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  • Name: Natalia Haussmann ( Natalia Osmann )
  • Date of birth: 3 September 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Potsdam, Germany
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: journalist
  • Marital status: married Murad Haussmann

    Natalie Haussmann biography

    Natalia Zakharova, who is familiar to many of us as Natalie Haussmann, was born in Potsdam in September 1986. Some time after her birth, the family zakharovykh returned to Russia. We know that now the parents of Natalia Haussmann live in Izhevsk.

    Natalia from childhood was a man of active and creative. With 14 years she has tried his hand in journalism, and she loved it. So after high school she received a proper education.

    Natalie Haussmann took an active part in the launch of various TV shows and blogger portals. But after meeting with Murad Osmana there was a creative Union of two creative young people. As a result, a joint project called «Follow me» (Follow Me To), over which Natalia works today.


    Biography of Natalia Haussmann is closely connected with the project «Follow me», which became a favorite cause of his life. The project «Follow Me To», began with a random picture in Barcelona, Spain. The young man Natalia Murad Haussmann enjoys photographing beautiful places. He always travels with a camera. It happened in that memorable 2011 when the couple arrived in Spain. The girl wanted to see as many local attractions, but Murad habitually tinkered with the camera, adjusting it and taking the best angle. Natalia tugged at his arm and this time made an interesting picture.

    On arrival home, the young people, looking at the footage and saw this unusual photo. It seemed to them that it may seem interesting not only to them. Soon to the Spanish picture Murad and Natalia Haussmann added the same, but from other countries.

    Thus was born the project «Follow Me To», in which Murad follows Natalia. In all the pictures repeated the same view: the back of the girl hands and in front of the landscape or landmark, which the couple wants to share with followers your account in Instagram.

    It took not much time, and followers of the page Natalia Osman and her boyfriend became first tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands of people. Now the page has more than 4 million subscribers.

    As shared in one of his interviews Natalie Haussmann, it just seems that they Murad do nothing, and only carefree travel around the world. Really beautiful images is a lot of work, exhausting, hours-long flights and long preparation for the journey. Need to plan a route, find a colorful costume, find a good guide. These duties took on Natalya Haussmann.

    Often couples in search of a good shot gets into hard to reach places. They are often forbidden to outsiders, and the police chased the intruders. Sometimes that’s for the picture Natalia Haussmann dressed in any weather. Or, as in Singapore, is shot in the pool in the winter. Indeed, in another time of year this famous pool on the roof of a skyscraper full of visitors.

    There among images #FollowMeTo photo taken in a helicopter flying over Los Angeles. To make this photo, the door had to be removed. At the same time to remove without insurance, at your own risk.

    Natalie Haussmann together with a partner continuing to develop a pet project. Recently, young people presented their first book called #FOLLOWMETO, where not only placed photos of his travels, but also stories about them. Texts, as befits a real journalist, wrote Natalia Haussmann.

    In the development of the first draft, the pair presented the second, which started another account on Instagram. Here contains photos of interesting people the pair met in the journeys and stories about them.

    In addition to the well-known photo project by Natalia Haussmann busy developing new TV shows about travel, which appears as a freelance journalist.

    Personal life

    Natalia Zakharova met her future husband Murad on his initiative. Somehow a friend of the photographer and the other girls told her that one of my colleagues wants to take some pictures. She agreed. So was found the fragile blond girl and dark-skinned handsome man with Oriental eyes. Love them, broke out immediately. More couple never parted. Even more rallied young people a joint project in which both participate.

    As it turned out after the meeting, the young people lived almost next door, on Frunzenskaya embankment. In a year Natalia and Murad have started to live together. In 2015, they got married. The wedding ceremony was held in Moscow and was very entertaining. Later, the head of Haussmann on the question of why the ceremony was conducted not on some exotic island, and in the country of residence, admitted that Russia is a place of power.

    The dress was dressed Natalie Haussmann at the marriage ceremony, was made in new York famous fashion designer Vera Wang. For Russian customer’s Wong even changed its thumbnail, which makes it extremely rare. There was a second dress from Russian designer Svetlana Kushnerova, made in her sketch in the Paris tailors legendary brand Chanel.

    Honeymoon the couple spent in the Maldives. But this happened after the second wedding which was held at the home of the groom in Dagestan.

    Personal life Natalia Haussmann is her favorite man and the expectations of the great miracle, to which all women aspire.


    Natalie Haussmann

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