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  • Name: Natalia Nozdrina ( Nataliya Nozdrina )
  • Place of birth: Vyatskie Polyany, Kirov oblast
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Nataliya Nozdrina: biography

    Natalia Nozdrina is a Russian actress, acclaimed movie fans after starring in such films as «Two colors of passion», «Ticket to VEGAS» and «holiday romance». She was born in the Kirov region, in the small town of Vyatskiye Polyany, where she spent her childhood and youth. It was there that Natalia was first awakened love for theatrical arts, when she first stepped on stage during a performance in the school play.

    After high school, Nozdrina decides to test destiny and to conquer the capital. She participates in the opening test different Moscow theatre universities and achieve success in the exams in GITIS. At this Institute she also studied in the workshop of Oleg Kudryashov in the acting-directing faculty.

    First job the young actress became a modern theatre «Et Cetera», which is the artistic Director, Alexander Kalyagin. However, there Nozdrina played only two years, and then decided to focus on his film career. However, later, the love for theatrics won, and now the actress involved in the theatre of Nations, and often receives an invitation from the city Center of drama and directing under direction of Alexey Kazantsev and Mikhail Roshchin.


    Film debut Natalia Nozdrina happened in his student years, when she starred as Tamara Raskina in the criminal melodrama «Obsession». Then followed war drama «where childhood ends», a musical Comedy «was not was» and romance on the television and the Life.

    Almost immediately after participation in the historical Saga «My Prechistenka» actress receives an offer to play in the dramatic story based on the novel by Stendhal «Two colors of passion». This work brought her popularity, and the next notable role was in love with a fan of the musical film «Two of Anton».

    Another big picture in the filmography Natalia Nozdrina was the adventure Comedy «Daddies». More about the actress spoke after the release of the parody film «Ticket to Vegas» and the romantic Comedy «holiday romance». Also worth noting is the adventure Thriller «Sonnentau» social melodrama «Andrew».

    During her career she appeared with such stars of Russian cinema, Mikhail Porechenkov, Timur Batrutdinov, Roman Madyanov, Mikhail Galustyan and many others. Now the actress is working on new melodrama «the blind Date», which comes out in 2016.

    Personal life

    Natalia Nozdrina – not a big fan of sharing my private life with fans and the press. It is known that she is not officially married, but she has a lovely husband, musician of the group «Paradigm» Ilya Bykov. They live in a de facto marriage.

    In 2013, the actress gave birth to her only son, who was named in honor of father Elijah.


    • 2005 — where childhood ends
    • 2008 — Two colors of passion
    • 2009 — Two Anton
    • 2010 — Dr. Tyrsa
    • 2011 — Dad
    • 2012 — Andrew
    • 2012 — Ticket to Vegas
    • 2012 Sonnentau
    • 2015 — holiday romance
    • 2016 — blind Date


    Natalya Nozdrina

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