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  • Name: Natalia Krachkovskaya ( Natalia Belogortseva )
  • Date of birth: 24 November 1938
  • Age: 77 years
  • Date of death: 3 March 2016
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: theater and film actress, honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: widow

    Natalia Krachkovskaya: biography

    In the domestic film there are some actors that are recognizable by the viewer at first sight and cause a sincere smile of joy. Such performers include Natalia Krachkovsky, the consummate Comedy actress, honored artist of Russia.

    She was born in Moscow in 1938, that is in a rather difficult time for our country. The policy of the Stalinist state intervened in family life Natalia: her father Leonid Belogortsev was arrested. Natasha and her younger sister Irina was raised by my mother, an actress of the Pushkin theatre Maria Tonina.

    As a child Natalya grew up a real Tomboy was always with the children and he was their leader, organizing predatory raids on the neighbor’s gardens. But as a teenager, the girl spent more time with mom backstage of the theater, especially since they were housed in the same building.

    Maria Panina categorically did not wish for her daughter life of the artist, therefore, insisted that Natalia was enrolled in the Institute for history and archives. And did not dare to disobey his mother, but at the same time, a secret from her, he applied to VGIK, but knew that there is incredible competition – more than 250 people in the place! And the shape of the dumplings is not too associated with the profession of the actress. However, Krachkovskaya, then Belogortseva, never feel self-conscious on account of its completeness, because it has always cared for the Cavaliers. Furthermore, subsequently she has transformed her figure in the signature «thingy».

    The exam tests the girl read a monologue of Ivan the fool from «the humpbacked Horse» is conquered artistic Director Vladimir Belokurova, who had just gained the course. But Heba was not for Natalya Krachkovskaya easy. Soon after the beginning of the semester she was in a car accident and suffered serious injuries that resulted in even temporary loss of vision. The doctors forbade her to continue her studies, but Natasha did not surrender and no retreat from the chosen path. Moreover, she soon began to appear on the stage and appear on the set.


    Debut of Natalya Krachkovskaya on the screen was the role of Rechki in the melodrama «the Story about the agronomist». During the 50’s and 60’s, she regularly starred in many well-known filmmakers, but her name remains known only to the biggest fans of the movie.

    That all changed in 1971, when the legendary Director Leonid Gaidai began filming the Comedy «12 chairs». He reviewed the many contenders for the role of Madame Gritsatsuyeva, but they for some reason did not fit. Then the Embassy exclaimed Natalia fateful phrase: «I want a actress who looks similar to the wife to accomplish». The fact that the husband of Natalia Leonidovna worked as a sound engineer and was also involved in the picture. And the husband of the actress said the Director that time, need such as emphasised, and let them removes it.

    This was won by Natalia received a dramatic role, and the Director found, probably the most suitable candidate. At least, most of our countrymen this character is inextricably linked with the appearance and charm Krachkovskaya.

    Later, the actress has continued to work with Gaidai and starred him in the famous Comedy «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation», «can’t be!» «Good weather in Deribasovskaya, or Brighton beach again it rains» and «Private detective, or Operation «Cooperation».

    Also emphasised was involved in such famous films as «Kalina Krasnaya», «Two captains», «the meeting Place cannot be changed», «the Pokrovskie gate», «Man from Boulevard des Capucines», «Master and Margarita» and many others. Loved to shoot Natalia Directors of children’s films and programs. It can be seen in fairy tales «Chipollino», «Mama», «After rain on Thursday», «There, on unknown paths…», and in many editions of comic newsreel «jumble».

    For more than 50 years of career of actress Natalia Krachkovskaya has starred in over 90 films and TV series. Probably any viewer without delay will be able to name 10 or more paintings with her participation. And this despite the fact that the role of Natalia Leonidovna has always included the role of the second plan. But Krachkovsky with hefty talent was capable of short episodes to create a masterpiece.

    Personal life

    Many women are worried about too magnificent forms. But Natalia Krachkovskaya is not only worried about this, but was constantly the center of attention of men. The actress always had a lot of fans that even her weight compliments, saying that it is a 100 kg dreams.

    In 1962, Natalia met with the sound technician Mosfilm Vladimir Krachkovskii, son of the famous academician Vasily Krachkovsky, who was shot in 1938. Soon they were married and lived in Concord for 26 years, until the death of Vladimir Vasilyevich.

    The wife immediately moved to her husband’s name, but as his sister, Nina Krachkovskaya also an actress, the first time Natalia has appeared in the credits under the double surname Belogortseva-emphasised. He was born the only son Vasily, who followed in his father’s footsteps and also became a sound engineer.


    In the early 2000s, Natalia Krachkovskaya suffered a severe stroke. Then the doctors managed to save the life of the actress, but the disease has given complication on legs, so emphasised moved only with a stick, and on the stage was in a wheelchair.

    Later the age and the excess weight was taking its toll, the health of the artist has deteriorated, she repeatedly came to the hospital with different diseases, including with hydrostatic pulmonary edema.

    28 February 2016, Natalia Krachkovskaya was hospitalized with acute myocardial infarction. The woman’s condition, the doctors assessed as extremely severe. On the morning of 3 March 2016 Krachkovskaya heart couldn’t take the pressure, and it stopped forever.


    • 1971 — 12 chairs
    • 1973 — Ivan Vasilievich
    • 1973 — Cipollino
    • 1975 — can’t be!
    • 1982 — Pokrovskie Vorota
    • 1985 — beauty Salon
    • 1987 — a Man from Boulevard des Capucines
    • 1993 — Treasure of my family
    • 1995 — Moscow holidays
    • 2002 — the Elevator goes on schedule


    Natalia Krachkovskaya

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