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  • Name: Natalia Medvedeva ( Natalia Medvedeva )
  • Date of birth: 9 March 1985.
  • Age: 31 years
  • Birth place: Serpukhov, Moscow oblast
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: Actress
  • Marital status: Married

    Natalia Medvedev: biography

    Natasha Medvedev – comedienne, actress and television personality. Famous through stand-up project «Comedy Woman», which moved to the big screen. Starred in the series grossing Russian films.

    Medvedev Natalia – Russian actress, the ex-contestant of the show «Comedy Woman», was born in the small town of Serpukhov, Moscow region, on 9 March 1985. The family of Natalia was not allocated a special status, mother – school teacher of German, and his father an engineer. Natalie was not yet seven years old when the family decided to move to another area of the city – the Czechs, in which the future star spent her childhood.

    Natalia Medvedev in his youth
    Natalia Medvedeva in youth | Around TV


    From the early years of Medvedev showed interest in the extraordinary sessions. When Natasha was in Junior high, she attended dancing lessons, studied singing (sang in the choir mainly folklore). Medvedev also passed through school matinees and performances dedicated to the memorable dates. On the initiative of parents Natasha was sent to a music school, but in connection with another moving visit had to be interrupted.

    The next place of residence Medvedev became the city of Odintsovo. Then the girl was completely given to learning, and her work was awarded a silver medal after finishing school. Received a certificate, Medvedev began to think about becoming an actress, but my parents insisted that the daughter filed documents at the Russian State University of Trade and Economics.

    Natalia Medvedev, the award -
    Natalia Medvedev, the award is «Kuniza of the year» | KVN for ALL

    Medvedev studied the basics of restaurant and hotel business. But the thing that happened with a student during his studies at the University, is in the WHC. With this event the biography of Natalia Medvedeva began to change dramatically in the direction of humorous career, despite the fact that apparently the girl created a feeling of a model rather than comedians: nice facial features, a fragile figure, average height. Natalia Medvedeva was similar to the charismatic, won the laughter of the audience types.

    «Fedor dvinyatin» and «Comedy Woman»

    At the University she began to appear frequently on stage with KVN. The children participated in various competitions and festivals. In 2003 Medvedev took part in several performances of the Comedy team «Megapolis», but her main work was the selection of props.

    In 2005 Natalia Medvedeva had to play in the Junior leagues of KVN teams «Glamour» and «Fedor dvinyatin».

  • With my last team, Natasha worked at all stages of the formation of the Club of Cheerful and Resourceful. Despite the fact that the jury ambiguously spoke about the «eccentric» team «Fedor dvinyatin» gained popularity among fans and in 2009 went to the finals of the Higher League, finishing in third place overall. Natalia Medvedeva was also able to get some personal rewards, the most important of which – «KVN-size of the year 2008».

    Further development of the comedic career rapidly. After a while the star left the WHC for a new project «Comedy Woman» TV channel TNT.

    The project Comedy Woman Natalia Medvedeva played the role of a deranged and absolutely extraordinary personality who is prone to outrageous and inappropriate antics. Natasha tells us what role she had to try repeatedly as a member of the team «Fedor dvinyatin».

    At first it seemed that the «explosive» way late in his career Medvedeva for a long time, but he managed fixed literally eats into the personality of Natalia. The creators of the show didn’t plan that «plague» will be used regularly, it was just groundwork for a few releases. But the role of the actress like the audience and like started to live its own life.

    Natalia Medvedeva on the show
    Natalia Medvedeva on the show «Comedy Woman»

    All the texts and scenarios for roles in «Comedy Woman» Natalia Medvedeva she wrote in co-authorship with the producers of the project. Video room artist gained millions of views.

    After working in the show since the first days of its existence, in 2014, Natasha Medvedev has decided to leave the «Comedy Woman» and to pursue a solo career.

    Movies and theatre

    In 2010, the actress was offered the role in the play «Lucky number», where «Comedy woman» Natalia Medvedeva was able to fulfill three roles. In 2012, Medvedev played in a Comedy act based on the play by A. gurney, «What do men want?». Six months later, the artist tried to voice the heroine of disney’s «Ralph» – Vanellope von Cupcake.

    In December of 2012 was the debut of Natalia, as actress movie. The star got the role of Secretary of Elvira in the movie «new marriage». Then in 2013, viewers were lucky enough to watch idol Medvedev in the Comedy film «What men are doing!».

    Despite the fact that Natalya left the «Comedy Woman», her career has not suffered. Successful Comedy project just pushed her in the new role. Filmography of Natalya Medvedeva has since been growing by leaps and bounds. In the same year, Natalia took the lead role in the TV series «Shura» on the channel «Friday».

    Also, the actress excelled in music, writing her first song and video «La Bomba» in collaboration with Natasha Koroleva. The first video of the singer turned out very spectacular, but his role in this was played not only vocal, but also external data Medvedeva. Admittedly, the actress like a Queen Natasha. The comedienne herself is aware of this similarity, all his life she asked about the relationship with the singer and even asked for an autograph.

    19 April of the same year Natalie made her debut as a television presenter. It can now be seen on the blue screen of the channel TNT in the program «Your movie». 21 February 2015 premiere of the TV channel STS — «Empire of Illusion: Safronova’s Brothers perform» with the actress.

    Now Natalia Medvedeva takes part in several television projects, and in different quality.

    In 2016, the year she was offered the role of assistant Director and began working on a weekly television program «Saturday night live». But this does not mean that it is now Natalia completely withdrawn from the frame behind the scenes. In the same year, the actress participated in the show «Ice age», where he played together with max Stavinsky.

    Personal life

    Long time fans were preparing Natalie marry another player of his KVN team «Fedor dvinyatin» Alexander Gudkov. Many artists Italo communicated, worked together on several projects, including «Comedy Woman», and not even tried to refute the news about his novel. But in the midst of the gossip about their relationship, there was news that Natasha is getting married, and the other humorist.

    Natalia Medvedeva and Alexander Koptel
    Natalia Medvedeva and Alexander Koptel | See All

    Personal life Natalia Medvedeva closely linked with the name of colleagues in the comic shop, the captain of KVN team «Stepiko» Alexander Copalum. In 2013, the couple legalized their relationship. The wedding was attended by many famous KVN, who became close friends to the development of the couple in the Club of Cheerful and Resourceful.

    At the end of the holiday Medvedev and Captel went to honeymoon in Europe. Their journey covered Amsterdam, Brussels and Cassis is a town on the Cote d’azur of France.

    Natalia Medvedeva
    Natalia Medvedeva |

    The young family did not wait remind friends and the press about the age and quickly thought about the children, and in 2015 the couple had a son.


  • Performances:
    • «Lucky number»
    • «What do men want?»
    • «The wedding»
  • Movies:
    • «New marriage»
    • «What men are doing!»
    • «Shurochka»
    • «Corporate»
    • «Decent people»
    • «Changing life»
    • «Remember, don’t remember»


    Natalia Medvedeva

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