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  • Name: Natalia Vetlitskaya ( Nataljja Vetlickaja )
  • Date of birth: 17 August 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: singer, dancer, composer, designer, blogger
  • Marital status: not married

    Natalia Vetlitskaya: biography

    In the early nineties, the name Natalia the Saltykov was on everyone’s lips, and her concerts draw full houses, and the song «Look into my eyes», «Soul» and other hits he knew by heart. At the end of his career, the artist started a blog where publishes many sarcastic stories with political overtones, absolutely refusing to participate in social life.

    Future singer was born in a simple Soviet family in August 1964, in one of maternity homes of Moscow. Relatives of the girl loved music: mother Yevgeniya Ivanovna played the piano, and father Igor Arsenijevic, though not possessed of a musical ear, but loved Opera. Their passion was passed to Natalia inherited, she also began to play the piano and went to music school after graduating with honors externally, despite his tendency to laziness and impatience. Natalia is seriously into ballet, studied at the school of ballroom dancing, which came by mistake. Then the girl waited for her friend, she had mixed up the teachers and enrolled in the group. She dreamed of becoming a singer, a ballerina, a doctor and could not determine their future career.

    To go to University she was prevented by the notorious restlessness, but the mother dreamed that her daughter will continue her business and will study at the school of music. However, the girl decided to continue her ballet training and became a dance teacher at the school. Natalia participated in various talent contests and has long toured with the ballet «Retsital».

    Natalia Vetlitskaya: career

    In the music industry Vetlitskaya came quite by accident when a friend invited her to the group «Rondo» back-up singer and dancer. Vetlitskaya could dance, but her vocal performance was far from ideal, while invited her girl, on the contrary, did not know how to behave on stage, but sang fine. Vocalists perfectly complement each other, gradually learning from the experience and skills.

    She continued to combine music and dance, as a choreographer of many Russian pop groups. During a tour Natalia substituted for a sick backup singer. The concert was attended by Director of the group «Mirage», was noticed by talented and attractive girl, which it believes could replace Natalia Gulkin, recently abandoned his project. Andrew Lityagin made the girl an offer she just could not refuse.

    In 1988, the Saltykov debuted in the «Mirage» and the first clip of the band composed several popular songs and brand new «Music has connected us». It was the last song praised the young singer on the Russian stage pop music, she began to learn and to take autographs. The first wave of the popularity of the girl’s decision to pursue a solo career and in 1989, leaves Mirage.

    Thanks to the support of Igor Matvienko Vetlitskaya met a talented composer Andrei Zuev, who helped to write the first album. Natalia at that time was considered a socialite, and many could not understand why well-known dancers to start a singing career, but God knew from the beginning that their joint work will bring success. In 1992 the debut album «Look into my eyes» instantly uplifted by the performer to the Olympus of fame. Later beloved Dmitry Malikov as a gift on birthday has presented the Saltykov song «

  • Soul» which made her famous.

    Saltykov became known as the «sex symbol» of Russia, his concerts draw full houses, in one moment, she eclipsed all the other performers of pop music, becoming one of the most popular stars of the nineties.

    With the help of several authors and composers Vetlitskaya gathered the material for his subsequent albums. The song «Moon cat» she literally gave Elijah the Spiritual, is also the author of the title track of the album «Slave of Love». Natalie wrote the music for the song «I was Sewing a dress». In 1996, he released his third album called «Slave of love» and was very warmly received by both fans and critics.

    Vetlitskaya was recorded a few albums, the last one was called «My favorite…» and was published in 2004. Until the singer’s career went into decline. Because of its heavy nature and unique vision of the execution she was at odds with many artists, did not share her approach to creativity. Moreover, Natalia has repeatedly said in interviews that her career was not profitable and in fact were unprofitable. The singer stopped going on tour, but continued to perform at festivals and television. She shot two videos, and then completely abandoned musical career.

    Natalia Vetlitskaya: blogosphere

    In 1999, future celebrity for the first time began to show their civil position and give more to charity, taking the material support of one of the children’s psycho-neurological hospitals in the country.

    After Vetlitskaya music career along with her daughter moved to Spain and started his own blog, which has become a cause of scandal in the national press. The first resonant article, written in the form of stories, appeared in 2011, clearly hinting at a private concert for members of the government. The publication was written in a rather sarcastic and ironic style, which caused considerable outrage among some of the people mentioned in the text. Because of this, Saltykov was forced to remove an article from the blog, but again later published on his page in the social network.

    In the winter of the same year, the former singer couldn’t ignore the statement of Tina Kandelaki about how Natalia allegedly got into show business, and wrote an article «tale of the greedy Marivanna».

    Natalia Vetlitskaya: personal life

    The singer was officially married four times and five times was in a civil marriage. Her first husband, Natalia was a famous musician

  • Pavel Smeyan. At the time she was only seventeen years old, and this relationship meant a lot to her. Thanks to her husband, she thought about her career. Their family life did not work, Paul began to abuse alcohol and wife beating. In the end Vetlitskaya filed for divorce. Soon she met with no less a talented musician Dmitry Malikov has devoted her few songs. Together they spent three years and quietly dispersed. According to Dmitry, it was caused by the infidelity of the singer.

    With her second husband, the singer met on the set of «Christmas lights». Her lover was a young performer

  • Yevgeny Belous, and three months later, young decided to get married. In his later interview, she admitted she never loved Eugene and married him only because he asked so to save him from the annoying girl. Their marriage lasted only nine days, Belous went on tour with «Integral», and Natalia found a new lover in the person of producer Paul Vaselina. But this affair did not last in subsequent years, she met singer Vlad Stashevsky, businessmen Suleiman Kerimov and Mikhail Topalov. The singer was also married to a male model Kirill Kirin, who had worked with Philip Kirkorov, and an unknown yoga teacher Alexei, which in 2004 gave birth to a daughter Ulyana.

    Natalia Vetlitskaya: discography

    • Look into my eyes
    • Playboy
    • Slave of love
    • What I want, I think
    • Just
    • My favorite…

    Natalia Vetlitskaya: photo

    Natalia Vetlitskaya

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