfather Nosy bakievich Valery Akhadov, shared that her granddaughter selected to «mate» knows for a long time and considers reasonable and decent man. Him beloved granddaughter will be in good hands.

    She Nazanin Abdulvasieva told reporters that the substantial age difference only feels with a «plus» because with a grown man who has direction and stands firmly on his feet, it is very comfortable and easy.

    They went together Abdulvasieva Shino
    Nazanin Abdulvasieva son | O!dryto

    Their Union the couple has registered quietly, trying not to attract too much noise, in the summer of 2014. After the wedding the couple went to Dushanbe and then to the Pamir.

    In the same year Nazanin bore her husband a son, whom they named Sasha. Once the presenter has shared that he misses without your child, if separated from him even for a few hours.

    Abdulvasieva], and Oleksandr Gordon Sino-beautiful Sasha s
    Nazanin Abdulvasieva with Alexander Gordon and son Sasha | Oh!dryto

    It seems that personal life Nazanin Abdullayeva first happened quite happily. In October 2016 became known that the couple is expecting a second baby, which will be the fourth child of Alexander. The couple came to the premiere of the film «Icebreaker» in one of the Moscow theaters, where journalists noticed «interesting» situation of the young wife of Gordon.

    Oleksandr Gordon I beautiful Abdulvasieva
    Nazanin Abdulvasieva and Alexander Gordon |


    • «Redemption»
    • «Carbonini» (Director)
    • «All the law»


    Time Abdulvasieva

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