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  • Name: Natalya Zemtsova ( Natalia Zemtsova )
  • Date of birth: 7 December 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Omsk
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: actress, model, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Natalia Zemtsova: biography

    Natalia Zemtsova is a young Russian actress, star of the youth television series «the Eighties». She was born and raised in the Siberian city of Omsk. Natasha’s father was an athlete, he coached local boxers, and my mother held the position of merchandiser. Despite the absolutely non-creative profession, the parents instilled in her daughter a love of art and foreign languages. The girl went to drama school and studied at the gymnasium with profound study of English and French.

    Also parents supported Zemtsov, when after graduating from high school, she expressed a desire to become an actress and try your luck in one of the capital’s universities. But in Moscow no one of the acting faculties Natalia could not get to. Then she returns home a year studying in the art Studio at the local youth Theatre, and next summer goes to St. Petersburg. It was there that the girl was lucky to get on an experimental Russian-Buryat course Zeland A. M. at the St. Petersburg Academy of theatre arts.

    Life in the Northern capital was not given Zemtsova easily. She first appeared so far from home, far from loved ones. Repeatedly Natalia was packing to return to Omsk, but it always helped a long conversation with my dad on the phone. He was able to support a young girl and she graduated from the Academy in 2006.

    After high school theater Natalya Zemtsova started a lot of acting in movies, played Sonya in the performance «Gardeners», and also tried himself in the role of presenter, when together with Alexander Pushnoy led the entertainment program «Creative class» on the channel STS.


    In the movie, Natalia Zemtsova debuted in one episode psychological detective «Voice.» She then starred in the title role in the melodrama «Brother and sister», but the picture is, unfortunately, still failed. Later was a Comedy «My crazy family» and Comedy film «Love in the district-2».

    But following the work instantly turned Natalie into a star. She got the role attractive student Inga Borodina in the rating of the youth sitcom «the Eighties». The first season was released back in 2011 and Zemtsov for the past five years is taking part in the new seasons.

    In parallel, the actress was involved on the set of criminal detective, «the Case investigator Nikitin», action «Ahead shot», the second part of the Thriller «Last minute» Comedy «Mixed feelings». In yet another mega popular sitcom «the Kitchen» Natalia portrayed the girlfriend of French pastry chef Louis, played by Nikita Tarasov.

    The second star role Zemtsova considered her character Olga Kuznetsova, the investigating Lieutenant of the mystical Thriller «Missing». The last work of the actress are grotesque Comedy «What do men 2» and the new sixth season of the sitcom «the Eighties».

    Personal life

    On the set of the TV series «Missing» Natalia Zemtsova met with the Director of the film Victor by Rybintseva. And this acquaintance was not romantic – they almost had a fight when they first met. But over time, young people began to communicate, and between them there was a spark.

    After filming Victor invited Natalia to spend a vacation in Goa, where he proposed to her. They got married, but quickly divorced.

    In August 2014 Zemtsova gave birth to first child – a son, Ivan. Who is the father of the baby, the actress has long concealed. In 2016, appeared in the media information about the novel Zemtsova Sergei Kristovskiy, the band «Uma2Rman».

    The pair did not comment on this information, but in the end, Sergei, senior Natalia for 16 years, admitted that 4 years has swung between the wife who gave him four children, and a new sweetheart. In the end, the musician decided to leave the family. In June, the press reported secret marriage of Natalya Zemtsova and Sergey Kristovsky, after which the couple with his son went to Spain.


    • 2010 — love on the area
    • 2011-2016 — Eighties
    • 2011 — Ahead shot
    • 2012 — Case investigator Nikitin
    • 2013 — Kitchen
    • 2013 — Missing
    • 2014 Stealth
    • 2014 — Last minute 2
    • 2014 — Mixed feelings
    • 2015 — What’s happening man 2


    Natalia Zemtsova

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