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  • Name: Natalia Ragozina ( Natalia Ragozina )
  • Date of birth: 5 April 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Abay, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: unbeaten Russian athlete-boxer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Natalia Ragozin : a biography

    Unbeaten Russian athlete-boxer, nicknamed «the Hammer» Natalia Ragozin, whose name is listed in the Guinness Book of world records, was born in the Karaganda region. In the town of Abai passed her childhood years. The father of Natalia Russian and Tatar mother. Besides her family has grown by another 3 girls and a boy.

    The first childhood dream Natalia Ragozina was flying in a beautiful form of flight attendants. But the dream melted away after the first flight: the girl felt an incredible fear.

    Then Ragozin, by nature tall and slim, decided to become a model. But then it did not happen. Then the girl took up the sport, choosing athletics. And excelled in run on average distances, it has managed to become Champions of Kazakhstan and Asia.

    But in 1993, when she was 17 years old, sports the biography of Natalia Ragozina changed dramatically. She moved to Nizhny Tagil, where was born her parents. Here she was advised to try kickboxing. Parents didn’t approve of practicing this dangerous and «unfeminine» sport, but to interfere did not. And when I saw on TV the first battle daughter, they began to be proud of her progress.

    Kickboxing and Boxing

    The first victory Natalia Ragozina kickboxing dates back to the same 1993. Promising 17-year-old girl during the battle, saw well-known sports Manager from the capital, who immediately invited Ragazine in Moscow. She immediately agreed.

    In the capital Natalia has demonstrated remarkable success in kickboxing, and 3 years later, in 1998, already owned the title of honored master of sports. At that time, Ragozin was the first winner of this title in Russia.

    But in 1999, the athlete has tried his hand at several other occasions, she moved to Amateur Boxing. For several years Natalia Ragozin was twice world champion in this sport. Moreover, she managed to win «gold» on superiority of Europe, returning to Russia with the world Cup.

    Year 2004 was marked for the Ragozina transition to professional Boxing. Success was not long in coming. In the same year she played 5 matches. 4 of them ended for rivals Natalia is not just a loss, but a knockout.

    During his Boxing career Ragozin never defeated. Her 22 matches won, with 13 of them knockouts of opponents. Natalia has never had an injured person that was so afraid of her mother. Only one woman received a broken arm. 2 times «Natasha Sledgehammer» was world champion and managed to win the world Cup. In addition, Ragozin 5 times won the championship of Russia and twice in Europe. On account of its victory over such distinguished rivals as IVA Weston and Laura Ramsey.

    In the winter of 2009, the Russian boxer in Yekaterinburg defeated colleague who belonged to the category of heavyweights. The fact that the weight of competitors she was not there. Pamela London was defeated. From the hall Natalia Ragazine fans carried on the hands.

    Despite the fact that karagandinka engaged in such a «clumsy» kind of sports, she looks very feminine. Natalia Ragazine like to invite modeling Agency (youthful dream finally came true) and men’s glossy magazines. For the latest athlete posed Nude, claiming that the way to promote women’s Boxing.

    In 2008, Natalia Ragozin appeared on the screen as an actress. She starred in the feature film about sports «White bear», brilliantly played a major role. The picture won the Grand Prix of the 5th international film festival «Atlant», and the artist has received prestigious awards.

    In 2014, Natalia Ragozin was a member of the hockey match at the festival of Amateur teams in Sochi, where he played in the same team with well-known political figures, among whom was Vladimir Putin.

    Personal life

    In ordinary life, invincible athlete «Sledgehammer», as she says «white and fluffy». Natalia vulnerable person endures painful quarrels and conflicts.

    Personal life Natalia Ragozina is not formed. During her career she met her future husband Michael. He, too, was fond of martial arts and even became a master of sports in hand-to-hand combat.

    After the wedding, and the birth of her son Ivan’s marriage fell apart at the seams. Michael was the jealous wife and demanded to leave the box. And she wanted to return to the sport. This dropped 17 pounds that are gained after birth. At the competitions in Turkey, where I went Ragozin, the man during quarrel struck her. It was the last straw. The couple broke up.

    As for the rumors, they are not spared Natalia Ragazine, like every public and successful man. In the summer of 2015 athlete appeared on tournament on fighting Sambo, together with the President of Russia. After the publication of photos Ragozin sat next to Vladimir Putin, rumors about allegedly existing between them the novel. Of course, no confirmation or denial was not.


    Natalia Rogozina

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