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  • Name: Natalya Surkova ( Natalia Surkova )
  • Date of birth: 14 March 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod
  • Activities: theater and film actress, honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: divorced

    Natalya Surkova: biography

    Natalya Surkova — Russian theater and film actress, honored artist of Russia. Born in Nizhny Novgorod, a working-class family: her father worked in a factory and her mother often went on business trips to Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In those days the family Surkov was considered safe, because mother from frequent trips abroad brought different new things. External well-being, coupled with visual appeal to envy and rejection of others and peers.

    The need for communication and self expression allowed Natalia to take the decision of becoming an actress. In childhood the girl loved to put on a show, where they attracted their friends and relatives and neighbors had to be the audience.

    (Natalya Surkova is a modern photo)

    After school Natalie went to drama school, where her teachers were. S. Sokoloverov and G. J. Leviticus.

    Immediately after graduation, Natalie began working in the troupe of Cheboksary theatre. After a few years she was noticed and invited on stage Young theatre in Winter directed by Semyon Spivak. Surkov still doesn’t understand that she found her Semyon Yakovlevich.

    (Natalya Surkova in the theater)

    Long-term cooperation began not so optimistic. During the rehearsals of the first performance of the actress — «tango» partners Surkova was offered to shoot her role. But the Singer had the patience to wait three months, when the actress, in her own words, «punched», and she was revealed in all its glory.

    Later, it was the role of «killer Whale» and «girls» in the same productions, Lucille — «Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme» and of the Countess de Saint-Fons in «Marquis de Sade». The joint work of the young actress and her art Director were long and fruitful.


  • Natalya Surkova started acting in movies in 1986, simultaneously with the start of work at the Young theatre. Even before its present popularity in the 21st century, the actress starred in two famous Directors. In 1998 he starred in the famous TV series «Cops» still have Vladimir Bortko. First feature film, which starred Surkov, called Gladiatrix (2000) is a debut work of Timur Bekmambetova. (Natalya Surkova — early photos) But the first really notable work was her role of a fortune-teller Jeanne in multiserial film «lines of fate» (2003), which had a great success with the public. The present recognition to Surkova came after the role of Anna in the military drama «Svoi», removed by Director Dmitry Meshalim in 2004. This painting was highly acclaimed and has received dozens of awards: five nominations at the XXVI Moscow International film festival award «Nika», «Golden eagle» and the award of film critics «Golden Aries», where the highlighted game Surkova.

    (a trailer for the film»»)

    To better understand the role, the actress a few weeks before filming, with her daughter and lived among the villagers and do all their usual hard work. First chances to get the role of «Russian women» are not a fad Surkova was little. However, Dmitry Meskhiev it was seen in the role of Anna and demanded the actress to gain at least 8 kg. Surkov scored 24 kg. These efforts did not go unnoticed, for his work in «Their» Natalya Surkova received the prize of the Guild of actors of the American cinema.

    (Natalya Surkova in the role of Catherine II)

    Another notable work of that time Natalia was the role of Catherine II in the series «Favorite», for which she received the prize of the festival «Vivat, Russian cinema!» in the nomination «For best actress». Did not remain without attention of critics and her role of mother of the Shura in the film «One war». In 2009, Natalya Surkova was awarded the prize of the festival «Amur autumn» in Blagoveshchensk.

    Surkova filmography includes over thirty films and TV series, including participation in such famous films as «the Master and Margarita», «1814», «the Musketeers of Catherine» and «the Brothers Karamazov». Natalya Surkova acted in three films of Nikita Mikhalkov: «12», «Burnt by the sun: Anticipation» and «sunstroke».

    Her most notable work in recent years was the participation in the social drama «a Fool,» directed by Yuri Bykov, released in 2014. Natalia Surkov played the role of mayor of a provincial town.

    (trailer for «Fool»)

    The «Fool», called «the most evil and ruthless film in 2014», reveals the unattractiveness of the bureaucratic machine and human indifference. The film received awards at the «Kinotavr» film festival, Locarno film festival, European film festival in Grenoble, the «Nika» prize and Award «White elephant» Guild of film critics for best actress the second plan (Darya Moroz).

    Natalia Surkova in 2016 became the best actress for the role of Empress Elizabeth in the series «Great». One of the most expensive projects in the history of Russian television and radio broadcasting «First channel» came on the screens of the country in late 2015. Earlier, the audience of the TV channel «Russia 1» presented TV movie «Catherine». The role of Elizabeth were played by Yuliya Aug, received the same award the year before Surkova.

    (Yuliya Aug and Natalya Surkova in the role of Catherine — similarity to emphasize)

    It is possible that the choice of Actresses was due to their stunning external similarities. The two Actresses could star in «the Fool» — the role of the assistant to the mayor, played by Surkov, was offered Aug. However, after reading the script, Aug recommended not to doit the image of the mayor, and the Director followed her advice.

    Personal life and children

    The actress was married twice. In the first marriage with actor Konstantin Gerlovin her daughter, Aglaia. Second husband of Natalya Surkova also became her colleague in the theatre shop, actor Alexei Titkov.

    Unfortunately, the second Union also ended in divorce, and at the moment, the actress is not married.


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    Natalya Surkova

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