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  • Name: Natalya Varley ( Natalia Varley )
  • Date of birth: 22 June 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: constanța, Romania
  • Height: 150
  • Activities: actress, circus artist, singer, poet, singer, honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Natalya Varley: biography

    Future «athlete, Komsomol and simply beautiful» was born in Romania, in Constanta, but almost immediately his parents moved to Murmansk, where her father was transferred Vladimir Viktorovich, captain. By the way, paternal Varley has Welsh roots and her mother Ariadna Sergeevna Senyavin was a descendant of a French engineer Barbot de Marnie. Natalia has a younger sister Irina, who also enjoys acting in plays and Amateur theater.

    Natasha very early on showed creative potential. In the 4 years she wrote poetry, good draw, started to attend music school. When Varley moved to Moscow, the girl saw the building of the circus advertisement in the children’s acrobatic Studio and without the knowledge of parents enrolled there. After graduating from 8th grade, Natalie goes to the State school of circus and variety arts, after which for several years he worked as a tightrope Walker, in particular together with the famous clown Leonid Engibarov.

    After she began her acting career, Varley decided to get a higher education and enrolled in drama school named Shchukin. Her talent she developed not only in movies but also on stage of the Moscow drama theater of Stanislavsky, where he worked for over 7 years, and later in the troupe of the Theatre-Studio of film actor.

    It is not strange, but Natalya Varley not abandoned her childhood hobby of poetry. She continued to write poetry, read them to a friend. To reach the professional level as a poet, studied in the Union Literary Institute named after Gorky, where he graduated with honors. Later released two collections of his poems.

    TV and music

    Natalya Varley a multi-talented person. Not only is she an actress and a poetess, but a singer and TV presenter.

    In the early ‘ 90s, Natalia has recorded a disc «At the highest point of unity» on which the song has become his own poems. The music for these lines was written by the composer Nikolai Hornet.

    A few years later she again appeared as a singer in the program «Singing stars of theatre and cinema» sang songs and had great success with his colleagues and the audience, many of whom until that moment did not know about this facet of her talent. The result was the album of the same name, released in the United States and dispersed among the emigrants quite a large circulation.

    Another round of popularity Varley singer occurred in 2009 when she paired with Viktor Gnatyuk participated in the third season of the entertainment show «Two stars»

    Dabbled Natalia and as a presenter. On the channel RTR she led the transfer for Housewives «household chores», and then on the First channel along with four other stars has become the leading program «your Business». Together with colleagues, she talks about the most urgent domestic and family issues.


    During a tour of the Moscow circus, which was made by Natalya Varley, she met with the Director of the Odessa film Studio Yungvald-Khilkevich. The girl is so charmed by George E. that he immediately invited her to the shooting of his paintings «the formula of the rainbow» where she debuted in the role of a nurse.

    Following the film «the Caucasian captive, or Shurik’s New adventures» not only did Natalya Varley-Union favorite, but has become her calling card. Since then, she has starred in more than 60 films, but for most of the audience remains modest, sweet, but knows how to stand up for yourself girl Nina. By the way, Varley could not play this Comedy, as directed by Leonid Gaidai tried to test shooting almost five hundred Actresses, but his choice fell on Natalia, as she went onto the court with a sincere spontaneity.

    There are in the filmography of the actress and other religious paintings – «12 chairs», «Wii», «guest from the future», «Seven brides corporal zbrueva». The very same Natalya Varley highlights the social drama «Rain,» where he played a decent saleswoman Nazi that life sends you into a real depression and makes you disappointed in people.

    In the 90-ies, when domestic cinema was going through a hard crisis, Varley found himself in a scoring role. Her voice said characters, Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve, Meryl Streep, Veronica Castro and many other Actresses. All Natalia managed to sound more than two thousand paintings.

    Personal life

    The first time Natalya Varley married in 20 years. Her husband was a famous film Director Nikolai Burlyaev, from marriage with which Natasha tried to dissuade her friends — Leonid Filatov, Mikhail Zadornov and Vladimir Kachan. Soon the actress realized how mistaken in their own views about Burlyaeva, and broke up with him.

    In 1971, she married fellow student Vladimir Tikhonov, the son of actress Nonna Mordyukova and «shtirlitsa» actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov. A new family also turned out to be a cosy nest. Natalia and Vladimir fought a lot, especially when Tikhonov abused alcohol, and later he did it more and more often. Having existed several months, the marriage broke up. At the moment of rupture of relations Varley realized that she was pregnant. Son Basil was born in 1972, when his parents were officially divorced.

    In 1985 the actress gave birth to her second child, son Alexander, whose father, judging by the statements of the press and information of the social networks, may be Uzbek actor ul’mas Alihodzhaev. With him at Varley had a brief affair during the filming of «Fire road». The two sons of the actress became filmmakers.

    The third and last marriage of Natalia was not long. Her husband Vladimir, who was much younger Actresses, was engaged in the construction. As an actress up to that time was very religious, she even married her husband in the Church. But the relationship did not work out, and Natasha was alone again.

    But her house always has a large number of cats that are the real passion of the actress. When she had about 20 of these proud creatures of all ages, but now there are only a couple. It is an interesting approach to the choice of names of my students: among them you could find a Scholarship, Pension, Salary and even agent bond. Natalya Varley was a real expert in the understanding of these Pets, and even wrote a book about the upbringing and maintenance of cats.


    • 1966 — the Caucasian captive, or Shurik’s New adventures
    • 1967 — Wii
    • 1969 — Gold
    • 1971 — 12 chairs
    • 1974 — Three days in Moscow
    • 1979 — the Rain
    • 1984 — guest from the future
    • 1986 — Strangers are welcome
    • 1994 — the Wizard of oz
    • 2006 — the wolfhound of the Grey Dogs


    Natalya Varley

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