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  • Name: Natalia Kiknadze ( Anna Kiknadze )
  • Date of birth: 5 March 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: caterer, homemaker
  • Marital status: married Ivan Urgant

    Natalia Kiknadze biography

    Natalia Kiknadze Avtandilovna is a Russian of Georgian origin, best known as the wife of Ivan Urganta. Biography of Natalia Kiknadze, unfortunately, not as much detail as a biography of Ivan Urganta, because the woman is not such a public person. However, some of the information about her is known.

    Natalia was born and raised in the Northern capital. Her father was the non-Yu, a very wealthy Georgian goldsmith, who served as private commissions for the most senior officials of the Soviet Union. Natasha’s mother, Tatyana, was a housewife and raised three children. Have Kiknadze has two brothers, George and David, who became doctors. By the way, Natalia Kiknadze – niece of the legendary Soviet football commentator and Explorer Vasily Kiknadze.

    The family lived in a beautiful apartment in a prestigious district of St. Petersburg, and the children studied at an elite school at the Russian Museum. By the way, a classmate of Natasha was her future husband, and future TV host of the popular TV comic Ivan Urgant. They were friends, they played together in the school KVN team, appeared on stage in student productions and concerts for youth performances. For revealed Natalie on the Amateur theatrical stage talent, many teachers considered her a successful acting career. In the last class she so efficiently portrayed the stepmother in a production of «Cinderella», which almost overshadowed the main character. However, due to personal life Natalia Kiknadze has chosen a different path.

    Personal life

    They say that Ivan Urgant made an offer to Natalia at the prom, but got a clear refusal. And almost immediately after school Kiknadze marrying a Georgian businessman, Teimuraz Kutalia. Now even Natalie can’t say what this marriage was more important: love or submission to the father who introduced the young daughter with the son of his business partner Vic Kutalia. It is important that in a few years the young woman left her husband without fear to remain without his financial support. After all, she already had two children — daughter Erika and son Nico.

    Teymuraz Kutalia
    Teymuraz Kutalia first husband Natalia Kiknadze | Life

    Decades after the school prom Natasha on the streets of St. Petersburg meets his classmate Ivan Urgant. He has become famous, managed to marry and divorce with Karina Avdeeva, as well as to live in a de facto marriage with TV presenter Tatiana Gevorgyan. And that meeting was significant: young people realized that all these years were looking for each other. Several years their relationship Kiknadze Ivan Urgant carefully concealed from the press. Only after some time of marriage recognized by the public and native people.

    Natalia Kiknadze Ivan Urgant
    With her second husband Ivan Urgant | Index

    In mid-may 2008, the wife of Ivan Urgant gave him a daughter, Nina, which he named after his beloved grandmother’s TV presenter. And in the fall of 2015, there appeared little Valeria, who received the name in honor of the mother of her father, actress Valerie Kiseleva. Also in the family long lived, and eldest daughter Natalia, Erica, until I went to study in one of British schools. But the son Niko was raised in a new family of his father.

    Nico Kutalia
    Nico Kutalia first son of Natalia Kiknadze | Life

    Interestingly, between the birth of children Kiknadze and the stars managed to hold a wedding ceremony before God, got married in St. Nicholas Cathedral in St. Petersburg. As one of the gifts on a wedding anniversary Avtandilovna Natalia Kiknadze has received from her husband the co-ownership of the restaurant «the Garden», one of the «chips» which is the design under flowering gardens. Has Kiknadze this place in half with a longstanding friend and partner of her husband Alexander Tsekalo.

    Natalia Kiknadze family
    Natalia Kiknadze with her husband and two daughters | Group VK

    As his personal life Natalia Kiknadze as her star husband, tries to keep away from the press around their spouses always go all sorts of rumors. Many times it was reported that the family of Ivan Urgant on the verge of collapse. In previous times «response» to the gossip was the birth of his daughter Valeria, and recently on his page on the social network, the host said that for him there is no one more dear wife and family as a whole. By the way, despite the fact that Natalia Kiknadze second wife Urganta, which he repeatedly referred to his one true love and only wife.


    Natalia Kiknadze

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