Natalia Rudova

photo by Natalia Employment

  • Name: Natalia Rudova ( monasteries Natal’ino Natal ya Rudova )
  • Date of birth: 2 July 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Pakhtakor, Uzbekistan
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Natalya Rudova: biography

    Natalia Rudova was born 2 July 1983 in the city of Pakhtakor (Jizzax), Uzbekistan. The girl’s family was far from creativity and art: her mother, Valentina p. was an engineer and worked in construction, Alexander’s father was engaged in business. Born Natalia appeared during a vacation the mother, which she spent visiting with my grandmother. As soon as Valentine was well enough, she and her child returned to her native seaside town of Aktau in Kazakhstan.

    Natalya Rudova
    Natalia Rudova | Ivona

    Natalia grew up an active child prone to fantasizing, and constantly hovering in my dreams. She loved creativity in all its manifestations: the girl participated in the children’s performances, painted, embroidered, cross-stitch and dancing. Rudova almost could never sit still, always running around outside, climbing trees, which often lead to injury. After one of these injuries from the fall, she suffered a concussion, a future artist for a long time was in the hospital with a high fever and narrowly escaped complications. Doctors for some time forbade her mental stress, which led to lower performance in school. Like many creative personalities, Natasha disliked the exact Sciences, preferring the study of the Humanities: literature, music and languages.

    In twelve years, Natalya’s parents filed for divorce. The girl was extremely concerned about their breakup, but found the strength to understand and accept the decision of adults. Together with her mother and sister she moved to the city of Ivanovo in Russia. Father Rudova remained in a good relationship, although not seen him for a long time. Alexander also left their parental responsibilities and financial capabilities helped the daughters. New school girl has settled in very quickly, being particularly attracted by the dramatic society, through which she began performing in school plays. Until that moment, Natalia dreamed of the teaching profession, commodity or seller, but the more she played in the theater, the more I realized that he wanted to dedicate his life to cinema.

    After school Natalie went to study at Ivanovo regional College of culture. As a student, she began to earn the first money, with friends-fellow students working part-time as actors on the children’s Christmas concerts.

    Natalya Rudova
    Natalia Rudova |

    After graduating from College, the girl decided to go to Moscow, where she had more chances to get on TV. For some time Natalya lived with his sister until he found a job at a sports store and affordable rental housing. At the age of twenty years, the actress lived alone and independently earn a living. However, with an acting career she didn’t work out. Rudova she attended numerous auditions, but to no avail. The store owner entered at the position of girls and often let her go to audition shift. Natalia found a part time job in a modeling Agency, making her face several times appeared on the covers of fashionable magazines. She also starred in social advertising together with the musician and actor Nikolay Fomenko.

    Now she wants to play in the theater, however, due to the tight schedule of the filming can not find time for this dream.


    In 2005, the actress finally got lucky: it took on a secondary role in the television series «Diva.» A few minutes on the screen helped her to start a career in the movies. In 2006, she appeared in several Russian TV series «Who’s the boss?» and «Conductor».

    Natalia Rudova in the series
    Natalia Rudova in the TV series «Tatyana’s day» | the AllStars

    In 2007 on the screens of Russian television there was adaptation of the Colombian series «war of the roses» called «Tatiana day». Natalie successfully auditioned and got one of the main roles of Tatiana Barinova. The actress played her character, awakening in the audience mixed emotions: Tatiana sympathized, thought of her as a negative character, but no one remained indifferent to her fate. Striking blonde has captured the hearts of viewers and has gained popularity thanks to the TV series. After the premiere of the picture, she was called in as contestants on the popular show «Who wants to be a millionaire?» with host Maxim Galkin.

    To move away from established in «Tatiana’s day» way, Natalia accepted the offer to participate in the filming of the mystical Thriller «Cossacks-robbers». However, the picture, filmed in the style of a typical American teen-horror film, much success not enjoyed.

    Natalia Rudova in the film
    Natalia Rudova in the film «Irony of love» | RUSKINO.RU

    The actress went on to star in the TV series, she got as a secondary role and the main characters, as happened in the film series «Breathe with me». Natalia also became a frequent guest feature film, mostly a Comedy direction. The actress starred in the romantic Comedy «the Third wish» in 2009 and «Irony of love» in 2010, where she played together with popular Russian actors such as Aleksey Chadov, Gosha Kutsenko and Ivan Okhlobystin.

    One of the last films Rudova was the film «Women against men», released in cinemas in April 2015.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Natalia Employment, a lot of rumors. Due to the memorable and dramatic look of the actress, she is often credited with novels with colleagues on the set. At the time, journalists wrote about her possible affair with singer Dmitry Koldun.

    Natalya Rudova I Dmitro Sorcerer
    Natalia Rudova and Dmitry Koldun | Live Internet

    The girl, being at the peak of popularity after the TV series «Tatyana’s day», has repeatedly stated that it is still not ready for marriage and serious relationship. The actress prefers to spend time in clubs and dance venues to enjoy with friends.

    In 2013, Natalie decided to shock the public and on his page in the social network put the photo together with actor Mario Casas, signing «my boyfriend». However, the actor himself in the comments to the situation said that he already has a girlfriend is Maria Valverde.

    Natalia Rudova and Mario Casas
    Natalia Rudova and Mario Casas | the Essence of the Event

    The actress was made several offers of marriage but she refused all candidates. The man of her dreams — a clever, quiet, held in the business, attractive and generous, and that she sees the elect that will necessarily get her in life.


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    Natalya Rudova

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