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  • Name: Natalia Varvina ( Natalia Varvina )
  • Date of birth: 23 November 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd
  • Height: 153
  • Activity: participant in the show «House 2»
  • Marital status: married

    Natalia Varvina : biography

    This blond «Thumbelina», which is slightly higher than half a meter, has gained popularity on the project «Dom-2», where he tried to build his love for 3.5 years.

    Natalia Varvina was born in November 1982 in the city of Volgograd. The family, together with Natalia has grown by another two children – a younger sister Olga and an older brother Sasha.

    After mom died the family Varving moved from Volgograd to the bustling little town of Volzhskiy. From a young age, Natalia has been dancing. Dance group she began attending at age 12 and was generally very active teenager. Rested the girl active: rollerblading, skiing and ice skating.

    After graduating from secondary school Natalia Varvina went to Volgograd, where he enrolled in the University. The girl chose the specialty «Finance and credit». But after getting a University diploma, she went to work for a local television, where some time was the presenter.

    TV show

    In the popular youth show Natalia Varvina appeared in early August 2007. The party immediately declared his peaceful plans, promising not to break up established couples. She watched the single guys and easily established friendly relations.

    Her closest friend among the participants of the project immediately became Elena Bushina. Although girls often quarrel and even made loud statements about what is lost forever, but quickly reconciled.

    In relations with the opposite sex Natalia Varvina was quite straightforward. If it’s not happy, she immediately talked about this. Maybe that’s why «build the love» in «the House-2» it wasn’t very good.

    The first young man who loved Marvinol on the project was pretty Stepan Menshikov. But the guy is not reciprocated.

    Quite a long time near blond Natalia spun a recognized womanizer «Dom-2» Andrei Cherkasov. But as soon as the couple got closer, the behavior of Andrew with a girl has changed dramatically. To change the compliments and tenderness came the rudeness and aggressiveness. This, of course, did not like Marvinol, and the relationship ended.

    Again to try to «make love» the girl decided with DJ Maxim Orlov. But here, nothing happened.

    In may 2011 Natalia Varvina left a popular project. I think she is tired of life, every moment of which is closely covered by CCTV cameras and was discussed by fans of the show. But the time on the TV show was not in vain. In 2009, Natalia Varvina took 2nd place in the contest «man of the year». And in 2010 she was awarded 1st place and the prize – a car.

    After the project

    The perimeter began his artistic career Natalia Varvina. Some time she toured with the group «Istrinskie witches». Besides it, the group sang Alexander Kharitonov and Elena Bushina. Later Varvina and Nelly Ermolaeva decided to sing a duet. But after some time the former participant of «House-2» tried his hand as a solo singer. The organizers of the project entrusted to Natalia the post of concert Director of the TV show.

    The biggest achievement of his life post-project Natalia Varvina finds its debut in the movie. She played a major role in the dramatic film «Point Doc. The last ten days.» This work was remembered by the young actress acquaintance with Ivan Okhlobystin and Maxim Maltsev, who were also involved in the picture. Unfortunately, while this film is unique in the filmography of Natalia. But the young actress claims that will delight their fans in a short time.

    Personal life

    Natalia Varvina still managed to find love on the project. But «build» it, it failed with the participants of the show, and his producer.

    Personal life Natalia Varvina settled after she left the perimeter of the «House-2». Learned fans girls, soon «Thumbelina» beginning to meet with Alexey Mikhailovsky. So the project, it does not say, still helped the participant to find their own happiness.

    Natalia and Alexey were married, and even married. The celebration was very lush and was held at prestigious Moscow restaurant «Turandot». The master of ceremonies at the wedding was Roman Tretyakov, also a former participant of the project.

    Now Natalia Varvina engaged in self-development. She travels a lot. Managed to visit America, Italy and many other countries. In his spare time the former participant «Houses-2» is engaged in Latin American dancing and loves to walk with his Labrador.


    Natalia Varvina

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