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  • Name: Natalia Vysochanskii ( Natalya Vysochanskaya )
  • Date of birth: 10 may 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Zhmerinka, Ukraine
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Natalia Vysochanskii : biography

    Actress Natalie Vysochanskii was born in the hospital, a small Ukrainian town of Zhmerynka. But it’s birthplace is a village Pochapyntsi, which is 20-kilometers from the railway junction of Zhmerinka. When she was 4 months old, she and her parents moved to Saint Petersburg. Natalia could withhold that information and tell that she was born in St. Petersburg, but she claims that not only is not shy about the fact that appeared in the Ukrainian provinces, but even proud of their rural origin.

    In city on Neva have passed the childhood and youth of Natalia. Here, she first visited the theatre and irrevocably in love with the stage. When the girl went to school, she immediately became an active member of the initiative. Later he joined the drama club. The craft of acting and the scene was so captivated Natalia that in middle school she began to think seriously about the future, which should be linked to the world of theatre and cinema.

    After school, Natalia Vysochanskii entered the St. Petersburg Academy of theatre arts. Acting skills she learned on the course Veniamin Mikhailovich Filshtinsky. In 2006, Vysochanskii awarded a diploma of the University.

    In 2012, the actress received the second higher education. She graduated from the East European Institute of psychoanalysis. Natalia Vysochanskii convinced that knowledge of psychology is essential to a good game on stage. And since Natalia at this time had already been occupied in many performances, she chose evening classes. The girl was torn between the theatre and University, but the thought of leaving school never visited the actress.

    After a few of the graduation performances of young actress went to «free floating».


    Already in the graduation performances of Natalia Vysochanskii demonstrated a high level of skill. Therefore, after the end of high school theater at the aspiring actress had no shortage of offers from Directors. At the theatre-festival «Baltic House» Natalia played the role of Suzanne in the play «the Marriage of Figaro». But in 2007 the young actress was celebrating her first win: she became a laureate of the International festival of solo performances «Monocle», which acted in the play «I’m an actress?».

    In the same year, Vysochanskii invited to the festival in the Polish city of Olsztyn.

    Natalia collaborates with many theatres as a guest actress. In 2008, she worked closely with the theater «Priyut Komedianta», where he participated in performances of «Man-Pillow» and «Summer, whom we had not seen at all. And next year, Natalia Vysochanskii performed at the theater «the Two capitals» by Leo Rachlin, where he made his debut in a production of «the Pokrovskie gate».

    In the second half of 2009, the actress was invited to participate in the play «the Lieutenant of Inishmore island» in the St. Petersburg theatre «Behind Black small River». And in 2012-m Vysochanskii appeared at the Comedy Theatre, where he received a role in a production of «the Shadow.»

    A cinematic biography of Natalia Vysochanskii, like many of her young colleagues, began with episodes. The debut was the film «the cotton club», released in 2005. Then a few roles in the series «Secrecy of the investigation 5», «COP war 3» and «police Officers».

    The first starring role came to Natalia Vysochanskii in 2012. The actress starred in the TV series Andrey Balashov «Rust». This action-Packed film about erodes all life and penetrated all spheres of life corruption. Natalia played Victoria, new anti-corruption Committee.

    Fans of the talent of the young actress highlighted her work in the film «owl Creek» by Oleg Pogodin. The main role was played by Sergey Puskepalis, Andrey Merzlikin, Mariya Mironova, and Serafima Nizovskaya. But the role of Natalia Vysochanskii, who played the heroine of the second plan Faith Belkevich was so bright and talented that even eclipsed some star actors.

    And in 2014 and 2015 Vysochanskii appeared on the screens in the projects «down to earth», «one day, One night» and «Uncut pages». All the tapes it has played a major role.

    That Natalya’s career Vysochanskii is rapidly moving up, the audience was convinced in early 2016. On January 11 he released a wonderful series «Bones,» in which the actress appeared in another stellar role. She played a doctor of medical Sciences, senior researcher of the laboratory of anthropological reconstruction Anna Costin named «bone».

    The plot of the series forensic anthropologist Anna Kostina together with his colleague Dmitry Bogrov deals with disclosure of crimes on the bones that remained from the victims. This role was given to actress is not easy. After all, Natalia faints only one kind of blood. Therefore, Vysochanskii in many moments worked, overcoming yourself. In addition, the ribbon overwhelmed by the technical terms that are difficult to pronounce. So the medical term «rightlateral epicondylitis» actress rehearsed an infinite number of times, yet could relaxed him to «wedge» in a sentence.

    Now the creative Natalia Vysochanskii more than fifty roles. And despite the fact that it combines roles with work on the theatrical stage, which is not going to leave.

    Personal life

    The actress carefully hides everything associated with her stay outside the shooting area and stage of the theater. It is known that life Natalia Vysochanskii well established. She has a family. But information about private side of life at the end. The actress rightly believes that the less talk about personal things, the better it will work.


    • «Secrets of the investigation 5»
    • «COP war 3»
    • «Casting 4»
    • «Police officers»
    • «Rust»
    • «Down to earth»
    • «The uppercut for Hitler»
    • «Uncut pages»
    • «One day, one night»
    • «What’s required»


    Natalia Vysochanskii

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