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  • Name: Natalia Kustinskaya ( Natalia Kustinskaya )
  • Date of birth: 5 April 1938.
  • Age: 74 years
  • Date of death: December 13, 2012
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: the Soviet theatre and cinema actress, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: divorced

    Natalia Kustinskaya: biography

    In the 1960s the French tabloid «Candide» included the Soviet artist in the top ten most beautiful Actresses in the world. Yes, and at home Natalia Kustinskaya was a real sex symbol. Films with her participation «Three plus two» and «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation» is seen, and is now happy to watch millions of viewers in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. But the best of the stars of the times, none of her colleagues or fans could not imagine how sad it will end the life of Natalia Kostinski, this idol of his time.

    Natalia Kustinskaya in his youth
    Actress in a youth |

    Natalia Kustinskaya was born in the capital in the spring of 1938. Her parents though were not the stars of the first magnitude, but managed to get to the top. Nicholas Kostinsky was a famous kupletistom-a tap dancer. Mother sang on the stage. The family lived on Malaya Bronnaya, and famous hospitality. Their apartment was always noisy from the guests whose names are known all over the country. Ruslanova, Klavdiya Shulzhenko and Isabella Yurieva – these celebrities for Natalia Kostinskii was not a distant star but friends parents.

    Kustinskaya grew up «sheltered» child who didn’t need anything. Parents often took my daughter with me to concerts. Natalia’ve been behind the scenes where the father was preparing for performances with Maria Mironova and Alexander Menaker.

    Natalia Kustinskaya in his youth
    Natalia Kustinskaya in his youth |

    Girl adopted by parents all the best from mom’s beauty, a good ear and voice of the father – the artistry and cheerful disposition. It’s great and without shame, recited, sang and danced. Natasha’s parents took not to a regular school and a music school Gnesin. She successfully graduated from the class of piano. Seem to have much of a choice young beauty Kostinski but to be an artist was not. She did not resist destiny: easily joined the film Institute and the Vakhtangov theatre school. His choice has stopped at the legendary VGIK. Here Kostinsky studied under the great Mat of actors Olga Pyzhova and Boris Bibikov.

    Chartered in 1961, the actress began to build his film career.


    A cinematic biography of Natalia Kostinski started when she was still a 4th year student. Famous film Director Grigory Roshal’, who directed the cult drama «the ordeal», insisted on filming the beautiful girl I met in the hallway of the University. He had just come from the continuation of the famous drama titled «the road to Calvary. Gloomy morning». To deny Roshal did not dare, though the students of the Cinematography was strictly forbidden to go on the set before getting his diploma.

    The star at the beginning | Cu.Gee

    After the film came the first enthusiastic reviews of the skill of a rising star of the Soviet cinema. Critics welcomed the birth in the face of Kostinskiy new dramatic actress.

    Soon it was her first marriage, which many colleagues of the actress has caused acute envy: Kostinski first husband was famous Director Yuri Chulyukin. But contrary to many expectations husband did not spoil the rising star and beloved wife of the star roles in his paintings. She appeared in only one successful film, sports Comedy melodrama «the Royal regatta».

    Natalia Kustinskaya in
    The role of Natalia Kostinsky in the «Royal regatta» |

    But in the all-star Comedy «Girls,» Natalia Kustinskaya wanted the role of Toshi, did not hit. According to one source, her nomination was rejected by the artistic Directors of the film by Mikhail Romm and Yuli Raizman, saying that the actress with her looks don’t fit the role of a humble cook. According to other sources, the jealous Chulyukin wanted his wife sat at home, providing the comfort of home. Rumor has it that Natalia Kostinski offered to play, Anfisa, but abandoned this role herself, offering himself instead Svetlana Druzhinin. And Tosu played Nadezhda Rumyantseva, Kostinsky was perceived very painfully.

    But the resounding fame came to the artist. In 1963, the screens out light and brilliant Comedy «Three plus two» Henry said. Here were gathered as an experienced star in the person of Andrei Mironov, and ascending – Natalia Fateyev, Evgeny Zharikov Gennady Nilov. After the release of the film, he instantly turned into a movie hit of its time, and all the artists woke up famous. Blonde beauty came bags of letters and postcards with her image thousands of copies were sold in the newsstands of «Soyuzpechat».

    Natalia Kustinskaya with Yevgeny Zharikov in Comedy
    Natalia Kustinskaya with Yevgeny Zharikov in the Comedy «Three plus two» |

    «Soviet Brigitte Bardot» was snapped up by the Directors. But often, the role fell through for various reasons. For example, Leonid Gaidai, who invited the star to star in the lead role in his legendary «the Caucasian captive», she refused. Because at that time already agreed to take in another project – the military drama of Vladimir Motyl «Zhenya, Zhenya and «Katyusha», which was approved by the Director without a single sample. But the actress fell ill with pneumonia, and as a result not starred in one of these projects.

    In the 1970s and ‘ 80s, the actress starred often. But «high profile» projects turned out to be not so much. The star role went to her in the cult Comedy «Ivan Vasilyevich changes a profession», where the audience saw Kostinsky mistress of the Director Yakin. Then there was the TV series «Eternal call», drama «the Intern» and the melodrama «the Driver for a single flight.» But the main role, which would confirm the status of a star, was no more.

    Natalia Kustinskaya in Comedy
    Natalia Kustinskaya in the Comedy «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation» |

    Who knows how life would have turned out Natalia Kostinski if she was allowed to play in the German drama «the Magic mountain» in the works of Thomas Mann. A Soviet celebrity invited to the project, where it partners was supposed to be Sean Connery and Charles Aznavour. On approval of the artist, ban her shooting has left one of the prominent servants of the Almighty KGB.

    In the late ‘ 80s to be an actress one by one fell unhappiness. In the musical «Kiss me, Kate» the woman unsuccessfully jumped off the stairs and received a severe fracture of the femur. After a long period of treatment, new problem: when the exasperated actress to walk the great St. Bernard, the dog pulled it, and Kustinskaya slipped down the stairs. It barely brought back to life in the hospital Sklifosovsky.

    In the 1990s, the extinguished star began to forget and not invited to play in a movie. Occasionally it recalled the journalists. Part in her difficult fate took a few people, including Christina Aguilera and Natalya Varley.

    Personal life

    Soviet Brigitte Bardot visited 6 times married. Life Natalia Kostinsky is a separate Chapter of its bright, but tragic biography.

    Her first husband was older than wife on 9 years old Yury Chulyukin. Promising and talented, he really liked yesterday’s student. But this happy marriage was only the beginning. The Director was jealous of his wife and wanted to lock it in four walls. It really was hard not to fall in love. On the set of «Three plus two» for Kostinski caring loving Andrei Mironov, managed to get involved with two Ntalami, and married Yevgeny Zharikov.

    Natalia Kustinskaya with her first husband see Calycinum
    First husband Yuri Chulyukin |

    And in 1966 the wife learned that a jealous husband Yuri has a mistress. She immediately gathered her things and left the famous Director, even though he was persuaded to return and 5 years did not give divorce, and friends and colleagues have twisted a finger at a temple: go from one meter, even if wrong, is considered extremely unwise.

    The second time the actress married employee of Foreign trade Oleg Volkov. In this marriage, too, at first everything was fine. The man tried not to listen to gossip and to ignore the fact that his charming wife persistently tended eminent colleagues, such as Innokenty Smoktunovsky and Alexei Batalov. Her love has made even the famous singer Muslim Magomayev.

    After 3 years the marriage broke up. The reason for this was «the third superfluous» Boris Yegorov, cosmonaut, hero of the Soviet Union. According to Kostinskiy, he just didn’t care and followed her. And the wolves were forced to let go of his wife, although the couple already had a son, Dmitry.

    Natalia Kustinskaya and her son
    Natalia Kustinskaya and her son | ed.Gee

    Egorov divorced Natalia Fateeva and eventually adopted Dima, giving him his name. Life Natalia Kostinski and Boris Yegorov flowed in one direction for more than twenty years. The actress claims that together they were very happy. But, in the end, Egorov cheated on his wife. She left again, she never forgave the betrayal. Attempts to make peace, initiated by Boris, the woman rejected. Later she regretted it and admitted that Egorov was the main love of her life.

    Natalia Kustinskaya with her third husband Boris Egorov
    Natalia Kustinskaya with her third husband Boris Egorov | ed.Gee

    And after 3 years her ex-husband died. But at that time the artist was already other person – Professor MGIMO Gennady hromushin. Rumor has it, the woman married him to get revenge Yegorov. Gromushkina died in 2002: he died from a postoperative infection.

    In that dreadful year under unclear circumstances died the only son Dima. Later, in a recent interview, Natalia argued that the cause of his death was murder: allegedly it before the death of said daughter-in-law who was suffering from addiction.

    After 2 years of life Kostinski again made the zigzag: the woman found their short-lived happiness with Vladimir Maslennikov. They lived together for 5 years. But in 2009, Maslennikova too.

    Natalia Kustinskaya and son Dmitry
    Natalia Kustinskaya and son Dmitry |

    It seems, once a brilliant artist were a curse, the consequence of which was the death of her closest loved ones.She said the reason for all their troubles ex-girlfriend Natalia Fateeva, which took away her husband, Boris Yegorov.

    Her sixth husband Stas God the woman lived only a couple of years and broke up shortly before his death. Latest love extinguished star of the Soviet, according to TV presenter Andrey Malakhov, was a poet from Yaroslavl Alexey Filippov, who helped the artist to write his memoirs.

    Illness and death

    Natalia Kustinskaya in old age was seriously ill. After the tragic death of his son, the actress has plunged into severe depression. She has changed a lot. Former beauty has disappeared forever. The woman suffered from osteoarthritis, had moved and recovered.

    Natalia Kustinskaya in old age
    Natalia Kustinskaya in old age |

    In 2010, she fell in the bathroom and injured his spine. Move now Natalia Nikolaevna was more difficult.

    At the end of 2012 Kostinsky was taken to the Botkin hospital. The diagnosis of «pneumonia» was put to her in an unconscious state. A few days later had a stroke. Artist not became on 13 December 2012. Death overtook her at the age of 74 years. In accordance with her will, she was buried next to her son at Kuntsevo cemetery.


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    Natalia Kustinskaya

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