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  • Name: Natalia Lagoda ( Natalia Fesak )
  • Date of birth: 4 March 1974
  • Age: 41
  • Date of death: may 29, 2015
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: was married to Vitaly Simonenko

    Natalia Lagoda: biography

    Natalya Lagoda called one of the most beautiful singers of the 90s. Her clips were shown on the main channels of the country every day.

    Born Natalia Lagoda in Cherkasy in March 1974 in an ordinary family. Finished school №26 in the same city. After school he entered the vocational school, where he trained as a seamstress, however, education was not useful in their life.

    In the mid-1990s, Natalia Lagoda arrived to conquer Moscow. In the capital, the girl took a room and was selling vegetables in the market. Gulliver then took a job as a dancer in a strip club «dolls», where he met an influential businessman Alexander Karmanov.

    Natalia Lagoda songs

    Biography of Natalia Lagoda similar to the tale of Cinderella. A poor girl from the province after meeting with the well-known capital businessman has become rich and famous. Alexander Karmanov spared no expense on Natalia and decided to make her a singer. It was more his whim than her. After two extremely expensive clips taken in Thailand on the money of the businessman, Natalia Lagoda woke up famous.

    «The little Buddha» and «Lie to me your eyes» sang all around, photos Lagoda tabloids were published. About the singer talked about as a future star. Fans have been waiting for a girl outside the dressing room and filled up with flowers.

    The businessman invested money in the promotion of a few songs and clips of Natasha. She recorded a solo album and starred on the cover of the magazine «Playboy».

    Natalia Lagoda was another little-known song that could be called autobiographical. The basis of the plot – the tragic fate of the provincial girl who arrives in Moscow and finds a job in a strip club, where he met with a young man. He soon leaves her for another woman. The song is called «don’t promise«. Clip has not hit the screens as it was posted is one of the capital’s clubs. Known two hits, I remember the audience: «Martian love» and «Our love».

    Money by Karmanovym were not invested in vain. Clips Natalia Lagoda played on all the major channels and radio every day, and «Little Buddha» is not sang only lazy.

    Natalia Lagoda: personal life

    Her first husband, Natalia Lagoda was her countryman Edward Pisac, with whom she had one son, Dmitri. The marriage fell apart almost immediately.

    Their fatal love Natalia met in Moscow, when he worked as a dancer in the club «dolls». As he told the singer, businessman Alexander Karmanov «came every night and left thousands of dollars just for the fact that I spoke with him. I have not even dance for him. And it so happened that we loved each other«.

    It seemed that the tale would last forever. The girl loved Karmanova almost fanatically and was sure that Alexander is her destiny, second half. But he was interested in another woman, former soloist of group «Brilliant» Olga Orlova and Olga soon became pregnant.

    This shot Lagoda could not survive. In 2001, after years of severe depression and unsuccessful treatment Natalia Lagoda jumped in front of 8-year-old son from the window of his apartment on the street Running. For a long time the singer was in a coma, underwent 16 surgeries, including craniotomy. After 8 months of therapy she learned to walk again, to talk, to write. Life Natalia Lagoda has long been the topic of tabloids and media. After attempting suicide Lagoda disappeared from show business.

    Third, probably the civil husband of Natalia Lagoda was a businessman from Lugansk Vitaly Simonenko. He took the singer out of the hospital and drove to Lugansk. Later, Natalia Lagoda told that her lover – a former classmate from Cherkasy, she was sitting at the same Desk. The family of Natalia Lagoda accused Symonenko of fraud, saying he took away the power of Natasha from Moscow and forced her to sell the apartment, taking advantage of the illness of the woman and her inadequate condition. Also native Natalia accused Vitali that he abused alcohol and packaged the passion Natalia. She Lagoda denied the accusations and claimed that happy with Vitaly and loves it.

    Natalia Lagoda: death

    From Moscow, the singer moved to Lugansk. According to media reports, when the fighting began in Eastern Ukraine, Lagoda and her husband refused to go from Lugansk. Their house was destroyed by bombing, and the last time the family and all lived in a bomb shelter. To communicate with family Natalia were extremely rare.

    Earlier media reported that the son of the singer Dmitry moved to Russia. Other sources claimed that the guy fighting on one side of the conflict.

    May 31, 2015 the brother Sergey told the public that his sister Natalia Lagoda died 29 may 2015. The cause of her death is still unknown, but some sources claim that the death could lead to addiction to alcohol, however, official confirmation of this information.

    From the words of the brother of Natalia, her death is a «tragic fate.» She was only 41 years old.

    Natalia Lagoda: discography

    • What I said
    • Don’t promise
    • Little Buddha
    • Kate
    • Our love
    • Martian love
    • I’m good
    • I
    • Your star
    • Snow

    Natalia Lagoda: photo

    Natalia Lagoda

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