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  • Name: Natalia Yunnikova ( Natalia Yunnikova )
  • Date of birth: 25 February 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Lipetsk, Russia
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Natalia Yunnikova: biography

    Natalia Yunnikova – Russian actress who received recognition of the audience after performing the role of the investigator Vasilisa Mikhaylova in the television series «Return of Mukhtar». It can also be seen in such films as «in sorrow And in joy», «ermolovy» and many others.

    Natalia was born in Lipetsk and almost from the cradle was dreaming about cinema. Once they learn to walk, the girl spun around in front of the mirror, and becoming older, began to present themselves in different ways and loved to be photographed.

    Natalia Yunnikova
    Natalia Yunnikova | Mp3fon

    After school Natasha, accompanied by the mother went to Moscow and delivers the documents in a number of Moscow theatre schools. It is noteworthy that the provincial talent of the entrant saw three educational institutions: the Moscow art Institute named after Boris Shchukin, and the Higher theatre school named after Mikhail Schepkin. And that last Yunnikova opted.

    In the course of people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Safronov, Natalia was the only newcomer girl and escaped from the galaxy considering. But the student of this fact does not bother, after all, began her dream.

    Natalia Yunnikova
    Natalia Yunnikova

    So it seemed then. In fact inexorable fate intervened: the Institute Yunnikova met my first love, got married and immediately after graduation, together with her husband left for permanent residence to Israel.

    In a distant country Natalie as an actress in demand was not. She was repeatedly offered the role of Slavic girls, tricked tightened in the Asian brothel, but she refused each time, as there is no need to play, you just have to be naked. Instead the girl began to develop as a presenter. She was the face of several entertainment programs on the channel «Israel Plus», she wrote the script of the program «Scarlet sails» and «Childish fun». Also in Israel, a young woman tried it on the work of the producer.

    Natalia Yunnikova
    Natalia Yunnikova | talent Agency «Mart»

    After returning to Moscow in 2007, Natalia Yunnikova actually started his career with a clean slate. She, of course, was a great experience on television, but now the woman had planned to seek recognition as a film actress. So I went to storm the auditions and soon got his first script. She later at some time moved to Kiev, where he was the leading Central channel «inter».


    The on-screen debut in the feature film for Natalia Yunnikova was a series of «Domostroy» from the medical series «private life of Dr. Selivanova», where she played the role of the patient physician. Then the actress appeared in two episodes of the first season crime detective «Web».

    Natalia Yunnikova in the film
    Natalia Yunnikova in the film «Web» | Movie-Theater

    Fortunately for Natalia auditioned in the melodrama «Tatiana’s day»: it was approved for the lead role of Tatiana Razbezhkina. The girl was already memorizing their lines, when suddenly it turned out that this character is given to another actress, Anna Snatkina. Yunnikova yet appeared in this series, but a cameo appearance of a former lover of the character performed by Cyril Safonov.

    But Natalia I do not become discouraged: just then she was asked to enter in the cast is already very popular multiseries film about the everyday life of the Moscow police «Return of Mukhtar». There Yunnikova turned into the investigator Vasilisa Mikhailov, and this character did actress known all over the country.

    Natalia Yunnikova in the film
    Natalia Yunnikova in the movie «Return of Mukhtar» | Movie-Theater

    Work in this project was very interesting, so Natalia was delayed on the set of «Mukhtar» for a long time: she played Victoria for almost seven years, albeit with breaks. Most unusual, according to the memoirs of the actress, was that often changed the leading man – intelligent dog named Mukhtar. Members of the audience almost not noticeable, but during the filming changed the 12 dogs of German shepherd breed. The artists had each time to find a common language with a four-legged partner. It was more difficult that trainers are forbidden to feed the dog to restore contact.

    Natalia Yunnikova in the series
    Natalia Yunnikova in the TV series «Kitchen» | Movie-theater

    As mentioned above, the role of the investigator Mikhailova brought glory Natalia Yunnikova, but the actress says that because of this, the series Directors began to see her exclusively in the role of a positive character, fighting injustice, so she didn’t get other challenging roles. However, Natalia starred in the historical Saga «ermolovy» in women’s melodrama of «big city Lights», «Paradise» and «And in sorrow and in joy» and also in the fifth season of the popular Comedy series «Kitchen» in the role of hypnotizers.

    Personal life

    While studying at the theatre Institute Natalia Yunnikova became friends with his classmate Anton Fedotov. First, young people had only a friendly relationship. But gradually the friendship turned into love, they started Dating, and two years later got married.

    The wedding was not very lush. Produced a modest celebration, the couple Packed up and moved to Israel, specifically in tel Aviv, where lived the parents of the husband of Natalia Yunnikova. After working for some time on TV, the husband and wife was to return to Moscow, but then came the news: Natasha realized that she is pregnant and to give birth makes sense it is in Israel where medicine is at a very high level.

    Natalia Yunnikova with her husband Anton Fedotov and son Roland
    Natalia Yunnikova with her husband Anton Fedotov and son Roland

    Says the actress, childbirth was painful, not without surgical intervention. However, soon the woman went to work and born to Natalia and Anton’s son Roland sat grandmother. But here’s the strange thing: the birth of the baby, instead, to further strengthen the family, on the contrary, made a rift in the relationship Junikowo and Fedotov. And as in 2006, Israel again broke out military actions, the woman took her son and went to Russia.

    Ex-husband of Natalia Yunnikova Anton Fedotov and their son Rolan
    Ex-husband of Natalia Yunnikova Anton Fedotov and their son Roland | VK

    A man joined them a little later because I wanted to solve some financial issues in tel Aviv. As a result, instead of closing the accounts, he got even more into debt. Began to lose money and in Moscow. After some time Natalia realized that Anton is suffering from gambling addiction. For her it was the last straw, and the woman in 2008 filed for divorce.

    More married the actress did not go. Her occasional fleeting romance, but a serious relationship that could lead to remarriage, it was not. One time supporters spread a rumor that Yunnikova married his partner in «the Return of Mukhtar» Pavel Vishnyakov, but this information was solely by the desire of fans to connect on-screen characters in real life. In fact, Natalia and Paul never saw the romance.

    Natalia Yunnikova with son Roland
    Natalia Yunnikova with his son Roland | VK

    And the main man in the life of Natalia Yunnikova continues to be her son Roland. The boy already goes to school and is in the music Studio. He occasionally sees her father, who, incidentally, already has a new family.


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    • 2007 — the Saboteur 2: the end of the war
    • 2007-2008 — Web
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    • 2007-2014 — The Return Of Mukhtar
    • 2008 — ermolovy
    • 2009 — big city Lights
    • 2013 — Paradise
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    Natalia Yunnikova

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