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  • Name: Natalia Vdovina ( Nataliya Vdovina )
  • Date of birth: 12 January 1969
  • Age: 48 years
  • Birth place: Belogorsk
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Not married

    Natalia Vdovina: biography

    Nataliya Vdovina was born in a small Crimean town of Belogorsk on 12 January 1969. The girl was the second child in the family, except her older older brother Sergei. In childhood Vdovin was fond of singing and sports, has long engaged in athletics. Natalia dreams of becoming an actress from the age of two, when my mother took her and her brother on the set of the film «Chipollino».

    Little Natasha was so fascinated by what was happening in front of her, that since then no longer thought about the profession. And even in high school, when peers Natasha crammed school subjects for admission to universities, young Vdovin with the same fervor taught monologues, sang and played, not allowing even the possibility of choosing other educational institutions in addition to theatre school. And let the aspiring actress was not entirely sure that I will do, it still didn’t make the option for hedging.

    Natalia graduated from high School in Simferopol, and from there immediately went to go to Moscow. The girl applied to several theatre schools and was eventually accepted at the Higher theatre school named after Schepkin on the course of the actress Rimma Solntseva. She lived in a hostel, getting used to take care of yourself, developing good habits, including food. So, eating high calorie and junk food for the year Vdovin scored 7 kg, so since then, the artist carefully watch their diet.

    Natalia Vdovina: theatre

    Natasha’s dream was to play in the theater «Contemporary», which seemed to her the most interesting and alive the school of their own kind. It is unknown what would happen if that wish came true. Vdovin was distributed in «Satyricon», directed by Konstantin Raikin, immediately noticed the talent of the young singer. About Raikin Natalia responds with endless warmth and respect. Young Vdovin Konstantin Arkadievich constantly encouraged to improve and work on himself, insisting that even great talent should not be a reason to relax.

    The first and much beloved incarnate way of Natalia Vdovina was the role of Stella from the play «the Magnificent cuckold» directed by Peter Fomenko. The premiere was successful enough to Vdovin. The talent of the performer appreciated and valued by both the audience and theatre critics. Thanks to this production, despite the fact that there was heavy nineties, Natalia immediately began to play a significant role in almost all performances of the repertoire.

    After a brilliant debut was followed by such images as Juliet from «Romeo and Juliet», Shakespeare’s Ophelia, lady Anne, Cordelia and Margaret, Polly Peacham from «Threepenny Opera» and other equally specific role. For several years Natalia Vdovin has become a leading theater actress. In 1994, she received the award «crystal Turandot», 2001 – theater award «Chaika» for masterfully embodied the image Gedda, Tesman from the play «Hedda Gabler». This award Vdovina won again, playing in the Workshop of Peter Fomenko Jesi of the absurdist play «Rhinoceros.»

    Now the actress is busy in the theatre «Satyricon» in productions of «Uncle Vanya» and «Three sisters.»

    Natalia Vdovina: movies

    In movies Natalia debuted in 1995 and played together with the already known at that time Sergey Makovetsky in «the Summer people» on the play by Maxim Gorky’s «Summerfolk». Working with such actors gave the young actress the opportunity to gain experience and quickly learn the nuances of behavior in front of the camera. The film is not a hit, but was recognized and awarded at several film festivals.

    Next time, Natalia has appeared in films only after seven years, playing in the TV series «the Failure of Poirot». Characteristically, in this picture Vdovin also played with Sergey Makovetsky. Unfortunately, despite the good work of all the participants of the shooting, the picture didn’t have much success. Next year Natalia Vdovina starred in the directorial debut of Andrey Zvyagintsev, a dramatic film called «the Return».

    Popularity came to the actress after only starring in the film by Vera Glagoleva «Order». The creative Duo of these women helped to create and embody on the screen is really deep, three-dimensional image of a man driven to despair. The film has won several awards at Russian film festivals, and she has a fixed role «strong single woman».

    A few years Vdovin starred in the series «Your honor.» The heroine of the actress – judge, absorbed in his profession, in fact itself Vdovin was not strong in law.

    After 2005, the singer starred in many movies and TV series, embodying a variety of characters: from the grotesquely harsh Elena in the Comedy «the stupid person» for the selfless peasant Anfisa Minina in the TV series about the military times «Two winters and three summers», released in 2014.

    Now Vdovin can be seen also in the Russian sitcom «Last of Magician».

    Natalia Vdovina: personal life

    The actress admitted in an interview that very little time is given to private matters of the heart, and so her personal life did not work out. With her first husband, Natalia met while studying at the fourth course the Schepkin school. The meeting was very romantic: the young man helped the beautiful stranger to go to the premiere of its official identity. So began the affair that ended a marriage and the birth of daughter Maya. But ten years later the couple divorced, as Vdovin was too wrapped up in work. Old lovers remained on good terms.

    With the father of the second child Natalia in marriage was not. It was a brief but serious relationship ended in divorce by mutual consent. Father of Roma with pleasure takes part in the upbringing of his son. Natalya Vdovina is now one and admits she would like to meet «his» people.

    Natalia Vdovina: filmography

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    Natalia Vdovina: photo

    Natalya Vdovina

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