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  • Name: Natalya Martynova ( Nataliya Martynova )
  • Date of birth: 3 March 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Novgorod the Great
  • Height: 171
  • Activity: model, miss «Maxim-2015», the participant of the show «the Bachelor 4»
  • Marital status: not married

    Natalia Martynova : biography

    Natalia Martynova is a Russian fashion model, a contestant of the 4th season of «the Bachelor,» which recently received the title of «Miss MAXIM» from the famous print edition. She was born in Veliky Novgorod, but her parents currently live in Tver. The mother engaged in business, own a small business and my father works as an engineer. Natalia has a sister Anastasia.

    As a teenager she started to attend school at one of the model agencies, and soon became a very popular fashion model. On account of its dozens of projects, in which she promotes many well-known brands. Have girls and candid photo shoot, and business, and art Nouveau.

    After school, Natalia Martynova entered the Saint-Petersburg state University of architecture and construction. She loves the profession of architect-designer, and she wants to create her own Studio, and up to 35 years to bring it to a leading position. By the way, Natalia is very active and athletic person, in her University, she is part of the women’s team in athletics and running for his University in various competitions.

    In 2015, a rock festival «Invasion» was held a beauty contest from the fashionable men’s magazine «Maxim», which was attended by Martynov. She had number two, but in the end could become the first. The competition was attended by girls from all over Russia. First of hundreds of candidates, selected the best ten and then the top three. Natalia Martynova, being among the finalists showed their best side and were able to win. She got the title «Miss MAXIM 2015» and the opportunity to be on the cover of time, what happened in the September issue of «Maxim».

    TV show

    When Natalia Martynova heard about what is casting in a new season of ranked romantic project «the Bachelor», she immediately decided to take part in it. To the question — why should she need it, she said that he hoped for a show to meet your destiny and to associate life with a decent man. Of the main of masculinity Natalia allocates punctuality and ability to take responsibility for their words.

    Martynov managed to be among the 25 selected girls, are configured to fight for the love of the bachelor, which this time was actor and singer Alexey Vorobyov. By the way, Alex was a candidate for participation in the first season of «the Bachelor,» but then the producers thought the actor was too young.

    In the first edition of the show 25 beauties and pleasantly surprised the audience selection of dresses. If earlier the candidate on a place in the heart of the main character allowed himself a riot of colors and pretentiousness of dresses, this time the girls wore only black, white and red colors.

    According to the rules in the first air show leave from 10 girls, but this time with sparrows showed that he would act on his own script, and presented 15 roses, as usual, and one more. Apparently, he became interested in the group participating, which many viewers have called the most spectacular and most unusual. Indeed, among the contenders not only has Natalia Martynova with her model appearance, but also androgen Tatiana Shmeleva, also known as its male incarnation of Nikita Krutov and «Russian Lady Gaga» Alexander Gusev, surprisingly similar to the American singer.

    In addition, the project participants were already familiar to the viewer actress Yana Anosova, who starred in the TV series «How I became Russian», and the other contestant of the TV show «Top model in Russian» Daria Kornienko.

    One of them will reach the last broadcast and will get the coveted ring from Alexey Vorobyov – time will tell, but the fact that Natalia Martynova has all the chances to win another victory, no doubt.

    Personal life

    Natalia Martynova long time met the guy, but after parting with him I decided to look for a new companion on the show «the Bachelor.»

    About yourself Natasha says that she loves active rest. Really, the girl is seriously engaged in pole dancing, loves to snowboard and regularly visits the gym. In addition, Natalia loves to travel and a few months lived in India.


    Natalia Martynova

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