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  • Name: Natalia Kosteneva ( Natalia Kosteneva )
  • Date of birth: 1 December 1984.
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Semipalatinsk
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Natalia Kosteneva: biography

    Natalia Kosteneva was born in Semipalatinsk in the snowy December 1984. The girl grew up in an atmosphere filled with creativity. Her mother is an artist. It is not surprising that, once they learn to walk, the aspiring actress began attending ballet school and to engage in artistic gymnastics.

    But, nevertheless, Natalia Kosteneva not dreamed of the scene from a young age. She outlined the legal profession. Apparently, the actress was his daughter, the first recognized mother. She insisted she acted in College theater. The girl easily agreed, because in high school it began to attract the scene.

    After arriving in the capital Natalia immediately went to the Shchukin school. Late. At the entrance, she was taken aback by the news that the reception of documents is over. Not believing his ears, the girl walked the corridor and looked at all the audience. Abruptly the door opened one of them led Kostenevo in a sense. Before her stood a tall man with a rounded in surprise eyes. Natalia rushed to the exit. But at the door she was caught up by the girl, sent her the same man. She invited Natalia Kosteneva to the audition.

    So for a belated Natalia found a place in the Shchukin. By the way, that the tall man was the Honored worker of arts of Russia Mikhail Borisov. He was a mentor Kostenevo during her studies in the «Pike».


    Debut on stage took place in the graduation performance «Dokhodnoe mesto», staged by Mikhail Borisov. Natalia played Pauline. And in order that her efforts were not in vain, adventurous girl, which is urgently needed to determine the theatre, called all the leaders of the Metropolitan theatres. She invited them to the award show hoping that someone will like.

    But secretly Natalia Kosteneva dreamed of «contemporary» is mainly directed by Galina Volchek. To her a young singer called several times. Volchek, surprised by such insistence, sent his representative.

    But after the performance, the proposal came not from a delegated representative of the «Contemporary» and from the Theatre of Oleg Tabakov. Natalia Kosteneva gladly accepted it, what still never regretted. Here artist of every morning in a hurry, which admittedly gets a real buzz. Every appearance on the stage is a shot of adrenaline, not to live.

    Theatergoers saw the young actress in the play «the Last love of don Juan». She played the part of Angelica. Then had roles in productions of «the wise man stumbles», «Parents and children», «the Marriage of Figaro», «the Elder son», «the lion Gurych Sinichkin» and many others.

    One of the last theatrical works of the artist, most warmly welcomed by the audience, the role of Constance Weber in the play «Amadeus». Performance is a huge success at the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov. Mozart is played by Sergey Bezrukov, and in the way Salieri theatergoers saw Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov.


    A cinematic biography of Natalia Kosteneva is not less successful than theatrical. Audiences first saw the talented artist in the melodrama «Bless the woman». And although she got the role of the second plan, Natalie managed to play her so that the proposals of the new roles has not slowed down with the advent.

    After several small roles in famous series in 2007, the actress played the wife of Hieronymus Bosch, in the melodrama «dzhokonda on asphalt». This year has been very generous to young Actresses on a significant role. She appeared in high-profile TV series «Railwaymen» and «Tutor». The following year she starred in «Yermolov».

    But national fame came to Natalia Kosteneva in 2011, when the screens out the series «Zaitsev+1». The actress appeared in this sensational melodrama together with Mikhail Galustian and Philip Kotov. Spectators breathlessly watched as the relationships developed in this love triangle, played by three talented and bright actors.

    In the fall of 2012 on the screens released a continuation of the series «Zaitsev+1». Natalia Kosteneva appeared again in the film, but turned from the glamorous ladies in chubby girl Nastya. To work in a frame she had to «recover» with the help of prosthetics. The weight of the «suit» Natalia was 12 kg.

    The young actress continued to appear on the screen in new projects. In 2015, the screens went 2 film with her participation – «Superoir captain Bragin» and «Single-handedly».

    Personal life

    In one of interview Natalia admitted that she likes smart and intelligent men, and not modern brutal macho. Her ideal man is Pierre Bezukhov from «War and peace». The artist believes that the future of it may be the only guy in the first place will not be their own person and their relationship.

    As it became known recently, life Natalia Kosteneva changed. The actress got married. Her chosen name is Vadim, and he has nothing to do with the world of art. Natalia’s husband is in the banking sector. Probably, he’s exactly as I dreamed of artist. Although the couple did not immediately like each other. Their acquaintance began with an exchange of shots. For some time Natalya and Vadim even avoided each other. But at some point, the dislike developed into a keen interest. The young people met in private, talked, and suddenly it became clear that they are absolutely the same look on life.

    Vadim, like Natalia, respects those norms of morals and traditions that most young people consider outdated. For example, he was convinced that the close relations of the spouse should begin only after the wedding. And elect Natalia heard from her long-awaited «Yes» to the question if she would consent to become his wife immediately went to seek blessings from her parents.


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    Natal Kosteneva

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