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  • Name: Natalia Friske ( Natalia Friske )
  • Date of birth: 21 April 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: married to Sergei Sevcom

    Natalia Friske biography

    Natalia Friske was born April 21, 1986 in Moscow. Is the younger sister of the famous and popular singer Zhanna Friske. The parents of the girls for a long time bore the name Kopylova, but after the great popularity of the eldest daughter, the whole family has become «Frisco». Father Vladimir was an artist, performed in the theatre, but over time the scene has gone by the wayside, and he became actively develop as a businessman.

    Natalia was very fond of his talented sister and tried to emulate her around. But the girl had such amazing vocal, though, and managed to finish music school. Resigned to the fact that singing career is not for her, Natalia was admitted to the Moscow Institute of law. Her main specialization was a «Civil case» at the end of which Others have defended a degree work on «excellent».

    After graduation the girl was sent to work in the Prosecutor’s office. There, Natalia was able to work only six months. For the fragile woman who wants to be in the spotlight, to be loved by the audience and enjoy their popularity, it is difficult to accept boring and monotonous work. Friske clearly understood that criminal law is not her.

    Natalia Friske: music

    For the first time on the big stage Natalia came out in 2007. October 4, in the ice sport Palace on the Khodynka field, the girl debuted at the Ceremony music awards MTV Russia Music Awards 2007 when a group of «Brilliant» was the first time all the singers, starting with the first day of the founding of the group.

    On the same day, Zhanna Friske received a is not the first award. Natalia had carefully studied his words are capable of dancing, showing myself on stage with dignity, after which I was able to give interviews to the press. The very next day, the younger Friske went with my sister on tour, to feel all the charm of this beautiful, but at the same time heavy and exhausting work of the stars.

    After this debut, the producers of the group «Brilliant» thought proper to accept the team Natalia Friske as, in their opinion, it would adequately replace my older sister. The producers felt that its potential is only revealed, and in front of them Matures real future celebrity. The very same girl several times came to the auditions and successfully passed them.

    Group Natalya got after leaving the spectacular Anna Semenovich. More girl he became friends with his partner on stage – Nadia Handle. In the face of Hope Natalie found a true friend who can listen, give advice and help to unwind.

    In 2008, Natasha Friske decided to leave the band and continue studying in the Institute. Today she works as a lawyer.

    Natalia Friske: love life

    About the first marriage of Natalya not much is known, but already his second trip down the aisle was discussed and important event for many fans of the Friske family. The girl became the wife of 26-year-old employee of the Ministry of emergency situations

  • Sergei Vshivkova exactly a year after his departure from the group «Brilliant». The ceremony was held in the estate Kuskovo. Recently became Jeanne. Many fans with the thrill experienced her illness and hoped for a speedy recovery. But most of all worried relatives, including her sister. From the moment the singer was diagnosed and to the last breath she was there. Natalia tried not to show his emotion, to be strong, and that helped.

    Natasha laid out in social networks pictures where they are not undergoing rehabilitation. The last few weeks of the life of the singer, many believed that she is on the mend, and the only native saw extinguished their loved one. Her death was a real tragedy. Natalia still can not move away from the shock. The only consolation for the family was a native son of Jeanne – Plato.

    Natalia Friske: photo

    Natalia Friske

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