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  • Name: Vinokurova, Natalia ( Natalia Vinokurova )
  • Date of birth: 14 April 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: actress, singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Natalia Vinokurova: biography

    Singer, actress of theatre and cinema Natalia Vinokurova is better known under the stage name of Natasha Vinky. She was born April 14, 1989. She has a sister they look alike as two drops of water. However, sister was born 18 minutes earlier Natalia and always thought of myself as older.

    The father of Natalia Vinokurova is a musician, he instilled in her childhood love of music. In three years, Natasha said that would be a singer, and six years, said that going to be a star. The girl studied at a music school in piano and simultaneously play the guitar and drums. She went to his dream step by step: entered the pop-jazz College, and graduated from the vocal class. In 2007, John was invited to perform at the contest «New wave», then was a member of the show «the Voice» and «Main stage». Now Natalia herself writes songs, says he has grown from a performer to a singer-songwriter.

    She grew up in a close-knit family, where honor was the family holidays. Parents sought to educate their daughters so that in adult life they have less problems. All in the family played sports: had a great time skiing, playing tennis. Natalia Vinokurova says the sport helped her sister to become disciplined and focused. It is very useful both.

    Sister Natalia studied at the financier in America, and Natalie came in RATI (formerly GITIS) and in 2012 he graduated from the acting Department. She decided to become an actress after she was told that she has the talent.


    Immediately after the ratification Natalia Vinokurova came to work in the Theater. E. Vakhtangov. On the stage she has played many interesting roles. Viewers saw the actress in the role of Olga Larina in the production of «Eugene Onegin» and swings in the play «Jealous of herself». The actress is also involved in plastic the play «Othello».

    Natalia Vinokurova in the play
    Natalia Vinokurova in the play «Eugene Onegin» | the GOLDEN MASK IN LATVIA

    Natalia Vinokurova continues to work in the Theater. Vakhtangov, but sometimes appearing in productions of other theaters. She played Rachel in the entreprise «Elegant wedding» And Lekur and participated in the play «miss Julie» at the theater of Nations.


    On television Natalia Vinokurova debuted in 2008, when there was not a professional actress. She played the lead role of Julia in the series «Love is not show business.» Her character is a tennis player who lives in Europe, and arrived in Moscow in search of a loved one. The show is a Comedy and dramatic scenes. Natalia dealt with them perfectly. In the film, performed the song «Stupid thing» in her performance. Later this song was shot clip, which is attended by the brothers zapashnye.

    Natalya Vinokurova on the filming of the video
    Natalya Vinokurova on the filming of the clip «Stupid trick» | the Official site of the actress

    In 2012, Vinokourov appeared in the role of axi in the series «the Mistress of my fate». She also starred in the 92-series «Interns» and «Univer».

    In 2016, came just two films with her participation. In «the Sweet life» she plays a track star, and «Anna Karenina» – Sorokin.

    Personal life

    Natalya Vinokurova is not married, has no children have. The singer and actress is reluctant to talk about his personal life.

    After the release of the video «Stupid trick» her and her twin sister were attributed to the Roman brothers Zapashnye, but Natalia says that they are connected only friendship.

    She has fans that care and invite on dates, but the person would like to associate fate, Vinokourov has not yet met. Perhaps the reason is that all the candidates she compares with her father, whom she considers a real man.

    If you have a free time, she spends it to the fullest. Says that he tries to do everything. Natalie enjoys movies, books, loves to chat with friends, go to exhibitions and museums. But the dreams she prefers target. The main aim of Natalia Vinokurova is to live a colorful and successful life, which is sure to be happy and loving family.


    • «The mistress of my fate»
    • «Interns»
    • «Univer»
    • «The city of temptations»
    • «Love — not show business»
    • «Comrades officers»
    • «Eugene Onegin»
    • «Anna Karenina»
    • «To marry Pushkin»


    Natalia Vinokurova

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