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  • Name: Natalia Gulkin ( Natalia Gulkina )
  • Date of birth: 20 February 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian pop singer, Honoured artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Natalia gulkin : biography

    Natalia Valerievna Clarenc this was the name of the future stars of discos in childhood, was born in an ordinary Moscow family. Love for music came from her dad. He taught daughter the basics of music and gave the first lessons of playing the guitar.

    Natalie not only sang beautifully, but she wrote songs. At school parties, summer camps her speech to the accompaniment of guitars collected their first well-deserved standing ovation. The young singer decided that singing is her destiny. Nothing else girl no longer wanted.

    Natalia Gulkin, the singer began shortly after high school. She married Nicholas gulkin, but family life was short-lived. But the name stayed forever.

    To pursue a career in music, gulkin went to the capital jazz Studio. Here she honed her vocals and studied acting. Here, the singer met with a colleague Svetlana resinol. And that in turn brought a friend with a then little-known composer Andrey Lithium.


    At the time of the meeting, Lityagin just was in search of. The team left Margarita Suhankina, I decided to make a career of Opera singer. After much persuasion gulkin agreed to try their hand at «the Mirage».

    Thus began a stellar musical biography of Natalia Gulkin. Her first song «Mad world», «summer sunshine», «I don’t want» and «Electricity» instantly became hits. The beautiful blonde sang the whole country. In 1987 he released the album «Stars await us», which included hits performed Gulkin.

    Natalia together with the group began touring across the country. Her concerts attract huge stadiums. «Mirage» Natalia Gulkina and waited in all parts of the USSR. To interrupt these trips brought considerable revenue, the group leader Litjagin not resolved. But it was necessary to update the repertoire, and this time because of the constant lack of Natalia was not. Therefore, the composer was asked to write a new song Margarita Suhankina.

    After returning from another tour Natalia Gulkin was invited to learn songs and to make them the soundtrack Suhankina. Singer, this idea is not liked, she thought it smells of fraud. So gulkin left the band.


    But if Natalia left the Mirage, it is not meant that she left to sing. The singer organized his own musical group, called «Stars». But because of ignorance continued to perform songs which were featured in the previous group. This became the cause of litigation.

    After the prohibition to perform hits «Mirage» gulkin never gave up on me. Acquainted with the composer Leonid Velichkovsky, offered her my music, Natalia has recorded a new song that immediately won the hearts of lovers. The «stars» in the early 1990s, released his own albums «My little Prince», «Disco», and «it is Necessary only dream of.» Compilations sold huge numbers.

    Natalia gulkin was the first Soviet pop star, who went on tour to China. The concerts were a huge success, but a popular performer to realise that they need to move forward. So I started a solo career.

    Soon she released her debut solo album «Day angel». Gulkin regularly recorded new songs and records. But the popularity of the former could only dream of.

    Again Mirage

    In 2004, fans of the group «Mirage» got a huge surprise. Natalia Gulkina and Margarita Suhankina has teamed up and started to sing along. They appeared at the concert «Disco 80’s» with a song Gulkin Ivanhoe. And in 2005 released a CD entitled «Just a Mirage». Soon came the video for the same song.

    In 2007, gulkin, Suhankina and Litjagin revived «Mirage». After 2 years, the band has released the album «a Thousand stars». 4 songs in it sang a solo Natalia Gulkina, the same – Margarita Suhankina.

    And in 2010, Natalia Gulkina, together with a group took part in the opening of the winter Olympics in Vancouver. Since 2011, the singer returned to his solo career. The reason was disagreement in the team. Her place was taken by Svetlana Razina.

    Today Natalia gulkin continues to go on stage. She sings his old hits and new songs. Singer mandatory guest at all the retro concerts, which take place in Russia in recent years. She continues to love and remember.

    Personal life

    Gulkin’s first marriage was short. But it appeared the firstborn of the singer Alex like a cat. He followed in the footsteps of mom and also chose a career in music. Alex writes music that Natalie calls «complicated.»

    Second marriage to Natalia Gulkin was happy, but ended tragically. Her husband and part-time concert Director Konstantin Terentyev died in 2006.

    Did not work and the third marriage with Director and dancer of show-ballet «Street Jazz» by Sergey Mandrik. But in this Union in 1999 a daughter was born Jan.

    Today life Natalia Gulkin quite happy. The singer has a strong family with a pediatrician Sergey Reutov.

    Discography (Mirage)

    • «Stars await us»
    • «A thousand stars»

    Discography («Stars»)

    • «My little Prince»
    • «Disco»
    • «We just have to dream»
    • «Natalie»


    Natalia Gulka

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