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  • Name: Natalia Gromushkina ( Natalia Gromushkina )
  • Date of birth: 29 September 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress, producer, Director and singer
  • Marital status: married

    Natalia Gromushkina : biography

    Natalia V. Gromushkina was born in an intellectual Moscow family in September 1975. Her dad Vitaly Pavlovich – doctor of historical science, speaks five languages. Mama Elena is a translator. She worked at the Union of journalists.

    A very famous grandfather of Natalia – Paul G. Gromushkin. During the great Patriotic war, he helped the Soviet intelligence service, skillfully forging documents legendary scouts, among whom was the Rudolf Abel. After the war Paul Gromushkin got a high position in the intelligence and continued to engage in the main business of his life drawing pictures. Exhibitions of his work were held regularly. Paintings Gromushkina flew into space. Nowadays you can see them in the Museum space.

    Living in such a wonderful family, Natalia was «doomed» to grow creative and versatile child. It just happened. Girl singing and was a member of the children’s vocal-instrumental ensemble. She also studied dance from 6 years attending classes at the dance company and.

    The debut of Natalia Gromushkina on stage took place when she was barely 11 years old. She was a member of the Soviet-American musical «peace Child». After 2 years, the girl starred in the movie. Children’s adventure film by Vladimir Fokin «To first blood» was released in 1989. Natalia liked to be an artist that immediately after the shooting, she began playing in the Metropolitan youth Theatre. However, she continued to attend a music and dance school, which he graduated successfully.

    The decision to become an actress was a logical continuation of the occupations and Hobbies Gromushkina. So, after graduating from school, she becomes a student of the RATI (GITIS). But she suddenly chose not to acting and directing Department. Her mentor was Leonid Kheifets. Accustomed to regular employment and activity, Gromushkina time to learn and play in a team of KVN.


    Biography of Natalia Gromushkina, which started in adolescence, continued in his student years. Already on the 3rd date with a girl as a guest actress appeared on stage of the Mossovet Theatre.

    After graduation, the young artist hardly has not flown in space. It has undergone rigorous medical screening and was selected for the filming of the picture «Cassandra’s Brand». Filming was to take place on the orbital station «Mir». To be this was prevented by lack of funding.

    In 1998 Natalia Gromushkina was accepted into the troupe of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. Soon the audience saw her in productions of «the Piano in the grass», «Nijinsky – God’s mad clown», «the picture of Dorian gray». The actress was involved in many undertakings.

    Since 2002 Gromushkina performs in musicals. Here was a use of her vocal and choreographic education. She has appeared in fashion musical productions of «Notre Dame de Paris» and «Chicago.» The last musical made Natalia very popular and has become a point of rapid career growth.

    For «Chicago» was followed by other popular projects. Gromushkina starred in the musicals «12 chairs» and «Romeo and Juliet». And in 2009 played a major role in the musical production of «Mata Hari.» At the end of the same year, actress and singer appeared in the Russian version of the musical «Cabaret».


    But not only in the musicals you can see Natalia Gromushkina. After graduating high school theater, she actively acted in films. Often can be seen in the series. «Turkish March», «My fair nanny», «Doomed to become a star», «Who’s the boss?» – it is only the most famous sitcoms and TV series in which he played the artist.

    Removed Gromushkina and in feature films. In 1989 she appeared as the fisherman in the movie «the Drayman and the king» Vladimir Alenikova. And in 1996 played «night butterfly» in the film «life Line» by Pavel Lungin.

    In the 2000s, the actress was involved in interesting projects, among which the most popular were art-house film by Boris Khlebnikov help gone Mad and the action of Yuri Kara’s «I – doll».

    Since 2004 Natalia Gromushkina tries his hand at producing. On the stage of Musical theatre of national art was staged his play «Memorial prayer or Fiddler on the roof».

    Often famous actress invited to various TV projects and shows. In 2008 Gromushkina participated in «dancing with the stars», which were paired with Peter Shinim. They managed to take 3rd place. The actress appeared in the show «Star dust».

    As it turned out, social life is also interesting Natalia Valerievna. In 2008, she joined the Central Council of the party «Fair Russia».

    Personal life

    A new surge of interest in the actress originated after she began an affair with Domogarova. Together they lived a short time. Got married in 2001 and divorced in 2005. To call their life together is calm and measured, it was difficult. The couple often quarreled and reconciled, giving much food for publications in the yellow journals.

    More about Gromushkina and Domogarova started talking after the birth of Natalia, the son of Gordey. The fact that the couple broke up in January 2005 and a boy born in may. In the column «father» was recorded Alexander Domogarov, but the name Natalia gave his son. Later the media wrote that the actor has performed a DNA test, which established that Gordey is the son of Domogarova.

    Life Natalia Gromushkina has changed for the better in 2012. The actress got married for the second time.

    Her husband was the actor Ilya Obroncow. The couple met at the theatre, where both actors were engaged in the production of «Gray beard». On stage they played lovers. Soon theatrical novel to be translated into real. In June 2013 the couple had a daughter, to whom they gave the unusual name of Iliana.


    • «Turkish March»
    • «Undina 2. On the crest of a wave»
    • «My fair nanny»
    • «Doomed to become a star»
    • «Who’s the boss?»
    • «Drayman and the king»
    • «Life line»
    • «I – doll»
    • «The mad help»
    • «Quiet hunting»


    Natalia Gromushkina

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