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  • Name: Natalia Tkachenko ( Natalia Tkachenko )
  • Date of birth: 7 July 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Natalia Tkachenko: biography

    She is reticent with the press – all that she wants to convey to the audience, does and says in the frame and on the stage. Natalia Tkachenko called intelligent and thoughtful actress and a Comedy and a tragedy, and compromise.

    Natalia Tkachenko was born on 7 July 1972 in Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg. She grew up in an intellectual girl, she studied singing and playing the piano, studying English. Scene it, of course, of Manila, as any girl, but seriously about the acting profession, Natasha thought. She wanted to help people, to save lives.

    After school Tkachenko went to medical school, but soon realized it was the wrong choice. The realization and the disappointment came as soon as she realized – without drugs and medical equipment nurse and the doctor have little. This turn was not satisfied with a single-minded girl. After leaving medical school, she decided to become a makeup artist. This profession was associated her with the magic of Transfiguration. But in the end the love of the stage took over.

    Natalia Tkachenko entered the theatre Academy in St. Petersburg, and in 1997 it was finished. Professional actress she has become in 27 years, age did not stop her be successful in your profession.


    In 1998, Natalia came to the Comedy Theatre and worked there until 2007. On the stage, the actress has played many roles. Among the notable and memorable – Anya in the play «the Apple thief», Marjorie in the production of «rural woman», Lena in the play «Emil’s Pranks» and others.

    In 2005 Natalia Tkachenko began to cooperate with «the Shelter of Comedians», and two years later went to work in the theater constantly. Here she was more fortunate with the drama than in Comedy. She played Stella in a production of «a Streetcar named Desire. Stella in her performance looked more posh than her older sister. Tkachenko showed the audience the real Blanche is a refined, sophisticated, sexy and Kamyshin.

    The most compelling theatrical role of Natalia Tkachenko critics have called the artist Khez in the production of «Deep blue sea». Her character tried to commit suicide because of unrequited love. The actress managed to create and convey the character of a wise woman who realizes that her lover loves her as he can. But the ECZ is not enough, so she turns on the gas and on the pill.

    Now Natalia continues to work in the «Shelter comedian» and collaborates with the Youth theatre on Fontanka, theatre «Behind Black small River».


    Natalia Tkachenko – she’s in theatre, in cinema – Natalia Barteva. Her career began with episodes in the series «Secrets of investigation» and «national security Agent». First major role was in the TV series «the Agency» and its sequel. She played in this project Secretary Love Polozhenko. After this role Directors often offered the actress the role in a mini-series. She has about 80 players.

    She was the nurse in the TV series «Three colors of love», the owner of boarding house «the Chess player», Antonina in «Kopi», the captain Terentyev in «Protecting Krasin» and so on. The actress starred in the feature films, although not as often as in television series. Among these roles — he in the movie «propaganda Team «beat the enemy!» and Tatiana in the melodrama «Bis».

    Personal life

    Natalia Tkachenko does not discuss his personal life with anyone, even with colleagues and friends. It is known that the actress is married and has a son. Husband was sympathetic to the profession Natalia, probably, therefore in the relationship there is mutual understanding and respect.

    Spare time, she tries to spend with family, to her loved ones feel ignored and deprived of attention.


    • «Ivan»
    • The «tail»
    • «Owl Creek»
    • «Coma»
    • «Three days with a jerk»
    • «The coast guard»
    • «Drug trafficking»
    • «Flame color»
    • «Love without rules»
    • «Big oil»
    • «Tree»


    Natalia Tkachenko in the series

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