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  • Name: Natalia Vavilova ( Nataliya Vavilova )
  • Date of birth: 26 January 1959
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Natalya Vavilova biography

    Natalya Vavilova – the actress who managed to star in several cult movies until the end of his career in the nineties.

    Vavilova Natalia was born 26 January 1959 in the family, unrelated to cinema. Lived in Moscow on Leninsky Prospekt near the «Mosfilm».

    Natalia Vavilov in childhood
    Natalia Vavilov in his youth | ABC-news

    Shortly after the fourteenth birthday of the girls in the shop near the house she was approached by the assistant Director Yulia Solntseva and offered to star in the film. So she entered the world of cinema, for the painting «high mountains» (1974).


    A few years later she almost forgot about this experience once, during a lesson in the class I went to the assistant of Vladimir Menshov. He was looking for Natasha Vavilov to offer her a role in «Drawing» (which will also attend the rising star Dmitry Kharatyan). So she was back in the lenses of cameras.

    Despite her young age, Natalya Vavilova played the role, and all predicted her career. All except the parents who forbade her daughter to act: they thought that a decent girl should find a better profession. Natasha respected them, but I loved the art and secretly signed up for lessons at the actor’s workshop at VGIK.

    Natalia Vavilov in the movie
    Natalia Vavilov in the film «Moscow to tears does not believe» | Movie-Theater

    The parents opposed the filming of daughter in the new film Menshov «Moscow does not believe in tears» — the girl forbade to walk late at night and not allowed to use the phone. Then the Director, along with Alexey Batalov went to convince parents to allow Natasha to participate in the film.

    The Vavilov was in shock when I saw Batalov. They were willing to entrust their child to the idol, a famous artist and once given the green light to shoot. In the end Menchov received the award «Oscar», Natalya Vavilova was allowed to pursue an acting career. She successfully learned in «Cinematography» and took part in shootings of many films.

    Natalia Vavilov in his youth
    Natalia Vavilov in his youth

    In 1986, Natalya Vavilova gets the main role in the movie «Nicholas Podvoisky». In the film, the actress had to ride a horse. Before the girl had not even seen a horse in person, so she enrolled in the cavalry school in the Izmailovo district of Moscow. Two months later, Natalia was able to adequately stay in the saddle.

    After the start of filming during the rehearsal of one scene, horses in the stables accidentally messed up and is fixed for the scene with Natalia brought another horse, which, as it turned out in a few months back ached. Cost Vavilova sit on it, the animal jumped up on its hind legs and threw the fragile actress to the ground.

    Natalia Vavilov in his youth
    Natalya Vavilova at the youth | nostalgia for the Soviet

    A month after this incident, Natalya Vavilova had to spend in the hospital. Leaders of the shooting process promised to wait for her recovery and to stop shooting for as much time as you need – after all, the perpetrators of the tragedy they were. However, despite promises, just a week Vavilov replaced and continued shooting without her.

    For the actress this treatment was a real shock. She has barely recovered physically, but never recovered psychologically. Her husband Samvel Gasparov really helped her in this difficult period of his life, spitting on his career and to devote himself entirely to his beloved wife. He struggled trying to distract her from bad thoughts and planned a romantic trip.

    Natalia Vavilova and Samvel Gasparov
    Natalia Vavilova and Samvel Gasparov | Ukrainian truth

    For several months the couple toured Europe, forgetting about the shooting, the problems about the whole of Moscow life – they simply enjoyed each other’s company.

    Home Gasparov has tried to fix Natalia’s confidence and made the film «road Vultures» with her in the main role. In those days, the rental system in Russia was completely disorganized, cinema went through a crisis, so the film was doomed to forever be on the shelf. After this role, Vavilov decided never to appear on the screen.

    Personal life

    The first and only male Vavilova Samvel Gasparov in the movie came as suddenly as she did. He lived in his native Tbilisi, he worked as a truck driver and was very far from art. But in 1964, it dumped the first wife after which he went to Moscow with the sole purpose to blow off all his possessions. Here he accidentally met with a group of young students from the University. Georgian trucker easily found common language with them.

    One day one of the new friends of the young man – Ekaterina Vasilyeva, the future people’s artist of the Soviet Union – shared its stories with Director Mikhail Romm. He invited him to visit, and they talked for half a day.

    Samvel Gasparov
    Samvel Gasparov, Natalia’s husband

    His mother advised him to go to study in the University and he came in the directing Department at the stream, along with Vladimir Menshov. During the production of the painting «Moscow to tears does not believe» in him and started an affair with Vavilova – despite the age difference (21 years). They truly loved each other — a happy couple today.

    Their children Natalia Vavilova husband no, but a couple of gets along with four nephews and a daughter of Samvel Gasparov from his first marriage – Nina. Grandchildren Sergo and Ketino crazy grandmother. Kids love Natalia.

    Natalya Vavilova now

    This beautiful woman and wonderful actress consciously chose the life of a housewife spotlight. A loving husband, who after the collapse of the Soviet Union has engaged in producing, gave her all the conditions for a carefree existence.

    Natalya Vavilova then and now
    Natalya Vavilova then and now

    As of 2016 Vavilov lives outside the city, gardening and tending to his flower garden. She refuses to give interviews and does not want to accept the invitation to film at 2016 shows that Natalia is still very impressive and interesting woman.


    The most interesting and memorable films with the participation of Natalya Vavilova:

    • Such a high mountain (1974);
    • Rozygrysh (1976);
    • Moscow does not believe in tears (1979);
    • Heavy water (1979);
    • Invasion (1980);
    • Us crowned not in Church (1982);
    • The student doctor » (1983);
    • My choice (1984);
    • Do not go, maids, in marriage (1985);
    • Road vultures (1990).


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