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  • Name: Natalia Oreiro ( Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias, Poggio Bourie )
  • Date of birth: 19 may 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Height: 171
  • Activity: Uruguayan actress and singer
  • Marital status: married to Ricardo Mole

    Natalia Oreiro biography

    Familiar to the Russian audience for the melodrama «Rich and famous» and «Wild angel» actress Natalia Oreiro was born in Montevideo in March 1977. The family of Natalia art had no relationship. Mother worked as a hairdresser, his father had a small business. In addition to Natalia in the family grew up the eldest daughter adriana.

    Interest in the world of theatre and cinema Natalia Oreiro started to show very early. From the first grade she attended a drama club, and 12 appeared in commercials. But Natalya’s career in film began after his victory at one of the beauty contests, which took place in Montevideo. The girl is reasonably ordered prize money: she bought a ticket to Buenos Aires, where she began to attend all the auditions, which recruited artists for a show.

    Natalia Oreiro: TV shows

    Samples in one romance 16-year-old Natalia noticed and given a small role in the film «the lawless heart». In this melodrama, and started the creative biography of Natalia Oreiro. Soon the budding actress played another small role in a TV tape «Delicate Ana», but after shooting for a young actress waiting for the main role. Her Oreiro was offered by the Director of the previous series. A new tape was called «90-60-90 Models». After the release of this youth pictures Natalia Oreiro awake recognizable, although the real fame while a girl could only dream of.

    The desired success and popularity struck the actress after the release of a series of paintings

  • «Rich and famous». Partner Oreiro in the film were already known to viewers of Diego Ramos. The title becomes prophetic for the young Uruguayan artist. Now she regularly receives offers from renowned Directors and producers. After leaving the series Director and producer Gustavo Yankelevich did Natasha another good suggestion: to play a major role in his film «Argentinian in new York». Yankelevich has not only become the «godfather» of Natalia in the film, but also helps in the development of his musical career. With the famous Director Oreiro releases his debut CD «Natalia Oreiro». He began to sell in music stores Argentina at the beginning of 1999, and in February of the same year appeared his international version. After some time the disc goes gold, sales in Argentina amounted to 750 000 copies. In addition, nearly a million copies sold in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

    Another stellar role Oreiro – orphan Milagros in the melodrama

  • «Wild angel». Work on the series began in late 1998. Natalia Oreiro not only starred in the lead role, she also worked a lot on creating the image of the heroine, improving the script of the film. Your efforts were not in vain. This tape brought the actress international fame and an army of admirers and fans in many countries of the world. The series is the winner of the contest «Viva 2000», which was held in Israel. At the end of 1999 Oreiro began recording their second album, entitled «poison». He was presented by the singer in the summer of 2000. Soon came the international version. In the short time fans of Natalia Oreiro sold out more than two million copies.

    In January 2001 Natalia Oreiro began her first tour. The singer gave concerts in Colombia, USA, Spain, Greece and Russia. In Moscow the concert Oreiro took place in the concert hall of the Kremlin.

    In 2002 appeared the TV series «Kachorra» in which Oreiro starred with actor Pablo Rago. In the same year she presented her third album «Turmalina». It is also becoming popular, and sales copies reach 1.5 million. In early 2003, Oreiro has launched its second international concert tour and is in 14 countries, including Russia. All shows – a constant full house.

    In April 2005, Natalia Oreiro visited Russia again. But this time, not a concert: we she starred in the TV series

  • «In the rhythm of tango». One of the last notable works of Natalia Oreiro in the movie – the role of crypto organization «Montoneros» in the film «Clandestine childhood». The picture was nominated on «Oscar».

    In September 2011 artist and singer becomes a goodwill Ambassador for Argentina and Uruguay.

    Natalia Oreiro: personal life

    Life Natalia Oreiro full of happiness and disappointments. In 1994 during the filming of the series «Rebellious heart» Oreiro met with Pablo Echarri. Broke out the affair lasted more than five years.But in the fall of 2000, the pair went through a bad breakup.

    The year 2001 brought Natalie a new love. She met 44-year-old rock performer of the band «Divididos» Ricardo Mole. After a year the couple were married in Brazil. As a sign of loyalty wife has tattooed on the ring fingers and swore eternal love. As she says Oreiro, Ricardo helped her get out of deep depression and feel happy again.

    In 2009, life Natalia Oreiro was back on the front page of the tabloids. There were rumors about the crisis in respect of spouses and possible imminent breakup. And talking about the novel Natalia Oreiro with Facundo Arana, partner in the drama «Wild angel». Beautiful Natalia and handsome Facundo looked together on screen is very organic, so immediately there was rumors and gossip.

    But actually the actors are just friends. Both happy personal life. They communicate in a friendly way and do not go beyond the professional relationship.

    26 Jan 2012 when one of the medical institutions of Buenos Aires, Oreiro gave birth to a son from her husband, Ricardo, Maul, Haran was the first to congratulate the couple with a new addition to the family.

    Natalia Oreiro: filmography

    • Gentle Ana
    • Model 90-60-90
    • The rich and famous
    • In the rhythm of tango
    • Argentinian in new York
    • Clandestine childhood
    • Dark angel
    • Only you

    Natalia Oreiro: photo

    Natalia Oreiro,

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