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  • Name: Natalia Ishchenko ( Anna Ischenko )
  • Date of birth: 8 April 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Smolensk
  • Height: 177
  • Activity: synchronised swimmer, multiple World champion, Europe and Olympic games
  • Marital status: married

    Natalia Ishchenko: biography

    Natalia Ishchenko is a Russian athlete, one of the main stars of the national and Olympic team in synchronized swimming. During his career, stka 19 times was world champion, 12 times won the top European championship and five times rose to the highest step of the Olympic podium. She is the only athlete in the history of the European Championships, which was able to win all four competitions in a single tournament.

    Natalia was born in the city of Smolensk, but the mother thinks that she is for Russia, where her childhood and early youth. She was only five years old when her mother took her to the sports complex «Youth», has released many professional athletes. First Ishchenko was involved in two disciplines – rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming.

    But then, at the age of nine, after his parents ‘ divorce, she started in the pool hall and spend more time than at home. Then it became clear that sport for him may not be just a fad, future profession. Natalia had to make a difficult choice between the gymnastic Mat and swimming pool.

    The girl decided to stay on synchronized swimming. First, it provided full support to the honored coach of Kaliningrad Svetlana Ustyugova, Lada Stepanovich and Lyudmila Carpathia. And secondly, it was found that the organism Ishchenko if intended for water sports.

    Lung capacity of girls is approximately 6.5 litres, which is almost three times more than the average person. Due to this stka able without difficulty to hold their breath under water for at least 3.5 minutes.

    When Natalia Ishchenko was 14, it was noticed by the leaders of the Moscow Olympic water sports centre, which trains future Champions not only in synchronized swimming, but also diving, swimming speed, and other types of competitions. Later, Natalie entered and graduated from the Kaliningrad Russian state University of Immanuel Kant.

    Synchronized swimming

    The first major competition, which revealed the talent of Natalia Ishchenko was the European championship in the Spanish Madrid. There’s a young synchronised swimmer won his first medal at senior Championships. A successful start led to the fact that today in the Treasury of the gymnasts is 19 gold and 2 silver medals of the world Championships, which she brought from Montreal, Melbourne, Rome, Shanghai, Yokohama, Changshu and Kazan.

    She also won the European Championship in Budapest, Eindhoven and London. Especially stands out in his career Ishchenko 2010. She set a record by winning in all types of disciplines, which are played in the synchronized swimming combination, group, solo and duet. The girl believes that she is comfortable to perform in one solo program, it is not necessary to monitor the actions of your partner.

    But experts commend her duet performances with a colleague in the national team Svetlana Romashina. At the Olympic games 2012 in London their water dance presented the happy couple on the main stage of sport Olympus. Moreover, it should be noted that performance Natalia demonstrated, as well, before she caught a cold and went to the pool with a temperature of 38 degrees.

    All sports fans from Russia was hoping Ishchenko will contribute to the conquest of new award-winning Russian team at the Olympic games in 2016 in Brazil. And girls completed the program high, after winning gold in group and duet competitions. Natalia Ishchenko became the fivefold chipmonkey OI.

    Personal life

    2010 year in the life of Natalia Ishchenko is a landmark not only because she set a record in Budapest having won everything that was possible. At the same time it has also changed their marital status, married in mid-December. Chosen swimmers became Sergey Anikin. He is also an athlete, silver medalist of the European championship in diving.

    Three years later Natalia and Sergey became the parents of: a son was born whom she named Simon. Strange, but Ishchenko until the last months of pregnancy did not interrupt the training in the pool. Perhaps it helped the young mother to recuperate quickly and return to the sport.


    Natalia Ishchenko

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