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  • Name: Natalia Vlasov ( Natalia Vlasova )
  • Date of birth: 27 September 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Russian singer, musician, composer, author of lyrics
  • Marital status: married

    Natalia Vlasova: biography

    Singer Natalia V. Vlasova was born in September 1978 in St. Petersburg, then still Leningrad. Seeing the musical abilities of their daughter, the parents identified the girl in one of the music schools of the city. Of all the instruments she chose the piano. Music and singing was a favorite pastime of girls, which she had devoted all his time.

    It can be argued that the creative biography of Natalia Vlasova began when she was barely 10 years old. At this age, the young pianist performed «Nocturne» by Chopin at the Great hall of St. Petersburg Academic Capella.

    After graduation, Natalia Vlasova never thought about the way forward. She enrolled in music school, acting at the St. Petersburg Conservatory named after N.. Rimsky-Korsakov. She was a wonderful teacher – Honoured worker of culture of Russia Michael Swan.

    Education Natalia Vlasova came up thoroughly. After graduation she continued her studies at the Russian state University named after A. V. Herzen, in the music Department.


    After graduation, Natalia Vlasova began to build a career in music. She didn’t want to limit themselves to teacher-accompanist. She dreamed about fame and her career.

    In his student years, Vlasov wrote the song «I’m yours». With this song, Natalia decided to enter the world of show business.

    It just happened. «Student» song opened the young singer road on the Russian stage. Composition I fall at your feet» instantly became a hit. In 1999 Natalia Vlasova sang this song on the «song of the year», which are both known, and beginning its ascent to the stars. For the hit, the singer was awarded the «Golden gramophone».

    In 1999 appeared her debut album «Know», received considerable commercial success. The next disc, «Dreams» Vlasov recorded in 2004, along with Vladimir Presnyakov.

    New albums Vlasov delighted their many fans on a regular basis. In 2008 was released 3 more albums: 2nd edition of «I’m yours», 2nd edition «Know» and «Grand Collection». The following year, the singer presented the CD «I’ll give you a garden.» Then it was released 3 more albums: two in 2010 and one in 2012.

    Working on new albums and touring around the country, Natalia Vlasova all the time increase their level of music education and performance skills. In 2011 she joined RUTHIE-GITIS, where she studied at the so-called «Star course» of people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Andreev.

    In the same year, the singer appeared on the stage. Vlasov received an offer from Laura Quint and Yegor Druzhinin play a role in their musical melodrama «I am Edmond Dantes». And Natalia made her debut as a composer, writing music for the Comedy «School for fatties», released on the channel RTR.

    Personal life

    Natalia Vlasova is recognized that creativity and career take away all free time. Therefore, to prepare it though and loves, but not in time. Fortunately, the house her understand and not blame.

    Life Natalia Vlasova he had a happy. In 1999, early in his career, the singer met her future husband Oleg Novikov. It was love at first sight. For your favorite entrepreneur left his native St. Petersburg and moved to Moscow. Here he was supported by Natalia, which was a crisis: she had a fight with his producer, had paid her money for the tour. Novikov put their money in the future career development Vlasova. He also helped produce her first album.

    In 2006 the couple had a daughter who they named lovely old name Pelagia.


    • «I’m at your feet»
    • «Know»
    • «Dreams»
    • «I’m at your feet» (second edition)
    • «Know» (second edition)
    • «Grand Collection»
    • «I’ll give you a garden»
    • «On my planet»
    • «The love comet»
    • «The double album «the Seventh Sense»»


    Natalia Vlasova

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