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  • Name: Natalya Rychagova ( Natalya Rychagova )
  • Date of birth: 3 may 1945.
  • Age: 66 years
  • Date of death: may 14, 2011
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actress
  • Marital status: was the widow of

    Natalya Rychagova: biography

    Actress Natalia Rychagova, known to the older generation of viewers inhabiting the vast post-Soviet space of the former USSR, best known for the role of Masha Belkin in the cult war film directed by Vladimir Horn «Officers».

    Natalia Rychagova
    Natalya Rychagova in his youth |

    It seems that fate itself has chosen Natalia Rychagova, pushing her on the difficult path of acting. After all, she was born in a family where artists were not listed. Art was associated only her father, Sergey Petrovich Levers. But he wasn’t in the movie, and painted wonderful landscapes. Daughter who was born in may 1945 the post-war years, artistic talent was not there. She was prepared for another way.

    Artistic 10-year-old girl was noticed by the famous Director Ilya Frez. He came in one of the capital’s schools to find a suitable actress for the role in his new film «Vasek Trubachev and his comrades». Natalia was very pretty, giggly, and of small stature. Frez decided that she was just made to play a Nura Sinitsyn.

    Natalia Rychagova
    The first role |

    In 1955, the film was released. Natalya Rychagova was very popular: she was a star at his school. A huge portrait of her adorned in the school foyer, to the galleries, which housed the photography honors. A girl student was not, but the right to be in the company of the best students she deserved.

    The picture of Ilya Frez was a huge success. After 2 years, the Director decided to shoot a sequel. It was published in 1957 and received the name «order Trubacheva fights».

    Natalia Rychagova
    The young star | ed.Gee

    Surprisingly, even after this 12-year-old Rychagova saw himself as a future artist. But in this as saw her mother. She took the girl into the House of pioneers, where he worked as a drama Studio. Her teacher Eugene V. Galkina famous for its ability to «open talent» in their young students. She helped Natasha to open the first conscious interest in the acting profession. Since then Rychagova – activist school drama club.


    Join legendary cinematography the girl with such training and experience was not difficult. Then, in 1963, the Mikhail Romm had just gained his next course at the Institute. But soon, gaining 12 talented guys, he left them. Took the baton of Mat wonderful actor Nikolai Svobodin. And it was replaced by a colleague Lev Sverdlin. But the huge employment in the theatre and on set did not allow the artist to engage students. Therefore, the long-suffering course learning Vladimir Belokurov.

    Natalia Rychagova
    At the Zenith of fame |

    In this «changeover» proved to be its advantages. Young artists were taught the skill of different teachers, each of which brings in their education something new. Thus, new actors have become universals, which shoulder different roles. Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Valery Ryzhakov, Arina Aleynikova, Ingrid Andrini, Natalya Rychagova and Alex Inzhevatov. Soon these names the audience and the theater knew.

    A cinematic biography of Natalya Rychagova has been developed already in the 2nd course. The girl starred in the film «No unknown soldiers» was based on a the memoirs of Alexander Rodimtsev «Mashenka from the trap».

    Natalia Rychagova
    Beloved by millions |

    After graduation the young actress continued to appear. She got a small role in the film, Mark Osepyan «Three days of Viktor Chernyshev». When Rychagova starred in this film, she already had his only daughter Marika. The girl was born almost simultaneously with the release of the pictures, in March 1968.

    The actress was torn between home and filming location. The Directors have showered her with proposals, to abandon them, Natalya Rychagova feared. Because luck is a capricious lady. Especially when it comes to the acting profession. So soon of the spectators saw a charming actress in several popular bands. The «Coach», she played a young teacher, «the Return «St. Luke» – Zoe, «crossed the threshold» – Nadia Vojvodina, and in the film «About Klava Ivanov» – the main character Claudia.

    Natalia Rychagova in FLM
    In the cult film «Officers» |

    But the real fame hit Natalya Rychagova in 1971, after the iconic war film «Officers». Here appeared such stars of Soviet cinema, as Alina Pokrovskaya, Georgy Yumatov, Vasiliy Lanovoy and Alexander Voevodin. Masha and the Belkin performed Rychagova was loved by the audience that fans of her for a long time did not give passage. To the Studio came bags of letters addressed to the beloved actress.

    Natalia Rychagova in FLM
    Natalya Rychagova in the film «Officers» |

    And after 4 years Natalia again got the opportunity to work with the Director, who opened it to the audience Ilya Frez. He invited the actress in his great new project «That we do not pass». Student Lena in her performance was brilliantly played. The film not only successfully passed on Soviet screens, but even received international success: he was awarded the prestigious prize at the film festival in Panama.

    Natalia Rychagova in FLM
    In the movie «That we do not pass» |

    But this painting symbolized the peak, after which Rychagova career began to go into decline. She was appearing less and less. Her type in the 1980s were not in demand.

    The last film starring the famous actress recently came out in 1993. It was the painting «Breakfast with a view of mount Elbrus». «Dashing 90-e» was erased from the lives of many famous actors. In this sad row were and she, a talented and charming Natalya Rychagova.

    Rescued work in articulating. Beautiful, delicate and clear voice of the artist talking to dozens of heroines in well-known foreign films and TV series. For example, voice Rychagova Cinderella in Czech film-tale «Three nuts for Cinderella».

    Personal life

    Her future husband, Alexei Inzhevatov Natalia noticed even during the stage in front of the University. They immediately liked each other. I think it was love at first sight. And one and for all life.

    Natalia Rychagova and Oleksiy Niematov
    Lovers |

    In the first year students have been sent to gather the potatoes. There Alex and started to take care of Natasha.

    They married during the second year. They were the envy of all classmates, because this couple radiated love and light. Later Ekaterina Vasilyeva told that she resembled Natasha Rostov, the same charming, fragile and romantic.

    Natalia Rychagova and Oleksiy Niematov
    Wedding | Cinema

    After the birth of her daughter life Natalia Rychagova and Alexei Inzhevatov shone with new colors. The couple doted in his Mache. It seems that their best role was played in this period, after the appearance in their baby’s life.

    The girl was a talented pianist, but due to the fact that overdid it, preparing to enter the Conservatory, «beat hand». She received occupational hazard for pianists. On a brilliant career of Mary point was set. I think it was the first bell in a string of misfortunes that had befallen the family in a short time.

    Natalia Rychagova and Oleksiy Niematov with onecom
    Grandparents with grandson Sergei |

    Masha got married in the mid-1990s, when her mom’s name was in the movie. Son-in-law never liked Natalia and Alexei. It seems that the main thing he wanted to register in a 3-room apartment of his wife in the capital. But when he realized that this would not have left Maria with a young son Sergei.

    Care for grandson, grandparents took over. It seems they expected that the misfortune will end. However, they had just begun. My daughter found a necrosis of the pancreas. It is barely saved from death. But after a few years, when Mary was 38, she died from a stroke.


    Soon began to hurt Alex Inzhevatov. Care about him and grandson entirely rests on the shoulders of this small courageous woman. In 2010, he was gone. It seems, at that moment the woman broke some kind of inner core, on which she kept all this time.

    8 months after the funeral of her beloved husband, may 14, 2011, Natalya Rychagova is dead.

    Natalia Rychagova funeral
    Grandson at the grave of grandmother | ed.Gee

    Dead grandmother found 15-year-old grandson Sergei.

    The actress was buried in Moscow, at the kuzminskoye cemetery next to her beloved man.


    • «Vasek Trubachev and his comrades»
    • «No unknown soldiers»
    • «Three days of Viktor Chernyshev»
    • «Coach»
    • «The Return «St. Luke»»
    • «Cross the threshold»
    • «The mortal enemy»
    • «Officers»
    • «That we do not pass»
    • «Breakfast with a view of mount Elbrus»


    Natalia Rychagova

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