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  • Name: Natalya Tenyakova ( Natalya Tenyakova )
  • Date of birth: 3 July 1944
  • Age: 72 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married Sergei Yursky

    Natalia Tenyakova: biography

    Natalya Tenyakova is a Soviet and Russian actress, well-proven on the stage of many theatres of the country. Also widely known to the audience due to the role of the women Shura in the Comedy «Love and pigeons».

    She was born in Leningrad and almost to the last school planned at the insistence of parents to associate with pedagogy. But after participating in several Amateur productions finally decided to become an actress and enrolled at the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinema. By the way, that she is studying acting with Boris Area, known only to a mother. From the father, this information was hidden, and he is almost to the end of the first course was sure that her daughter is engaged in pedagogical Institute.

    In high school theater together with Natalia Tenyakova studied subsequently many famous artists, including Victor Kostecki and Leonid Mozgovoy.

    After graduation, Natalia got into the troupe of the Leningrad theater of the Lenin Komsomol, and the year played on its stage in productions of «Days of our lives» and «Trehgroshovaya Opera». In 1967, the actress moved to Leningrad Big drama theatre and very quickly became the leading actress of the troupe along with innocent Smoktunovsky. Tenyakova gave a «Great» 12 years of creative life and became a household name in the walls of the theater.

    Then on her horizon was the capital of the Mossovet Theatre, the Chekhov Moscow art theatre, School of modern drama theatre Vakhtangov. Gurmyzhsky for her role in the play «the Forest» by Ostrovsky, Natalia Tenyakova was awarded the prize of Stanislavsky.

    In recent years, the actress along with Sergei Yursky and Lyudmila Drebneva plays on the stage of the Yermolova theatre in the play «flights with an angel. Chagall» in which she has several prominent roles.

    Tenyakova has always been exclusively a repertory actress and refused troupe of proposals, considering them to be obviously commercial.


    For the first time on the screen Natalia Tenyakova appeared in 1966 in the drama «Older sister», where, together with Tatiana Doronina depicted two orphans who want to realize the dream of playing in the theater. Immediately after this, in the biographical drama «Green carriage» she told the story of the Petersburg actress Barbara Yankovoy.

    Most popular Natalya Tenyakova as the actress brought the role of the women Shura in sparkling lyrical Comedy by Vladimir Menshov «Love and pigeons». Interestingly, at the time of filming the actress was only 40 years old, but with the help of makeup and long rehearsals, she managed to portray a very realistic old woman. Manner of speech for your character Natalia borrowed from a village resident, near the house where you rented the cottage.

    But, like many other Actresses of her generation, Tenyakova was much closer to theatre. She refused a wide range of scenarios and rarely appeared on the big screen. Much more can be seen in theatrical productions of the plays, which was essentially the same performances, only played in front of the camera. Of the most famous dramas can be called the Arabian tale «Ali Baba and the forty thieves» and the drama «Death Wazir-Mukhtar».

    Personal life

    First husband of Natalya Tenyakova was her classmate Lev Dodin – who later became a famous theater Director, people’s artist of Russia.

    On the set of the television show «Big cat tale» actress meets a legend of Russian cinema of Sergei Yursky. Feelings erupt between them, but since were both married, serious relationship failed. True romance began only a few years old when Jurassic broke up with actress Zinaida sharko, and Tenyakova left Dodin.

    Modest wedding took place on 25 April 1970 and since then the pair is inseparable. The family had a daughter Daria, who also became an actress. The whole family plays on the same stage in the play «After the rehearsal», which has always enjoyed popularity for several seasons.

    Natalia and Sergey already have grandchildren — George and Alisher.


    • 1966 — Elder sister
    • 1967 — Green carriage
    • 1983 — Ali Baba and the forty thieves
    • 1984 Love and pigeons
    • In 1985, the Stove on the wheel
    • 1988 — And the light shines in the darkness
    • 2003 — This Queen of spades
    • In 2004, Dr. by Lekrinym
    • 2008 — Fathers and sons
    • 2009 about the Bald singer…


    Natalya Tenyakova

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