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  • Name: Natalia Guseva ( Natalya Murashkevich )
  • Date of birth: 15 February 1972.
  • Age: 44 years
  • Birth place: Zvenigorod, Moscow oblast, Russia
  • Growth: 159
  • Activities: actress, biotechnologist
  • Marital status: divorced

    Natalia Guseva: biography

    Natalya Yevgenyevna Murashkevich (Gusev) was born 15 Feb 1972, Zvenigorod, Moscow region, in an ordinary Soviet family, which was a lot. But despite this, parents doted on his daughter and was ready to go all out for her future success.

    Natalia Guseva now
    Natalia Guseva | Oxygenno

    Her father Eugene A. was a laborer, and mother Galina Markovna worked as a medic. Promising star grew up in a family far from the cinema. And Natasha had not dreamed dreams of a «blue screen». For her infinitely interesting it was looking at insects and different bugs. She was fond of them even more than socializing with peers. To the question: «what do you want to be?» boldly answered, «Entomologist».

    Natalia Guseva in childhood
    Natalia Guseva in childhood

    In 1979 Gusev ‘ family moved to permanent residence from Zvenigorod to Moscow. In their plans for Natalia, being the only and beloved daughter, had to get a decent education in one of the best schools in the capital. In the same year, Natasha goes to the first class of school № 692.

    Years passed, but interest in studying insects faded, and children’s Hobbies insects evolved into the desire to associate with this life. The goal was admission to the prestigious Moscow state University Department of biology. Understanding how much you need to know and make an effort to enter, she intensively studied chemistry and biology and participated in the Olympics for all interested disciplines. She also did not lag behind other subjects and was the valedictorian.

    Natalia Guseva youth
    Natalia Guseva youth | Qslipper

    Natasha grew quiet and modest girl. One day school, where he studied the future star visited the Director of the film Studio named after Maxim Gorky and was invited to audition a few girls who had excellent diction and are not shy to read poetry. Due to the fact that Natalia Guseva was one of the best students, the teacher asked her candidacy. Taking part in the trial, Natalie got a role in the short film «Dangerous nonsense.»

    Natalya Guseva in the movie
    Natalya Guseva in the movie «Dangerous nonsense» | Movie-Theater

    By the time of the release of the film «Dangerous nonsense» the Director’s sci-Fi film «guest from the future» P. Arsenov was looking for the female lead role. Once he saw Natalia in the process of scoring recently filmed a short film and interested in her. Looking closely, invited her to a well-known role of Alice Selezneva. Natalia, his childhood interest in fantasy, agreed without hesitation.

    «Guest from the future»

    The role of Alice, which was awarded to Natasha, according to the Director, «was really meant for her.» So organically it looked in the picture, literally made the role his own. The actress in an interview admitted that she wasn’t putting on something, just live your life. Natalia responsible approach to the tasks of the Director even wanted to perform complex tricks and stunts.

    Natalya Guseva in the movie
    Natalya Guseva in the movie «guest from the future» | Movie-Theater

    Unlike other child stars who have thrown school, little star, on the contrary, sought to do everything and to learn. The participants of the shooting process recalled how she shooting carry textbooks and notebooks. Taught between takes and scenes, as soon as they had a free moment. And all also did not leave the idea of doing entomology.

    Natalia Guseva on the set
    Natalia Guseva on the set | 1922-91

    Natasha was very sweet and shy, despite the fact that he was the main character of this ambitious project. Senior colleagues loved the open girl. You can not say about the peers. Almost all the girls auditioned for the lead role, which went to Natalia. And, obviously, felt a sense of envy. And the guys were busy «cinematic» process.

    And so after the filming process came a resounding success. Natalia caught up with the burden of popularity — something she was not ready, as recognized by the actress herself in an interview. Fans stayed at the front, walked her to school and from school, wrote letters, with an address (they wrote «Alice Seleznev»). Employees of mail were letters in the office and some time later delivered them to the house of Gusev.

    Natalia Guseva on the set
    Natalia Guseva filming | Romance

    Natalia was forced to respond to the new name. Now it has become «Alice» and «guest from the future». Being a fragile girl of small stature, she became a «big» person of the Soviet cinema. She was known and loved even outside the Soviet Union, her photos were printed in Newspapers and magazines, postcards, stamps. She predicted a great career of a movie star, but that it does not spoil, the girl was still calm and not spoiled.

    Natalia Guseva today

    After the sensational films she was involved in several projects: «Purple ball», «dragon age» and «the Will of the Universe.» But they were not claimed as «guest from the future». In the film «Race of the century» actress got a minor role, and the «Will of the Universe» went unnoticed. The motion picture «Purple ball», despite the fact that, too, was a story about Alice Seleznev, has not made that impression.

    Natalya Guseva in the movie
    Natalya Guseva in the movie «Race of the century» | Movie-Theater

    Later, as a student of biological faculty, Natalia Guseva offered to withdraw. It was an invitation to shoot the film «Crash, daughter ment,» but the actress did not accept the offer, due to the fact that this role was alien to her. She didn’t want to disappoint fans, defamed the bright image of Alice Selezneva.

    Natalya Guseva in the movie
    Natalya Guseva in the movie «the Will of the Universe» | a Movie Theater

    The girl did not aspire to a career as a movie star. Keen on entomology, received a certificate of graduation, she passed the exams in MITHT M. V. Lomonosov, the faculty of biotechnology. Successfully graduating from College, worked for several years in the Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamalei.

    To date, Ms. Guseva-Murashkevich is co-founder of diagnostics in the field of infectious diseases.

    Personal life

    Being on the set in Belarus, the actress, being at the peak of popularity, met with Denis Murashkevich. The young man, in love with «Alice Seleznev» wanted to meet with the singer. For a spectacular appearance in front of a star, he came up with the idea of «abduction» star for this plan needed a horse that could not be found.

    Natalia Gusev and Denis Murashkevich
    Natalia Gusev and Denis Murashkevich | Dayonline

    Then he came up with a new idea. In the hotel room where she was, Natasha, brought boxes and boxes of TV «Horizon». What was the surprise of the girl when she opened it, and out came Denis. He stood before her in a thin shirt, jeans and socks even without shoes. It is worth noting that all happened in November, and it was terrible rain. Natasha, Denis and I were in love with each other, are in relationships, but for personal reasons had to leave.

    Natalia Guseva family
    Natalia Guseva with family | All-stars

    Everyone lived their lives: Natalia was a scientist, Denis went to serve in the army. After demobilization, he first came to his beloved girl could not forget. But Natasha’s mother said that Natalia is married, deceiving thereby the future son-in-law. After a while the young man read in a newspaper that Natalie free. The next day he stood on the threshold of her apartment, and soon the lovers were married.

    In 1996 they had a daughter Olesya. His grandmother wanted to name her daughter Play because of their amazing developing a relationship with Natalia. Mother of Dennis suggested the name Alice. But both options were rejected.

    In 2001, the couple broke up, but Natalia left her husband’s name.


    Natalia Guseva

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