Natasha Koroleva

photo Natasha Koroleva

  • Name: Queen Natasha ( Natalia Poryvai )
  • Date of birth: 31 may 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 160
  • Activity: Singer, TV presenter, actress, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Married to Sergey Glushko

    Natasha the Queen: a biography

    Natasha Koroleva – a popular Russian pop singer, actress, Honored artist of Russia.


    Natalia Poryvai (real name Natasha Koroleva) was born in Kiev on 31 may 1973. The family of Natasha – creative people, so it is not surprising that biography the Queen is closely connected with art. The girl’s father all life worked as the head of the academic choir, mother – Honored artist of Ukraine, conducted the choir.

    Annual Natasha's father
    Annual Natasha’s father | Instagram

    When Natalia Poryvai was only three years old, she first came on the scene as part of a Large Choir of radio and television of Ukraine. According to the singer, the first song she performed was «Cruiser Aurora». At the age of seven Queen Natasha started to study in musical school on a piano class. Also I visited a circle of folk dances in the Studio while the choir named Ropes. The most striking event in the biography of Natasha Koroleva in those years was acquainted with Vladimir Bystryakov. With 12 years the girl sang well, and in her repertoire you can hear the song «Where went the circus» and «a World without miracles.» Performing them, Natasha was the center of attention all school matinees.

    Natasha Koroleva in childhood
    Natasha Koroleva in my childhood | See All

    In 1987, the singer took part in the contest «Golden tuning Fork», where he performed with the group «Mirage». When she became the winner of competition. The image of Natasha, Alexander Sparinsky especially for girls wrote a children’s musical called «the country kids». In the same year the Queen debuted on television, taking part in the program «Wider circle» a year later, she became the leading program «Kiev beauty.» The young singer drew the attention of Martha Mogilev, music editor of the Central television. Natasha gave her a recording of his songs that later helped the career of the artist.

    Natasha Koroleva in my youth
    Natasha Koroleva in his youth | Things-Dryukov

    Natasha Koroleva always dreamed to connect his life with the scene, but then the popularity and almost hour employment become an obstacle — it refused to accept in the pop-circus school. But the talented singer departed not so soon, the Commission finally gave in, and she enrolled for training. In 1991 the Queen has finished school in the specialty «Pop vocal».


    Career of the singer Natasha Koroleva is so rapidly forged ahead of the rest, that in 1998, despite her young age, she sang on the stages of the post-Soviet space, but also went to a concert in the United States the children’s rock-Opera «a child of the world». Leading soloist Natasha his appearance surprised the audience. After the speech she was offered to study in a prestigious University «of Rochester». But the girl did not accept the proposal, preferring the America of Moscow, where I went to listen to the composer Igor Nikolaev.

    Natasha Koroleva
    Natasha Koroleva | Things-Dryukov

    Contestants had two, but Nikolaev chose it, although much of an impression the singer at that time it did not produce. However, Igor wrote her a song «Yellow tulips», a name which soon came the first album of Natasha Koroleva. The popularity started to go off-scale: crowded halls and stadiums, people armfuls gave the Queen of flowers, which she sang. The composition and its performer has gained popularity across the Soviet Union and far beyond. With «Tulips» Natasha reached the final of the «Song of the year».

    In 1992, Nikolaev writes with the Queen first joint song «Dolphin and mermaid». The fans immediately begin to show a pair of genuine interest. Two years later, appears solo album, Queen of the «Fan» and the girl kicks off as an independent singer. The girl takes part in tours to cities in Russia, Israel, gives concerts in Germany and the United States. In 95-m to year, Natasha released his second album, «Confetti» with three songs, one of which is the well-known «Little country».

    Little Natasha revealed not only his vocal abilities but poetic talent. It has long been asked Nikolayev to write a song for her about the blue swans. Igor offered her different texts, but the singer didn’t fit, and then Nikolaev suggested to her to write this song. From that moment Natasha Koroleva and began writing poetry in some of his songs.

    In 1997 he held his first world tour of the artist. She managed to conquer the audience not only CIS, but also abroad. In the same year she has pleased fans with new album «Diamond tears». To this point, has already published 13 videos on the most popular songs of Queen. The Queen, after her divorce from Igor Nikolayev, records new albums: «Believe it or not», «Heart», «pieces of the past», «Heaven is wherever you are».

    Already in 1999 the Queen first came to sing at the Concert hall «Russia». The period Natasha is seriously thinking about the specialized education, so we decided to arrive in GITIS. In 2003, Queen received a diploma.

    In 2008, the year Natasha Koroleva went into business. The artist has created the author’s collection of jewelry «mothers and Daughters». A year ago, the singer opened her own beauty salon, and two years later – the second.

    A collection of jewelry Natasha Koroleva
    A collection of jewelry Natasha Koroleva «mothers and Daughters» | the Gossip

    The singer is often credited became viral song «Mama Luba» was recorded with the band Serebro. The reason for the misunderstanding was the fact that the mother of the actress name is Ludmila, a simple mom Luda – very similar name – and Natasha has dedicated his song «Mom» and «My mom Luda – the coolest».

    Active development of own business not meant that Natasha went from the creative sector. The actress participated in the TV show «Two stars» and «Dancing with the stars.» In 2010, the year Natasha took part in the program «give your life».

    In 2012, the year Queen Natasha opened her show «the Queen Prime», but the idea proved unsuccessful, and aired only one issue. Later, Natasha created another project, this time culinary. Artist led «lunch-Time» together with her mother, and later with Roman Budnikov and Alexander Oleshko. The program was on for two years.

    Natasha Kitekat on the TV show
    Natasha Koroleva on the TV show «the Queen Prime».

    Began to circulate rumors that the singer is planning to end his musical career, but Natasha herself has denied these speculations. She explained that at the time stopped giving cash concerts and acts only on formal occasions. The artist went to such a step, to find the time and energy to create a new repertoire and programs. In addition, Natasha turned again to education, she enrolled at the new York Academy of arts. The actress chose a course in the specialty of the operator and the editor, admitted that he likes movies and wants to try himself in the film industry in this regard.

    Soon came the lyric video for «Stood and cried» in which the singer amazed fans with new drama. A fragile woman of small stature impressed the fans who used to see her carefree charming beauty.

    In 2015, the year released a new album «Magic…», now Natasha Koroleva continues to record singles, including gained popularity song «don’t say no» and «I’m tired», which may be included in the next album of the artist.

    The actress took part in the popular program «the Secret to a million.» In this show famous people trying to remember every detail of his biography. Natasha spoke about his family, that trusts her husband despite his ambiguous profession and is constantly receiving offers of an intimate nature.

    At the end of 2016, the year Natasha Koroleva made by the jubilee concert in the Kremlin. The concert was called «Magic L», and noted the 25th anniversary of creative activity of the singer. Natasha has performed their hits and classics of Russian pop songs, but added to them and a fresh, still unknown composition.

    Personal life

    First husband Natasha Koroleva was her mentor and composer Igor Nikolaev. Their relationship began to develop when the pair worked together on the project «Dolphin and mermaid». The principles of the Queen did not give her the right to live with a man in a civil marriage, so in 1991 the couple formalized the relationship officially. The composer was against the publicity of their wedding, then she started to act differently. Together with parents and the Registrar girl came to Igor Nikolaev directly home, where they painted without dresses, flowers, bread and salt.

    Natasha Koroleva and Igor Nikolaev
    Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Koroleva | Cosmopolita

    Personal life Queen was like a fairy tale, but with a bad end. They lived together for 10 years, after which marriage the Queen and Nikolaev collapsed. The reason, according to the singer, was her husband’s infidelity. Others say that did not have the patience himself to Igor, which his wife, with or without cause to get jealous. After a breakup, the former couple did not speak to each other for about eight years. But the Queen claims that the parting was without scandals, quiet and smooth, and all the hype artificially.

    After years Natasha and Igor have again started to communicate and maintain friendly relations. The singer says that there is no negativity between them is no more, and with the new darling of Nikolaev Natasha done a good cordial relationship, and very happy for ex-husband that he was lucky to find such a girl.

    Just a year after a breakup with Nikolayev became known that soon the Queen will give birth to a child, but from another man. Her lover was second Sergey Glushko, known Tarzan a handsome man with inflated forms, what is common to all the strippers. The couple met at a working meeting of Sergey came to discuss the fee for the participation of his staff in the concert program of Natalia. The novel developed rapidly, but friends of the singer were convinced that this is just a small affair to forget ex-husband. No one seriously believed in a relationship with a young stripper.

    Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko
    Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko | Telegraph

    But soon came the information about pregnancy of the singer and about the forthcoming wedding. After a few months the couple had a son Arkhip. To this day, the Queen and Tarzan together on tour. The couple write songs together, and the Queen also publish solo albums. Together, the couple lived for more than 15 years. Despite the rumors of infidelity both react with humor and even set up a photo shoot where Natasha allegedly nastukivat husband with his mistress.

    Sergey Glushko Natasha Queen and her son Arkhip
    Sergey Glushko Natasha Queen and her son Arkhip |


    In 2015, the Internet exploded with shocking photos and videos of Natasha Koroleva Nude. It turned out that the savory materials were stolen interesting candids from the personal archive of the singer. According to one version the hacked phone and leaked personal stuff Natasha in the network, on the other hand without hacking the phone, the Queen stole the device itself, and since he posted controversial material.

    The pictures caught the eye of the Petersburg Deputy Vitaly Milonova, which proposed to deprive the singer of the status of the Honored artist for unethical behavior. The Queen herself says that journalists always need to feed the audience a vivid event to draw the attention of the public. As well as intimate photos and videos were stolen from her album, which is a criminal offense, no shame and guilt is not felt. Many fans of the singer agreed that the intimate video is not a disgrace to the artist, because personal life is for all people, regardless of their popularity.

    Natasha Koroleva
    Natasha Koroleva | Instagram

    Later new details emerged of the strange cases. The court established the fact of theft and blackmail. It turned out that the singer not only stole the phone, the attackers demanded a fabulous sum for that intimate details of the life of the Queen, and Tarzan remains a mystery. The pair did not succumb to the blackmail and scandalous photos hit the Internet. Then Milon took back his words and apologized to the singer.

    After such shocking events in the artist’s depression, and Natasha was forced to seek medical help. The woman is very worried about his family, and especially for the son who at any moment can stumble upon pornography with their parents.


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    • «Yellow tulips»
    • «Dolphin and mermaid»
    • «The fan»
    • «Confetti»
    • «Diamond tears»
    • «Heart»
    • «Pieces of the past»
    • «Believe it or not (plus Tarzan)»
    • «Heaven is wherever you are»
    • «Magic…»


    Natasha Koroleva

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